It’s time for a weekly look at the best, the worst, and the weird or otherwise notable—the Hungee—from the latest episode of AEW Dynamite.

The Good

We got two really great matches on this show, with the fantastic Daniel Garcia vs. Bryan Danielson match and a very nice trios match in the main event. Garcia-Danielson was another great example of something we’ve been seeing a lot in AEW – great, intense technical matches. On the other end of the spectrum was the trios match, which involved far more high flying and a higher pace. The Doomsday Device tope was one of the wilder spots I can remember seeing.

This was a night of great selling. Bryan Danielson was outstanding in his match, as was Dragon Lee, but Kenny Omega needs to be given special attention. He did a tremendous job telling the story of coming back from injury too early and not yet being at full strength with his performance. Omega’s a very cerebral worker and seeing little things from him like struggling to do the One Winged Angel due to his shoulder injury was a peak into his mindset.

Both also had good post-match angles. Chris Jericho jumping Bryan Danielson and Daniel Garcia stopping him could lead to a couple of great angles – either a Garcia babyface turn or a Garcia betrayal continuing his feud with Danielson.

The turn on Dragon Lee was also cool in the way it was presented – as such a shocking moment that even the producers of the show were caught off guard. That made it feel much more realistic than how it would be presented by WWE, with a lot of foreshadowing and so forth. The fact that Tony Khan had a tweet minutes later using it to promote Rampage was just further evidence that it wasn’t La Faccion going into business for themselves, and it wasn’t a timing error that it happened as they went off the air.

Of course, the best angle of the night was the return of the Mox-Punk feud. The opening brawl was itself a solid angle, but the second one is what really pushed it over the edge and made it seem like the show was more dynamic than usual. The feeling of unpredictability helped make this a really unique show.

The reunion of Billy Gunn with The Acclaimed was a great babyface moment too. It’s very cool that they’re bringing this act back together. It’s always good to have an over midcard act.

The Bad

Jim Ross using the “these guys aren’t slapping thighs” comment during Danielson-Garcia sucked. That kind of commentary only hurts the product in general and doesn’t do anything to get over the current match.

There’s not a lot to put under this section, but things aren’t looking good for the Varsity Blonds’ career in AEW. Getting squashed in under a minute by the Gunn Club is about as dire as it can get right now in the tag team division.

While the crowd was hot pretty much the entire night, they were definitely not up for the Toni Storm-KiLynn King match. I thought that was a perfectly competent match that was really hurt by the mild response.

The Hungee

The CM Punk promo is the current big topic in wrestling discussion. It is objectively hilarious that CM Punk was so mad about a promo from three months ago that he just had to make it the first thing he talked about in a way that made sure it went over the crowd’s heads. It’s more than fine to use real life stuff in your promos to build matches, but if there’s something that you consider off limits, that should probably be communicated so the whole roster’s promos don’t turn into an endless loop of verbal subtweets.

This one incident isn’t really going to hurt the company, but you don’t want too many of these incidents, either. There’s a reason Eric Bischoff’s line on Sid Vicious about forgetting his scissors is remembered as an all-time cringe moment.

Overall rating

10/10. This was an all-time great episode of wrestling television, with two fantastic matches and some great angles.

Fred Morlan’s Chris Jericho’s Sports Entertainer of the Week

I don’t think you can really overstate how good Bryan Danielson was in his match. On a show filled with great selling, he had a tremendous outing in that area in particular.

Match Star Ratings

Bryan Danielson defeated Daniel Garcia: ****3/4

The Gunn Club defeated Varsity Blonds: 1/2*

Toni Storm defeated KiLynn King: **1/4

The Elite defeated La Faccion Ingobernable: ****1/2