Our match of the week is Ric Flair defending the NWA World Title against Butch Reed, on February 17, 1982, from Tampa, Florida (CWF)

With “Ric’s Flair’s Last Match” coming up this weekend, we continue our Ric Flair-themed Match of the Weeks with a classic TV match from Florida as Flair kicks off his rivalry against perhaps his most underrated opponent historically, Butch Reed.

Gordon Solie and Jerry Brisco are on the call as an excellent match turns into a great angle, which led to Reed chasing Flair and the NWA title all over Florida in 1982. Flair and Reed would take the rivalry to a number of other territories throughout the 80s, most notably Georgia and Mid-South. Even as late as 1990, WCW headlined Clash of the Champions XIII (from Jacksonville, Florida) with a Flair vs. Reed match (although in this case the babyface/heel alignment was reversed), hoping to recapture the magic of the feud from eight years earlier.

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