Ring Of Honor
Death Before Dishonor XIX
July 23, 2022
Tsongas Center
Lowell, Massachusetts

Watch: PPV / Bleacher Report (US) / FITE (Non-US); Facebook/ Twitter / YouTube (Zero Hour)

Meet Our Previewers

Sean Sedor: It’s a ROHWorld reunion! Sean has teamed up with Rob Reid to bring you a preview of ROH’s next PPV event, which will be the nineteenth edition of one of ROH’s trademark events….Death Before Dishonor! If you want to find more of his random thoughts on pro-wrestling, you can follow Sean on Twitter @SASedor2994. If you’re interested in some other stuff he does, you can check out his YouTube channel (just search his name) if you’d like to see him play the new Formula 1 game, and you can also check out his Extreme Warfare Revenge thread on the Be The Booker forums (if you’re into those kinds of games).

Robin Reid: Robin thought he was a recovered ROHbot, but all it took was one half hour Countdown Special for him to reactivate. You can follow his sporadic wrestling nerdiness on twitter @RDoubleWrestle.

Allysin Kay vs. Willow Nightingale

Sean: This bout will be taking place on the “Zero Hour” pre-show. Allysin Kay has made a number of sporadic appearances in ROH during the recent incarnations of the company’s women’s division (dating all the way back to a Women Of Honor TV special in 2016). Most recently, she was part of last year’s ROH Women’s World Title Tournament, and made some additional appearances alongside her regular tag team partner Marti Belle. On this night, she’ll be taking on Willow Nightingale, who was also part of the ROH women’s division in 2021 before becoming more involved with AEW this year. This should be a pretty solid affair, as I can see these two meshing well stylistically. Willow definitely seems like someone who will be earmarked for ROH once the promotion is able to run more regularly, so in terms of the result, she feels like the obvious pick. Allysin Kay is actually a good pick for this spot, because even though she’s not a regular with AEW or ROH at the moment, she has enough of a name from her work on the independents that it will be a notable scalp for Willow as she continues to rise through the ranks. Prediction: Willow Nightingale

Robin: If I was running things Willow Nightingale would be a woman I’d be looking at to build the Women of Honor division around in the medium term future. She’s chock full of babyface charisma, has shown an ability to get over in multiple environments in a near-instant fashion, seems confident enough with a mic in her hand, is already pretty good in the ring and at aged only 28 I think it’s a fair expectation to see her continue to develop. The depth of the pool of talent in North America on the women’s side isn’t particularly impressive, especially when you cross out those currently signed to AEW and WWE, so I see Willow as the prime candidate to be both be viewed as a developmental project while also being good enough to step into feature level matches for the promotion right away. As such, I would hope and expect this match to be one focused on highlighting her and I’d be shocked if she lost to Allysin Kay, who I view as a solid enough hand. Prediction: Willow Nightingale

ROH World Six-Man Tag Team Championship: The Righteous (Vincent, Bateman, & Dutch) (c) vs. Dalton Castle & The Boys

Sean: I was really surprised to see the ROH World Six-Man Tag Team Titles brought back into the fold. After they weren’t defended at Supercard Of Honor (plus the fact that Vincent has been a regular in Impact for most of this year), it felt like they were just going to be dropped by the wayside. I don’t think many people would’ve shed a tear over these titles going away, as it’s felt like one of the least-important titles in ROH since its inception in 2016. However, the titles are making a comeback on this PPV card, as The Righteous are returning to defend them against Dalton Castle and The Boys, who themselves are former holders of these titles (back in 2017). In terms of the match itself, it has the potential to be a fun six-man tag. Dalton Castle and The Boys (The Tate Twins, aka the original Boys) have always been a fun act, and The Righteous were a fun trio for the brief time that we saw the three of them together last year. As far as the result goes, that will likely depend on whether or not The Righteous will be part of Tony Khan’s ROH going forward. If they will be, then I can easily see them retaining. If they won’t be, then I could definitely see a title switch, especially since Dalton Castle and The Boys seems like an act that will be sticking with ROH once they start regularly running events again. It wouldn’t shock me if The Righteous retain, but I’m thinking we’ll see new champions crowned. Prediction: Dalton Castle & The Boys

Robin: A large chunk of the previous ROH PPV Supercard of Honor was dedicated to maneuvering ROH’s bevy of titles from Sinclair era talent over to the wrestlers who are going to make up the core of the new ROH roster. I expect this match here to be more of the same, especially as, to my understanding, Vincent is signed to Impact Wrestling and as such this match will likely be a one off for him. Dalton Castle on the other hand has already appeared on AEW TV back at one of the Battle of the Belts specials, so I would have him circled as one of the legacy ROH talents that will transition into the Tony Khan Ring of Honor. I expect the match itself to be a lot of fun. The Boys are better workers than many may presume, particularly in trios action, and the Righteous were an enjoyable midcard unit during the dying days of the previous era. Prediction: Dalton Castle & The Boys

ROH Women’s World Championship: Mercedes Martinez (c) vs. Serena Deeb

Sean: For the last month or so, these two have been teaming together across Dark, Elevation, and Rampage. While these bouts were pretty much all squashes, tensions started to arise between the two, and it culminated on the July 8th Rampage when Serena Deeb attacked Mercedes Martinez following their victory. That buildup sets up a battle between two veterans of the AEW women’s division, who both have made sporadic appearances in ROH over the years (Martinez in 2006 and Deeb from 2007 to 2010). Even though I’m not as high on Martinez as some people are, I still expect this to be a very good women’s contest. You really can’t go wrong when you have two women who are both solid wrestlers and longtime veterans with years and years of in-ring experience. I could see this going either way, but of the two, I feel like Martinez would be the one who is more likely to become a part of the regular ROH roster, so I’ll go with Martinez retaining here. Prediction: Mercedes Martinez

Robin: In the ROH Countdown episode on their YouTube (which I am going to continually reference throughout this piece as I thought it was magnificent and well worth carving out half an hour of your time for) they set the story of this match as being a meeting of two pioneers of the Women of Honor meeting now as veterans for a title in a scene that’s far more developed. While Martinez is perhaps entering the start of a decline as a worker, she’s still a highly competent wrestler who I expect to mesh well with Deeb and produce a strong match. I’d like to see this match lean in quite a technical direction, as it’s something one doesn’t see a lot in North American women’s wrestling that I believe these two could excel at as well as being a good fit for the tone of new ROH. As for the victor, I’m expecting Martinez to retain her title as Deeb feels like somebody making a one off stop in ROH as opposed to Martinez who it feels like will be making ROH her base. Prediction: Mercedes Martinez

ROH Pure Championship: Wheeler Yuta (c) vs. Daniel Garcia

Sean: The history between Wheeler Yuta and Daniel Garcia is one that goes beyond their recent entanglements as part of the larger feud between the Blackpool Combat Club and the Jericho Appreciation Society. Almost a year ago, they wrestled to a sixty-minute time limit draw as they battled over the IWTV Independent Wrestling World Title. Now they’re getting ready to face off again, but under much different circumstances. The ROH Pure Title (which Wheeler Yuta won from Josh Woods at Supercard Of Honor) is on the line, and on paper, this has the potential to be one of the best Pure Title bouts since the title was brought back in 2020. Garcia and Yuta are two guys who are perfectly suited for the Pure Title and Pure Rules matches. It’s hard to say whether or not anything will be able to top what FTR and The Briscoes are going to do in their rematch, but if any match is going to come close to challenging it for Match Of The Night, I believe this is the bout that could potentially do it. As for the result, it wouldn’t shock me if Daniel Garcia was able to pull off the victory, but I’m going with Wheeler Yuta here. I just feel like Yuta is someone who is more likely to spend time in ROH than Garcia at this point. Prediction: Wheeler Yuta

Robin: I like Wheeler Yuta. I really do, and beyond that I think he clearly has a tonne of potential. That said, I feel like I might be the low man on him at this point in his career, as I’m just not seeing the greatness so many are talking him up as possessing, at least not yet. This very well could be the night where it all clicks for me though, as he’s in there against Daniel Garcia, a guy who feels set-up to be a generational rival of his in a setting that is well suited to them and I’m confident in saying the two of them will be going out there with the intention of stealing the show. The Countdown episode included a sit-down interview with the two of them that did a great job of adding some spice to the match beyond the base of them being in opposing factions; they touched on Danielson talking up Garcia before eventually picking Yuta to join the BCC, their indie history and then sparks really flew when Yuta brought up Garcia’s car crash. My hope is that this match is the first of many of its type that becomes a calling card for new ROH: two young wrestlers having a definitive match in their development in a featured spot. It should be technical, it should be hard hatting, and more than anything it should be really damn good. I don’t have a strong read on the result, so I’ll default to a Wheeler defense but I wouldn’t be shocked with a Garcia win either. Prediction: Wheeler Yuta

ROH World Television Championship: Samoa Joe (c) vs. Jay Lethal

Sean: Back in April, Supercard Of Honor concluded with Samoa Joe making his big return to ROH to save Jonathan Gresham and Lee Moriarty from a beatdown at the hands of Jay Lethal and Sonjay Dutt. Since then, Samoa Joe captured the ROH World TV Title from Minoru Suzuki, and has been engaged in a feud with Lethal, Dutt, and the gigantic Satnam Singh. However, the last time we’ve seen Samoa Joe in AEW was at Double Or Nothing, when he lost in the Owen Hart Tournament Final to Adam Cole. Lethal’s crew attacked Joe backstage (likely a write off so Joe could go film his part in the Twisted Metal TV series on Peacock), and since, we’ve gotten almost weekly promos from the trio, calling out Samoa Joe. Now we’ve gotten to Death Before Dishonor, and the match is finally happening. Joe having to go away for a bit really stalled any sort of build towards this match. However, I’m sure that these two will go out there on Saturday and have a really solid bout. It also helps that these two have a history that dates back all the way to 2005, when Lethal was Joe’s protege in ROH. It seems like the best move would be to have Joe retain here (as I can definitely see him getting moved to ROH at some point), but the big variable is going to be how much of a factor Dutt and Singh play in the closing stages. Will Joe or anyone else fight them off, or could we see a heelish finish that leads to Lethal winning back the title? We’ll see what happens on Saturday, but I’ll go with Joe to retain. Prediction: Samoa Joe

Robin: There’s been a weird dichotomy between the build for this match. On AEW TV the build has been focused around Satnam Singh, extremely repetitive and just not particularly interesting. However, if you tuned into the ROH countdown you were told a compelling story that did an excellent job of weaving in Samoa Joe and Jay Lethal’s joint history to where both men stand today in an excellent use of the promotion’s legacy. I’m going to be optimistic and predict that the match carries the spirit of the hype piece as opposed to the TV build, and we end up being presented a hard hitting straight-up match that brings long time viewers some nostalgia as opposed to an interference filled schmozfest. If one doesn’t have hope one has nothing. Joe retains as he’s going to be a core legacy star of the promotion, and then I’d expect a post-match involving Singh to set up a monster match. Prediction: Samoa Joe

ROH World Championship: Jonathan Gresham (with Tully Blanchard) (c) vs. Claudio Castagnoli

Sean: Before Bryan Danielson had to be removed from Forbidden Door as well as Blood and Guts, the original plans apparently had Claudio Castagnoli debuting on this show. It does make me curious about what the original plans for Gresham would’ve been, but nevertheless, even with the change of plans, Claudio is on the PPV anyway, which is cool to see. This will be Claudio’s first appearance in ROH since the very first Sinclair TV Tapings in August of 2011 (right before he went to WWE). Now this match came together pretty quickly, but on paper, it has the chance to be an incredible match. What’s going to be particularly interesting to see is how the dynamic in this bout plays out, as you have a babyface challenger who’s at least a foot taller than the heel champion. Speaking of which, while I don’t mind Gresham as a heel, him being paired up with Tully Blanchard Enterprises was an….odd move. I don’t think it totally works for me, but this heel turn is still very fresh, so we’ll see how I feel a few months from now. Part of the story going into this one is that Claudio is trying to capture a title that’s eluded him his whole career. While it would be really cool to see him finally become ROH World Champion, I’m a little skeptical that it will happen on this night. I just have a feeling that Gresham will sneak away with the victory. Plus, I don’t think they would’ve done this Gresham heel turn and pairing with Tully Blanchard if he was going to almost immediately lose the ROH World Title. I’ll go with Gresham, but I will be super thrilled if Claudio pulls it off. Prediction: Jonathan Gresham

Robin: These are two fabulous wrestlers who for some reason I am struggling to envision how a match between them plays out. Perhaps it’s the size discrepancy, and what is actually going to happen is Claudio will swing the champion for twelve minutes straight before collapsing into the cover. Not that Gresham won’t be able to perform believable offense of course, he’s more jacked than Nicholson and technical offense can translate across weight divisions, but a heel Gresham heat segment working over Castagnoli is something I’m not sure how it plays out. The talent level is too high for the match to be anything other than great though, and I’m into the story of Claudio chasing his first world title even if it feels a tad rushed. Add in the lovely build they added around how Claudio’s previous title shots in ROH were before he reached his prime (which he spent focused on tag work) and in a bad style match-up, and we’re left with a sports-style build which I’m a huge fan of. Claudio could absolutely pick up the win, but it would leave Gresham with his legs somewhat cut out from under him so instead I’m going to predict Gresham retains via flash pin. This will leave Claudio frustrated, and they can build early ROH around an extended chase back towards the title having to run through the rest of Tully Blanchard Enterprises to earn his rematch. Prediction: Jonathan Gresham

ROH World Tag Team Championship – Best 2 Out of 3 Falls: FTR (Dax Harwood & Cash Wheeler) (c) vs. The Briscoes (Jay & Mark Briscoe)

Sean: Well, here we are. It’s the rematch of quite possibly the Match Of The Year, as FTR will defend the ROH World Tag Team Titles against The Briscoes. It was in the buildup to the bout with The Briscoes at Supercard Of Honor back in April (which included FTR deciding to fire Tully Blanchard as their manager along with the dissolution of The Pinnacle), as well as the match itself, that really kicked off this change with FTR where they took on the babyface roles that they’re currently excelling in. The match that they had with The Young Bucks that same week would further solidify themselves in this new role where they’re arguably one of the most over acts in all of AEW. I’m sure that both teams will be working their asses off to match or even surpass their original encounter, but there’s a new wrinkle in this second chapter in the form of a stipulation…..2/3 Falls. Of course, if you’re someone who’s followed ROH during its glory period (or if you’re someone who’s very knowledgeable of that period in the history of ROH), you’ll know that The Briscoes were absolutely beasts in 2/3 Falls matches. They won a number of them two falls to none, so this particular stipulation definitely plays to their advantage. Now before Tony Khan’s pre-PPV presser, I would’ve had FTR as a near lock to win, but with the confirmation that The Briscoes are signed long-term with ROH, it really opens things up in terms of the result. Thus far in my preview, I’ve gone with a lot of champions retaining, so this will be the spot where I got with a title change. I’m picking The Briscoes to win the titles for a 13th time. Not only would it be a nice nod to history, but it would (more importantly) set up a rubber match between the two teams that you could do on another ROH PPV, whenever that next one might be. That being said, would it shock me if FTR retain their titles? Not really, but the recent news regarding The Briscoes definitely makes it more of a 50/50 split in terms of who comes out on top. Prediction: The Briscoes

Robin: I didn’t see a single person that watched the first FTR vs. Briscoes match that didn’t adore it, and in the world of wrestling discourse that we exist in these days that really says a lot. The bar is thus set incredibly high, yet I still struggle to imagine a world where this doesn’t deliver. FTR are on the run of their lives right now, and they’re coming up against a legendary Briscoes team that are looking better from a physical standpoint than they have since Jay had a bad run of injuries in the early 2010s. Oh and that’s before you even begin to reference the mic work the Briscoes have put up for this feud; Jay Briscoe is the best talker in wrestling and it does not get referenced enough. I’ll be interested to see what the crowd dynamic is for this one, as for the original the Briscoes were cheered as the home team, but since that point FTR have been more firmly cemented into the face side of things over on Dynamite and the Briscoes have been leaning a little heelish by making a few excuses for their loss and tossing FTR’s liquor to the floor during their sit down. On a great card with multiple matches I expect to deliver big time this match should main event, and I think it’s going to. FTR could absolutely retain, but in a match that FTR have said is all about ‘legacy’ I’m going to predict a nod to the past and a Briscoes sweep. Prediction: The Briscoes 2:0

Overall Thoughts

Sean: We do know that there will be more matches added at some point on Friday, but as the card stands, this should be a really strong show. FTR/Briscoes II has so much anticipation after their first encounter, and both the ROH World Title match and the ROH Pure Title match both have a chance to be excellent. We’re still waiting to see what kind of television deal Tony Khan can get for ROH, and time will tell when it comes to the roster and what it will look like when ROH starts to run more regularly, but you’ll be a fool to not be bullish on the future of ROH. There are certainly concerns when it comes to Tony Khan and whether or not it was a good idea to add ROH to his plate along with AEW (among his other non-wrestling duties), but he definitely seems to be up to the task of booking two different wrestling companies at once. I’m very excited for this show, and I’m looking forward to seeing what ROH does going forward. It’s safe to say that this is the most optimistic I’ve felt about the ROH product in quite some time.

Robin: I’m incredibly hopeful for what this new era of ROH can be. Overall I enjoy AEW, which will for obvious reasons be the inevitable comparison point for ROH, but there’s a few things baked into their identity to this point that stop me ever being fully all in. When I watched the Countdown episode for Death Before Dishonor it got me instantly incredibly excited, as it set a tone that is everything I want from a wrestling promotion. It took the base of AEW, but leaned into a more sportsy feel. There was no talk of ‘battling one’s own emotions’, and instead discussion of match-up nightmares. There were no grand elaborate spooky backstories, there were simplistic yet passion fuelled sit-down interviews talking about cementing legacy. My hope is this tone is translated into this show and going forward for Ring of Honor, and it becomes a promotion focused a little more on the action between the ropes being the story rather than the in-ring being in service to the overarching story. I’ll be delighted if ROH becomes AEW’s more straight-laced serious jocky cousin, where there’s less interference and melodrama, and more sports-builds, clean finishes and pure wrestling. Death Before Dishonor XIX is my most anticipated wrestling show of the year, and in that is baked in a lot of nostalgia, anticipation and curiosity. Maybe watching one half hour YouTube special has got my hopes up way too high, and this event is going to send them crashing back down to Earth with a bunch of Tully Blanchard Enterprises run-ins. One can hope though, and if any promotion is going to cater to a grumpy wrestling nerd like myself why wouldn’t it be a promotion called Ring of Honor?