For anyone who enjoys wrestling, we know you want to know all about the sports betting spreads. However, we have to note that professional wrestling is probably hotter in the industry now than it has been for a long time.

Many believe that this is partially due to the “Wednesday Night Wars” held between WWE and AEW’s NXT brands.

However, who knows the real reason, but the big names and big dogs are not the only ones who matter, and even though there are plenty of wrestlers out there who are favored and get much recognition, we want to introduce you to some others as well.

The Lesser Known Indie Wrestlers

The majority of the wrestling world have their eyes on these big programs, such as New Japan Pro and Impact, but there are many even lesser-known wrestlers who put in huge amounts of effort and work and just do not get televised.

However, this being said, with how popular wrestling is becoming, and how many more opportunities there are for pro wrestlers, it would not be all that surprising to find that the names we list now as being unknown, may actually end up being on your TV soon!

So, with all this, we want to introduce you to 5 indie wrestlers you definitely should know! These are the best of the unknown, and maybe soon-to-be known.

#1. AR Fox

Indie wrestling fans should be fairly familiar with the name AR Fox, On Evolve’s 10th anniversary AR Fox paired up with Leon Ruff.

Fox has been a pretty significant part of the indie scene since ‘01, and his desire to wrestle began with his doing backflips on his back porch, doing handstands down his high school hallways, and scaling walls.

He didn’t watch normal TV shows, instead he watched Bruce Lee VHS tapes and hoped to one day emulate his hero on screen. One day he put what he learned from these tapes and all his unconventional activities into practice in a backyard wrestling career.

#2. Bryan ‘Rage’ Rivera

Rivera has been in the wrestling game for quite some time now. He is the proud son of The Bronx, and has taken his skills through the west and spent a significant amount of time in independent wrestling in Texas.

As well as any promotions, he has also wrestled in Lubbock for Squared Circle Pro as well as the South Plains Championship.

He has been trained by El Granted and more, seeking advice from some of the best names in the wrestling world, he knows what he is doing, and he is doing it all right!

He has even wrestled with Rikishi, a WWE legend!

#3. Harlow O’Hara

Harlow O’Hara, also known as ‘The Priestess’ has been fighting in her career since 2017, and has been a pretty prominent face on the indie scene of wrestling. Cagematch said she had wrestled in promotions including Beyond Wrestling, Reality of Wrestling, RISE, Battle Club Pro, SHIMMER, and more.

She only has 5 years of experience, but the sky’s the limit for her, and we just know she will be around for a long time. It is worth keeping an eye on her as we know she is going to be an indie asset for a long time to come.

#4. Tasha Steelz

Tasha Steelz, otherwise known as ‘The Garden State Goddess’ was born in New Jersey and made her debut back in 2015, so she’s had 7 years in the game so far. She was trained by the legend Damian Adams, who is noted as having trained some of the best female fighters in WWE. He also trained NXT’s Karen Q as well as Deonna Purrazzo.

Steelz has wrestled in many matches but notably the Ring of Honor against Sumie Sakai, who was the then Woman of Honor Champ in 2018. She has many other achievements, but this is most noteworthy and frankly, awesome!

#5. Matt Cross

Matt Cross might not be that old for AEW, only being 41, but we think the WWE should look into him! He has been a wrestler for some time, his recent accomplishments tell all his fans that he is still at the top of his game.

He wowed his fans in Lucha Underground from ‘14 to ‘18 as the Son of Havoc. By 2019 he was pursuing the NWA Championship, and it’s strange, with sport we tend to think that age usually decreases talent, but with Cross it seems to have only improved!