Note: This episode aired live on Thursday, June 16, before the news of Vince McMahon stepping down as WWE CEO and Stephanie McMahon becoming interim CEO. This also aired before Keiji Mutoh announced several of his retirement matches.

A massive week of wrestling news on this week’s Flagship Podcast.

We’ll lead off, of course, with the massive news of WWE’s board of directors investigating Vince McMahon’s alleged $3M hush payment to a former employee, the discovery of additional NDAs and what this all means for the future of McMahon in WWE, WWE itself, how it related to Stephanie McMahon’s leave of absence and so much more.

We’ll also tackle the reports that Sasha Banks may have been granted her release from WWE, Jeff Hardy’s recent DUI and what it means for his future in wrestling and AEW plus a review and recap of NJPW Dominion, G1 Climax participants and CyberFight Festival 2022 including Nakajima knocking out Endo.

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