Throughout the month of June, we will be celebrating 20 years of TNA/Impact Wrestling with our #Impact20 series of reviews, columns and podcasts. One particular series will look at a handpicked selection of the best TNA/Impact Wrestling Matches of All-Time. 

Falls Count Anywhere
Samoa Joe vs. Rhino vs. Monty Brown

TNA Hard Justice 2006
August 13, 2006
Impact Zone
Orlando, Florida

Who doesn’t love a good hoss fight?

This is what you got in TNA Hard Justice 2006, where Samoa Joe, Rhyno, and Monty Brown just killed it. Imagine a nonstop brawl for 13 minutes, one where you can’t take your eyes off it because you might miss a surprise and hard-hitting attack from one of the participants. This was during Samoa Joe’s undefeated streak in the company, which I believe this match occurred during his 14th month.

There weren’t any big spots, and they weren’t needed. This is just three men beating the shit out of each other from start to finish with anything they found all over the Impact Zone in Universal Studios. 

They started outside, went into the ring, then weapons came into play, until they finally went through the crowd. We have seen tons of crowd brawl, but this was fun and the weapons that were used were given by the crowd. Have you seen Samoa Joe hit a wrestler with an umbrella? You got it here. The element of fan interaction elevated this portion of the match.

The final sequence was on the ramp, where Samoa Joe knocked out Monty Brown and then did an Uranage from the ramp to a table on the floor to Rhyno.

An awesome brawl and a perfect example of a concise, hard-hitting, and intense hardcore match.