Hey there Thunder Buddies and travelers down Thunder Road! It’s your host, your shill on Thunder Road Dave Ryan, and my faithful co-host Stagger Lee Malone.

Myself and Lee are delighted to finally roll out the Patreon for Days of Thunder starting June 1. You can find us here.

Days of Thunder Patreon

Our regular shows and all our existing miniseries will always remain free, but we intend to give you as much content as we can manage without driving Lee completely out of his mind. Here’s a rundown of what you can get:

€1 Tier: Enos Alert

If you only have a little bit to spare, or aren’t into any extra content, we totally get it. This is the tip tier essentially and we appreciate every one!

€5 Tier: Team Beefy Da

This is the tier that gives you every bonus show we will be doing on Patreon. In addition to the regular free shows, we are also going to be doing a minimum of two extra pods per month. The first is the new Lee-hosted series Rehash of The Champions, looking back at every Clash of the Champions show in order. The second show will be a rotating chair for all the other ideas for series we have had. We already announced June’s second show: the debut of Drafts & Draughts with Lee Malone. In June we’ll also be revealing two more of our series ideas for you, one of which you will be able to cast votes for. Our goal is to give you as much value as we possibly can at this tier.

€15 Tier: TRL

In 2021, we ran a fundraiser where donors could pick a show outside of our timeline for us to review or do a commentary track for. The result was Season 1 of Thunder Request Live, which has been really popular with our listeners, so we are bringing it back as our limited top tier on Patreon. Donate at this level for one month and you get to pick a show for Season 2. We limited this tier to 6 spots per year as we believe one TRL every two months is a realistic goal. Once we record the show, you will get a shout out and any plugs you want on the show, we will send you the show personally as soon as it’s out of editing, and we’ll even record a bonus intro for your copy of the show that won’t exist on the version that hits the Patreon feed for everyone else. We know it’s a premium tier to we are going to go above and beyond for this one. Who knows, we might even get in the same room to record some of them!

We hope you come over to try us out.

The Cast & The Furious 6 dropped for free today to encourage people to have a look, Rehash of The Champions I is also live for €5 Patrons and above, and there’s also a word of welcome from Dave for everyone who signs up. It’s a big day for us, and thank you to all our listeners, as well as everyone at VOW for all your support so far!