Martha Hart is a legend, isn’t she?

Watching Martha Hart’s heart-tugging, yet enthusiastic speech at Double or Nothing, reaffirmed what I already thought about her: she is a hero.

There she is, 23 years on from one of the most tragic incidents in the history of professional wrestling, showing the world that she has not only survived the needless death of her amazing husband but she is one of the strongest women to ever be associated with professional wrestling.

Let’s keep things simple – the woman lost the love of her life, the father of her children, due to a negligent and unnecessary stunt. That in itself is a situation that many people would never recover from. I try to put myself in the shoes of Martha Hart, imagine what I would do if I lost my partner in such sudden circumstances? I feel that I’d be crushed, devastated at the passing of the most wonderful person I ever met so suddenly.

Now take into account the manner in which he died: a stupid stunt that no one would have remembered had it gone as planned. Martha is of the belief that the billion-dollar company her husband worked for, cheaped out on hiring the best possible team to accomplish this mundane stunt. If you lost a loved one in a similar fashion, it would most likely create an unstoppable anger inside any rational person that may never be fully extinguished. The pain and suffering she went through cannot be underestimated.

Then remember the aftermath of his accident. Owen was taken to hospital and life went on that night for the juggernaut that is WWE. The call was made to keep going with the WWF Over The Edge 1999 show, despite thousands of fans in attendance witnessing a man falling from the rafters. Commentators were told to continue despite being obviously traumatized. Wrestlers were told “the show must go on” despite the fact that their colleague had passed away. In Martha’s own words that were aired in the Dark Side of the Ring documentary, “the fact that Vince discarded Owen like he was a piece of garbage, scraped his dead body off the mat and sent the wrestlers to wrestle on a ring with his blood on it. His fall had broken some of the boards, so they could’ve felt where he fell. This was a potential crime scene, they couldn’t let the show go on.”

It’s fair to assume that some seemed to care more about the show continuing than the well-being of an injured performer on their watch. The hurt and pain Martha suffered from that night is unimaginable.

But as the investigation began into Owen Hart’s death began and accountability was being rightly sought, Martha would suffer some more. This woman was painted as a gold digger by some, portrayed as anything but a loving wife and mother in the depths of grief. She was allegedly sabotaged by various members of the Hart family who appeared to have their own agenda. Even to this day, people believe she’s an evil, vindictive woman who wants nothing to do with WWE. Imagine not wanting to do business with the company that played a part in her husband’s death.

Even to this day, she is vilified by mindless WWE fans who believe she is only working with AEW out of spite. She and Tony Khan are honoring the memory of Owen in a way the late wrestler deserves. They are celebrating his life and his career. Does Martha have some spite in her? I don’t know, but even if she did, so what? Can you blame her if she is spiteful towards WWE?

So to see this woman standing proud, living as best a life as she can after going through what she has gone through, warms my heart. When I initially watched the Dark Side of the Ring episode, when originally aired, I was expecting such a dark and sad tale of the untimely death of one of the most likable performers in the game. While I did receive that, I also got a wonderfully uplifting story of how Martha and her children moved on from the horrible events which robbed them of their husband and father. It’s clear from watching this show, plus the words of Martha Hart at Double or Nothing, that it’s nothing short of a miracle how they survived Owen’s passing.

Martha is not the evil woman that some would have you believe she is.

Instead, she is a hero and an inspiration. She and her children lost Owen in such needless circumstances, resulting in unimaginable pain and suffering. Yet despite the horrific wounds of losing her beloved husband, she found the strength to take on the WWE in a David versus Goliath legal battle to ensure those responsible for the unnecessary death of her husband were held accountable.

In 2022, it’s amazing that Martha is as strong as she is. Weaker women would have crumbled, yet she is a beacon of inspiration. It’s a credit to her that her children are so well adjusted despite being greatly affected by the loss of their dad. Oje is involved in human rights law, while Athena is involved in the world of journalism. How Martha Hart not only found the courage and strength to carry on after Owen’s death, but also raise two exceptional kids is simply amazing.

Martha Hart and her family have thrived in life despite the loss of perhaps their most important member. Seeing her at Double or Nothing giving her husband a fitting tribute was the good side of what is the scummy business of pro wrestling. Martha is truly an inspirational figure and I’m personally glad she is involved with professional wrestling again.

The business needs more people like her.