The Wrestling Revolve
REVOLVER Swerve’s House
April 16, 2022
Horizon Events Center
Clive, Iowa

Watch: FITE

Moose def. Speedball Mike Bailey Speedball

Bit of a strange decision to make this a World Title match, the Moose/Alexander story has been booked so strongly, that it would seem to make the result here a foregone conclusion and I’m sure that Moose vs. Bailey would have drawn just as strongly.

What’s great about Moose is that despite his size, he’s amassed an array of strategic options to match his opponents. When he’s wrestling other big men, he’s a power move guy, but here against Bailey, he brought a much more purposeful style, methodically targeting Bailey’s legs. Bailey was a Sisyphean figure in this match, continually struggling to seek a foothold against the mountainous Moose, only to get knocked back down on each attempt.

Finally, Bailey made the breakthrough, and for a couple of minutes managed to secure a brace of heart-stopping near falls that had me buying into the possibility that, wait, are Impact gonna allow this?! If there was one bad thing about this match it was the heavily telegraphed Ultimate Weapon which required Moose to awkwardly stand bent over in front of the top rope. Aside from that, this match was outstanding and an instant notebook affair. Earlier this month, I reviewed Bailey vs Bandido at Wrestlecon, which was a fantastic video-game style match told at a full sprint. This was equally as great, but for totally different reasons, with the size difference necessitating a more psychological affair based on limb work that would nevertheless keep turning the volume up before reaching a final crescendo. Standing ovation well deserved. ****1/2

AAA Reina de Reinas Championship
Deonna Purrazzo (c) def. Billie Starkz

The Virtuosa gets a nice ovation and a streamer. Yes, you read that right, one solitary streamer. This would happen throughout the night to many wrestlers. Revolver fans please stock up on streamers for next time and coordinate that shit!

This was short but sweet and Purrazzo’s early attacks on Starks’ arms lead to an ultra-quick tap out, which is one of my favorite and most-underused tropes in wrestling. **1/2

Dan The Dad vs. Jake Manning (No Contest)

The stars aligned for dudes with a parental gimmick that wear short shorts with pockets and pulled-up socks. The crowd is into these two, chanting this is awesome at the visual synchronicity before the bell has even rung.

The two work a dumb comedy match, but with excellent technical execution. It ends in a no-contest with Logan James and Tyler Matrix doing a run-in to set up a tag team match (playa). 

Infrared (Logan James & Tyler Matrix) (w/Phil Stamper) def. Dan The Dad & Jake Manning

A pretty standard match gets elevated because the crowd is so hot. And they really were for this. All the heel vs face tropes of tag team wrestling were in force, and Infrared’s a place for your head tag team finisher is an emphatic way to score a pinfall. **

PWR Tag Team Championship
Prisoners Of Society (Steve Maclin & Westin Blake) defeat The American Wolves (Davey Richards & Eddie Edwards) (c)

We’re in Callihan country, so the Wolves are big heels here tonight, and fans have brought  Eddie Screwed Eddie signs and can be audibly heard yelling abuse at Edwards throughout the match. 

Veda Scott says that Maclin ‘wrestles every match as if it might be his last and that’s such a brilliant description of the way that Steve Maclin has burst on the scene this year with the unrelenting style of a steam engine. This match was alright, but it never really elevated itself to a PPV standard and as someone who adores the Wolves, I never really got the sense of magic here that I normally would associate with Eddie and Davey. That said, this was a heel team and there was a decent amount of shine put on Maclin and Blake. Not a fan of the rollup finish which came after a Wolves double-team move though.

Wolves punk out the victors and Callihan arrives to promise them that he and Moxley will be fighting them somewhere down the line. Then Maclin and Blake celebrate in the ring and again we get a solitary streamer. Is there a streamer shortage in Iowa, are we rationing streamers? ***¼

Spiderweb Death Match
Jake Crist def. 1 Called Manders

I’ve thought for a long time that Jake Crist is probably one of the most underrated wrestlers on the indie scene. As the video package before this match stated, he can do it all: strong style, lucha libre and is currently incarnated as a deathmatch wrestler.

I enjoyed Jake’s last deathmatch in Revolver as the scaffold brought some tension. To me this was just dudes hitting each other. The effort was there and if you like deathmatches you’ll probably enjoy this, but it wasn’t for me. Jake has a sweet roundhouse kick though. **

PWR Remix Title / Impact X-Division Title Four Way
Trey Miguel (c) (X-Division) def. Ace Austin (c) (Remix), Blake Christian & Lince Dorado 

Look at the people in this match and you know exactly what this is going to be. This was balls to the wall high flying action from start to finish featuring the requisite spot where all four wrestlers manage to form a sort of Rube Goldberg-esque structure with their bodies and one person gets DDT’d the other gets slammed, etc.

Trey is a worthy winner and one of the most underrated wrestlers on the planet right now. He has a silky smooth way of moving throughout the ring and a tight move set that sparkles when it needs to. This was a great match and no one was phoning it in. ***¾

Sudden Death Scramble Match
Crash Jaxon def. Big Beef, Calvin Tankman, Jessicka Havok, Kal Jak & Madman Fulton 

It’s a sign of times that a match featuring those on the more chunky side of the spectrum at times resembles an early X-Division style match, complete with consecutive suicide dives onto everyone spot and tower of doom. We got a fair portion of meaty slap too and the crowd was VERY into this. Good stuff to get a look at some of the rising stars on the indies, with Crash Jackson and Beef the standouts. ***¾

SW3RVE def. Athena 

Big fight feel for this with the crowd loud as anything. Athena gets the better of Swerve early on and the crowd chant something that sounds like fuck you bitch. Turns out they were actually saying fuck you vince, which makes a lot more sense.

I’m still not entirely sold on intergender. It made sense in places like Lucha Underground, a wrestling promotion whose magical realism was more Mortal Kombat than NWA, but in a universe where normally men and women are in clearly defined divisions, it can sometimes feel a bit uncanny. I guess it just requires that extra step of suspension of disbelief. Once you make that leap, then matches like this are a joy to watch, with Athena clearly being able to expand her repertoire, basing off the much larger Swerve. And for the most part, it works. This match went hard and the crowd was red hot by the near falls at the end, including a brilliantly worked kick out at 1 in the closing stretch. ****1/2

JT Dunn def. Rich Swann (c)

After the last match, you could forgive the crowd if they were a little subdued here, but no, the Iowa faithful are full of energy for this and Swann gets them pumped up even more. JT Dunn is in fine form as the evening’s shithead heel and gets a full songsheet of aggressive chants directed towards him, that range from suck my unit, spray tan, piece of shit, and a charming number entitled twist his dick off

Dunn gets the win and a post-match beatdown leads to saves from Swerve and Matthew Palmer to set up a Cage of Horror match for July. With walk and brawls, ref bumps, interference galore, all in front of a red hot crowd, this was the sort of after-dinner theatre that ECW was so good at. ***¾

Final Thoughts

Overall, Wrestling Revolver Swerve’s House was an incredibly good show and at four hours with not a bad match, this is well worth your time and is great value for money. Revolver are doing a good job in building up these PPVs and getting the best out of all performers, with a nice mix of TV stars, indie legends and up and comers.

Thumbs Up.