Game Changer Wrestling
Joey Janela’s Spring Break 6 Part 1
March 31, 2022
Fair Park
Dallas, Texas

What was good on this show was pretty good. What was bad on this was, well, bad.

Let’s start off with the negatives. Nick Gage does not look like he should be wrestling anymore. He can barely walk and brawl, mainly because his body looks like it’s rejecting the very concept of moving. He certainly should not be performing piledrivers. He had two of those that went poorly, and I certainly hope he and Matthew Justice are okay.

The tag titles match opened with about five minutes of the Briscoes and Warner & Justice working all over the ring, and Gage just chilling in a corner. He wasn’t doing anything, selling anything, or setting up for anything. He was an observer. That makes no sense given the intensity of his character and his work. He should have been taken out or taking shots during this segment of the match. If the other two teams were just given the opportunity to work a match between themselves, this would have been a highlight. In 2022, Gage needs all the smoke and mirrors to get him through a match and have it be good, and there just wasn’t enough here for that.

Allie Katch and Mickie James was two matches in one. There was an okay-ish match in here when it was worked as just a normal match. James worked pretty well and Katch was able to keep up for the most part. Then there was the other match, where they just tried to remind you of the risqué build to James’ WrestleMania match with Trish Stratus. I could have done without that, frankly – for a promotion that’s a rebellion against mainstream wrestling, basing a match around reminding people of a WWE match is really weird. This wasn’t a disaster, but it wasn’t really good or even average.

Joey Janela’s formula for his matches with retirees needs to be reworked. X-Pac looked good in spots, especially when you consider he was working through a torn biceps, but he also seemed to lack the stamina to make it through a 20-minute match. There was a pretty early segment where X-Pac sold for a few minutes while Janela set up plunder, and then Janela used a headlock for an extended period, but that wasn’t enough to get Waltman through all the way without looking exhausted while cutting his post-match promo. This should have been no longer than ten or maybe 12 minutes so everyone came out looking good. If you want Sean Waltman walking away from this match looking good, don’t overextended him.

On the plus side, we had a couple of good flippy dude matches with AR Fox against Blake Christian and the scramble. Fox & Christian were just two very competent pro wrestlers who tend towards high flying working well together. The scramble was as close to the perfection of what you’re going to get out of a GCW scramble. Everyone looked good and executed their stuff well in a match with virtually no structure. If you can look past that aspect of the match, it was stupidly entertaining.

Jon Moxley and AJ Gray put on the best match of the night. This was the closest we got all night to the crowd being invested throughout a match – it seemed like they would easily get up for the big spots, entrances, and finishes, but in between they seemed tired.

John Wayne Murdoch & Alex Colon put on a pretty good match. Colon may have sold the arm injury that set up the finish too well – it felt like he had actually suffered a major injury by the end. Hopefully he didn’t.

This was the definition of a mixed bag of a show. Unless you’re the hardest of hardcore GCW fans, you should skip & choose watch to watch on this show. It comes out as a six out of ten show – above average, but there were definite weak spots in there.

Match Ratings

Briscoes vs. Mance Warner & Matthew Justice vs. Nick Gage & SLADE *1/4

AR Fox vs. Blake Christian ***1/2

Allie Katch vs. Mickie James *1/2

Nick Wayne vs. Alec Price vs. Gringo Loco vs. Jack Cartwheel vs. Jimmy Lloyd vs. Jordan Oliver vs. Ninja Mack ***1/2

Joey Janela vs. X-Pac 1/2*

AJ Gray vs. Jon Moxley ***3/4

John Wayne Murdoch vs. Alex Colon ***1/4