Ring Of Honor
Supercard Of Honor XV
April 1st, 2022
Curtis Culwell Center
Garland, Texas

Watch: PPV, Honor Club, & FITE

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Sean Sedor: The last month or so has been a pretty wild one for a Ring Of Honor fan like Sean, but he’s really excited to see what Tony Khan’s ROH has to offer, at least on this show. You can follow him on Twitter @SASedor2994. If you’re interested in some other stuff he does, you can check out his YouTube channel (just search his name) if you’d like to see him play the Formula 1 game, and you can also check out his Extreme Warfare Revenge thread on the Be The Booker forums (if you’re into those kinds of games).

Gerard Di Trolio: Gerard is not as big on U.S. indie stuff as others so he’s not going to be glued to his T.V. all weekend. But the ROH show was something he wanted to check out as he was enjoying ROH before the hiatus and wants to see what Tony Khan has in store for it. Plus he’s always happy to collaborate with Mr. ROH himself, Sean. He’s on Twitter @GerardDiTrolio, but more importantly follow his podcast, The Emerald FlowShow’s account at @EmeraldFlowShow for all of your AJPW and NOAH coverage. 


Colt Cabana def. Blake Christian

Sean: So this (along with three other matches) were added to the pre-show at the last minute, bringing the total number of matches on this show to twelve. On paper, this looks like one of those matches that would be the opener on the first half of a double shot weekend back in the golden era of ROH. Cabana messes with Blake Christian in the early moments before the action really got going. Christian attempted some of his high flying offense, but Colt was largely in control with a mix of his technical wrestling and just generally avoiding Christian’s offense. A few minutes in, and Christian is finally able to hit some of his high flying offense, including a big dive to the floor and a Springboard 450 Splash. Chrstian tried for something with Cabana on the turnbuckle, but Cabana caught him, and hit the Chicago Skyline for the win. This really felt like a match that Colt Cabana would’ve had on a ROH show in like….2006. Dude was just out there having a good time, and while the match certainly didn’t blow the roof off, it was a very solid bout for its spot on the card. An enjoyable opening contest. ***

AQA def. Miranda Alize

Sean: For those who watched ROH during the pandemic, you’ll know that Miranda Alize was a fixture of the ROH women’s division in 2021 (she made it to the finals of ROH Women’s World Title Tournament, where she came up short to Rok-C). Meanwhile, this is AQA’s first-ever appearance in ROH. After the initial opening exchange, AQA gains the upper hand after a series of rollup attempts and a pair of arm drags. She continued on offense until she got caught in the corner, which led to Alize pulling her down by her hair. Alize really worked over AQA with a variety of different kicks in the corner. AQA started to make a comeback after a DDT, but Alize seemingly cut it off with an Ace Crusher.

After surviving a crossface attempt, AQA managed to hit a series of kicks before hitting her Shooting Star Press for the win. It was very clear to see in this match (and this is something that we already knew) that while AQA certainly has potential, she still needs A LOT of work. There were certainly some awkward moments in this match, and the crowd seemed dead at points as well, but there were some decent moments too. AQA spending time in ROH to gain experience and get those reps seems like a good idea, but time will tell. **1/4 

Gerard: Okay, so I didn’t realize there was a pre-show but I managed to get home during this match. I didn’t see all of it, but I mostly liked what I saw. There was stuff that looked a little sloppy but I didn’t think it was too distracting. Alize is a very good heel. AQA is still green in many ways but I think she is going to be a star sooner rather than later. Despite looking like she might slip while on the top rope, her Shooting Star Press she used to pin Alize looked beautiful. I’d say this was probably in the **¾ range.

Gates Of Agony (Kaun & Toa Liona) (w/ Tully Blanchard) def. Shinobi Shadow Squad (Cheeseburger & Eli Isom)

Sean: So Tully Blanchard (now leading Tully Blanchard Enterprises) introduced his new tag team, called Gates Of Agony. One of the members of this team is Kaun, who was part of Soldiers Of Savagery in ROH, along with being a member of Shane Taylor Promotions (he did hold the ROH World Six-Man Tag Team Titles). Meanwhile, the other member of the team was Toa Liona, who made a couple of appearances on AEW Dark. This was basically a squash that put this new monster tag team over strong. It should be interesting to see where they go with Tully behind them. Kaun definitely is a guy who has potential (he certainly has a great look), and I am intrigued to see more of this Toa Liona. Not much more to say about the match itself, as it was basically a squash. N/R

Gerard: It was nice to see CB and Isom here. CB is the heart of ROH. Isom was a guy that ROH looked like they had plans for before the hiatus. I think he’s got potential and I hope he gets a shot in Tony Khan’s ROH.

The fact that Blanchard got paired with Kaun and Liona seems to me to signal they’re in for a big push, possibly as ROH’s new monster tag team. This was fun squash and giving CB some hope spots fired up the crowd. The Samoan spike Liona used to pin Isom looked great. This got me hyped to find out who the third member of Tully Blanchard Enterprises is. **¾ 

Dalton Castle def. Joe Hendry

Sean: This is actually a battle of former tag team partners, as they teamed together in 2019-early 2020. Hendry refused to shake Castle’s hand before the match, and used his power to gain the upper hand early. Castle managed to fight back with some mat wrestling, but Hendry just picked him up and tossed over the top rope. Hendry really bullied Castle on the floor, and continued to show off his power in the ring as he cut off an attempted comeback. This continued for a little bit until Castle caught Henry with the Bang-A-Rang to put it away. A solid match here that told a fine story. Henry dominated chunks of the match with his power, but Castle would stay in the fight, and all it took was one Bang-A-Rang (a move that was pretty protected in the previous era of ROH). Nothing much else to add. ***

Gerard: I love Hendry’s theme and entrance because I believe in Joe Hendry. This really felt like a pre-hiatus ROH match which was cool and something I didn’t actually expect to see. I liked how this was a mix of some straight-laced wrestling as well as some heelish tactics. The heel stuff worked well because it was not too over the top. Castle to his credit (and future detriment probably), continues to take some fairly big bumps despite the condition of his back. I thought the finish was just fine with Castle getting the Bang-A-Rang after some reversals, but I thought the match was pretty good overall. I hope both guys stay with ROH. ***¼ 

Main Show

Swerve Strickland def. Alex Zayne

Sean: A couple of fun exchanges in the opening moments kicked this one off. Zayne nailed the first big moves of the match with a series of twisting sentons, but Swerve fought back with a big TKO from the second rope onto the ropes. After getting back in the ring, Swerve slowed the pace down a bit after locking Zayne in a submission. Zayne was able to fight out of it, and nailed his forward-flipping rana out of the corner, but the crowd was still firmly behind Swerve. Zayne had his knee worked over by Swerve, though that didn’t stop him from hitting a reverse rana to the floor, which was totally insane! That was followed by Shooting Star Double Knees off the top, which also looked pretty cool. Swerve responded with a rolling flatliner and his signature double stomp, but that only got two. A late back-and-forth exchange between the two ended with a JML Driver from Swerve for the win. This was a super fun opener to officially kick off this big PPV for ROH. They just went out there and had a really good match, with Swerve ultimate coming out on top. Zayne looked pretty good, but Swerve came off like a total superstar. ***3/4 

Gerard: Strickland made an entrance like a superstar. The crowd went wild for him and he controlled the crowd throughout the match. This had lots of chain wrestling and high spots early on which was hardly surprising. The Poison Rana by Zayne off of the apron to the floor was a what a maneuver indeed. A great closing stretch saw some near falls on both men and then Strickland won with the JML Driver. Despite a little sloppiness from Zayne at times this was really good. Strickland is a damn star. ***½  

Brian Cage (w/ Tully Blanchard) def. Ninja Mack

Sean: So the newest client of Tully Blanchard Enterprises turned out to be Brian Cage. He’s been absent from AEW since his feud with Team Taz ended, and a lot of people were wondering if he would ever come back. Then, around the time of the ROH purchase, the option on his contract with AEW was picked up, and well, I guess we now know why. Ninja Mack got caught by Cage on a dive trying to get the jump on Cage early, but it didn’t turn out too well for him. We would see Ninja Mack have a moment or two to shine here, so he didn’t come off like a complete and utter jobber. However, he was only delaying the inevitable, as Cage soon put him away with the Drill Claw. Should be interesting to see what Cage does in ROH. I could see him getting a push, especially since he’s now part of this new unit led by Tully Blanchard. For what this was, it did a very good job getting Cage over as an unstoppable monster. N/A

Gerard: With future Pro Wrestling NOAH superstar Ninja Mack making his entrance to the ring, I’m going to plug my podcast, The Emerald FlowShow again which covers NOAH and AJPW, so we’ll be talking all about Mack’s run in NOAH when that happens. 

I didn’t expect Cage, but I guess this is why his contract extension got picked up by Tony Khan despite everyone thinking he was on his way out. I loved the release German Suplexes Cage used on Mack. They had a definite Fire Pro Wrestling vibe to the amount of air and distance they got. Cage won with the Drill Claw. This was a dumb spotfest and squash and I loved it for it. Tully Blanchard Enterprises looks like it could be a lot of fun. There will probably be a lot more squashes like this one in their future. ***½ 

Jay Lethal def. Lee Moriarty (w/ Matt Sydal)

Sean: Back in September at Death Before Dishonor, Lethal cut a promo after a match that Moriarty was involved in where he told him that he wished he was sticking around in ROH, and that he would love to wrestle him someday (Moriarty has signed with AEW a couple of days earlier). Well, we’re finally getting that match, and I’m pretty stoked for it. We got some good technical exchanges to start off, but Moriarty got the better of these exchanges, which led to Lethal getting a little frustrated. Lethal was finally able to gain the upper hand with his cartwheel dropkick, and started working over Moriarty’s leg. The crowd was pretty split between the two at this point.

Lethal sent Moriarty to the floor with a triangle dropkick, and started to nail consecutive dives to the floor. However, Moriarty prevented the third, and nailed a dive to the floor of his own. The two went back-and-forth for a bit before Lethal started to go on a roll. He nailed a Cutter and Lethal Combination, but Moriarty countered Hail To The King, and this led to an amazing series of pin exchanges. This eventually led to Lethal hitting Moriarty with a low blow behind the referee’s back, and a Lethal Injection soon followed. Lethal sold it like he was totally disgusted by the fact that he did that. A very good match that climaxed with a strong closing stretch and a finish that continued this Jay Lethal story. The man was desperate after a series of losses in AEW, and finally snapped when he was on the verge of another loss. He would more fully embrace the heel turn afterwards, as he kicked out Matt Sydal’s crutch and went after him before Sonjay Dutt (which made a lot of sense considering his history with Lethal) and a series of referee’s finally broke it up. Very intrigued to see where this Jay Lethal angle goes. This heel turn was well executed. ****

Gerard: Lethal looked genuinely happy to be back in ROH when he came out. There was some great chain and technical wrestling to start things off and Moriarty frustrated Lethal. Caprice Coleman made a Dhalsim from Street Fighter reference during this match which always gets you points in my book. Lethal eventually gained a lot of momentum when he went after Moriarty’s left knee. Moriarty sold the knee very well and his attempts at trying to do offense on it made sense. Given how Lethal took control of this, I am surprised how much the crowd was still 50-50 on his side versus Moriarty. All of the pinning combos from both men leading up to Lethal turning heel were awesome and the crowd was molten for them. After the shocking but somewhat expected Lethal heel turn, he won the match with the Lethal Injection.

This was a great match. It told the story of the young upstart like Moriarty challenging the grizzled and frustrated veteran in Lethal very well. The heel turn was also well executed and the crowd quickly turned on Lethal despite the previous loud support for him. This was a turn that was being built up in AEW and this was the perfect time to pull the trigger on it. Lethal attacking Sydal after the match and Sonjay Dutt also expressing his anger at Lethal’s actions were also a nice touch. ****

Interim ROH Women’s World Championship: Mercedes Martinez def. Willow

Sean: Of course, this is an Interim title bout because Deonna Purrazzo is working tonight’s Impact show (she is contracted to Impact, so that’s her first priority). Willow wrestled Rok-C at Final Battle for the ROH Women’s World Title, while Mercedes Martinez is making her first ROH appearance since 2006 (yes, you read that correctly). We got a nice opening exchange to get this one started, and Willow managed to gain the upper hand early. Martinez was quick to respond, however, as she nailed a series of Butterfly Suplexes before locking in a submission hold. Willow was able to stave off more offense from Martinez with a superkick, and later followed up with a clothesline.

Martinez responded with a Saito Suplex and an Air Raid Crash for a nearfall. Willow would fight out of some grounded elbow strikes with an Angle Slam and a big Pounce. An attempt to go up top gets cut off, and Martinez nailed her with the OG Drop (basically a Dominator out of the Razor’s Edge position) for another nearfall. Martinez took Willow back to the turnbuckle and tried for a Spider Suplex, but Willow fought out of it, and followed up with a moonsault that absolutely crushed Martinez. Despite that massive blow, Martinez was able to survive, and tapped out Willow with the Brass City Sleeper to become the Interim ROH Women’s World Champion. This was a solid match on the whole, but there were also moments where it felt a little clunky for sure. Martinez winning wasn’t a total surprise, and it sets up a unification match at some point down the road. As for Willow, I enjoyed what I saw from her in ROH last year, and I hope she sticks around. She has a very bubbly personality (which I think really helps her when it comes to winning over crowds), and she definitely has potential when it comes to her in-ring work. I could see her as a regular in AEW someday, but much like AQA, she could definitely use a place like ROH to further hone her skills. ***

Gerard: I’m a big fan of Willow. Her in-ring work continues to improve and she has a tremendous amount of charisma, the kind that you can’t teach. Martinez on the other hand, while a legend is beginning to show that the years are catching up to her. As the match began, Ian Riccaboni gave a happy birthday wish to his wife, Sarah. Riccaboni is a true gentleman. 

It didn’t take too long before the Let’s Go Willow! chants began. She worked hard here. Martinez’s control segments were a little dull but far from bad. The crowd was lifeless for a lot of this but fired up for Willow’s comebacks. Martinez hit an impressive looking O.G. Drop on Willow. Willow’s Moonsault looked like it may have injured Martinez. Martinez made a comeback after the Moonsault and got the submission with the Brass City Sleeper. I liked this for what it was despite some sloppiness. I thought Willow looked really good, but Martinez isn’t what she used to be. I hope Willow continues to be in ROH. ***

ROH World Tag Team Championship: FTR (Dax Harwood & Cash Wheeler) def. The Briscoes (Jay & Mark Briscoe) ©

Sean: Well, the time has finally arrived. We’re finally getting The Briscoes vs. FTR after four months of buildup. You could argue this could’ve been the main event, but The Briscoes (who had the classic ROH World Tag Team Titles with them) are also working Impact tonight, so that’s probably why it’s not a little higher up on the card. The crowd was electric before the bell even rang. FTR (who had their team name on their trunks stylized like the old ROH logo) didn’t shake hands to start, and the crowd continued to go wild at the start.

Mark Briscoe and Cash Wheeler started us off, and the crowd eventually started a loud “tag team wrestling” chants. We then get dueling chants as Jay Briscoe and Dax Harwood squared off, and Dax spits in Jay’s face. The action finally starts to pick up, as The Briscoes manage to isolate Cash. It’s interesting to see how the match has turned out thus far, because even though the crowd is super hyped for this one, I feel like they’re going to be behind The Briscoes a little bit more once we get to the closing stages. Jay nails a big dive over the top and to the floor while Mark follows up with a Cactus Jack elbow. However, Jay gets busted open after FTR sent him face first into the underside of a table. That led to FTR gaining control (along with cementing that they’re the heels in this one), as they started to really work Jay over until he’s finally able to tag in Mark.

The younger Briscoe runs wild on FTR, and after Jay comes back in, they manage to hit Redneck Boogie on Cash for a nearfall. FTR responds with a powerbomb and a big splash for another big nearfall as the crowd is going wild. Briscoes then stole FTR’s finisher for another insane near finish. This match is absolutely bonkers. Another wild sequence ends with Jay suplexing Dax to the floor!! Is there anything these men won’t do to their own bodies to put on one of the best tag team matches we’ve seen?? It’s a slugfest in the middle of the ring. Mark nails a corkscrew dive onto Cash as Jay and Dax continue to go at it in the ring. FTR managed to avoid the Doomsday Device, and a Big Rig on Mark seats it for FTR. Words cannot do this justice. This was just an absolutely phenomenal match. The action from start to finish was spectacular, and the crowd totally added to the atmosphere. This had a big fight feel, and it 100% lived up to the hype. I would say this was easily one of the best tag team matches in the history of ROH. FTR bow to and hug The Briscoes, and we get a huge ovation for The Briscoes before THE YOUNG BUCKS jump them from behind. FTR made the save, and Dax called them out for a match right now, but The Young Bucks back down, and say they’ll wrestle them on Wednesday. A big angle afterwards, and once again….the match was amazing. A definitely Match Of The Year caliber bout, and the best match of Mania Weekend. *****

Gerard: This is the main event for many people. I love the trunks that FTR here with their team name in the style of the old ROH logo. The Briscoes had the old ROH tag team titles with them. The crowd was electric for this and chanted Holy Shit! before the match even began. There was also a Fuck Wrestlemania! chant which I thought was hilarious. They were screaming at the first lockup of the match between Mark and Wheeler. 

This was a wild match with some great strike exchanges and brawling between the teams. We also got blood here when Jay got busted open. I expected someone to bleed in this. I loved Harwood using closed fist punches then selling his hand. The near falls from the big double team moves were awesome. Especially the one where The Briscoes did the Big Rig to Harwood. I don’t always love when opponents steal each others’ finishers, but that worked in the moment. Everyone in this took some ridiculous bumps. Great finish with FTR looking to be in trouble but Wheeler got Mark out of the ring and Harwood was able to pin Jay after the Big Rig. This was tremendous. This was a real no flips, just fists match. It was a great contrast to the AEW big match tag team style which while good, doesn’t always land with me. See the tag title three-way at Revolution for an example of a big AEW tag match that I don’t love. This was one of the best tag team matches in North America in a long time. I thought this was even better than The Young Bucks versus Kenny Omega and Adam Page at Revolution 2020, which was a little too melodramatic for me at times. The post-match angle with The Young Bucks was also great. I’ve also got a feeling after this that The Briscoes aren’t done with ROH. ****½   

ROH World Television Championship: Minoru Suzuki def. Rhett Titus ©

Sean: How do you follow up a Match Of The Year Contender? By giving the crowd Kaze Ni Nare, of course! Minoru Suzuki getting added to this show late was a pleasant surprise. Rhett Titus certainly has his work cut out for him here. Titus gets in Suzuki’s face, and Suzuki just slaps the taste out of his mouth. Pretty easy to tell who the crowd is going to get behind in this one. Titus did manage to get a single-leg crab, but Suzuki quickly gained the upper hand after his signature armbar in the ropes. After a quick brawl on the floor, they return to the ring, and Titus responds with a belly-to-belly and some running kicks. Titus nails his big dropkick (which won him the ROH World TV Title at Final Battle), but that only gets a nearfall. Suzuki soon followed up with the Gotch Piledriver, and that was it. While this wasn’t a long match by any means, it was reasonably competitive. Titus got a fair amount of offense in, but Suzuki was able to put him away quite easily. Should be interesting to see what happens to the ROH World TV Title from here. Does Suzuki defend it in New Japan Strong? New Japan proper? Should be a fun story to follow. ***

Gerard: This was a good placement for this match as a cool down from the insanity that just happened. To say Titus didn’t quite get the pop Suzuki did would be an understatement. Suzuki dominated Titus for a while. Titus made a comeback that involved some suplexes and Titus got a near fall after a dropkick. Suzuki got the choke into the Gotch-style Piledriver for the pinfall and the belt. This was just fine with Suzuki playing the hits, but the crowd liked it and it did what it needed to do. I’m interested in where this title reign will go. **¾   

ROH Pure Championship: Wheeler Yuta def. Josh Woods ©

Sean: Wheeler Yuta is coming off the awesome match that he had with Bryan Danielson. At ringside, you’ve got BJ Whitmer, Christopher Daniels, and Colt Cabana serving as the judges for this one, which is pretty cool to see since all three have long histories with ROH. There’s a very quick opening exchange, and Yuta is forced to use his first rope break straight away. The two men continue to go back and forth on the mat, and just after the five minute mark, Yuta is forced to use his 2nd rope break. A taunt from Woods fires Yuta up, and he forces Woods to use his first rope break a few moments later. The two continue to go at it with technical wrestling. At one point, Yuta goes for something off the top rope, but Woods catches him with a flying knee.

Woods tosses Yuta with a German Suplex out of the ropes. He then hits a WILD spinning suplex into the corner, and Yuta is forced to spend his third and final rope break. Yuta fights back after this, avoids the wild finisher that Woods uses (a tombstone into a german suplex) and catches Woods in a pin to win the ROH Pure Title! The crowd was definitely spent at points after seeing some incredible stuff in the last hour or so, but the wrestling in this one from start to finish was very good. They also told a pretty solid story with Woods dominating early, but Yuta was able to persevere, and caught Woods in the end. The finish did come out of nowhere, and again, the crowd was definitely a little down at points. However, the wrestling from bell to bell was still strong. ***1/2 

Gerard: I love pure title matches and this was no exception. I thought the mat work that started this off was really good. The crowd was clearly tired at this point and that did detract from little things at points. I liked the story of Yuta using up all his rope breaks and having to fight back against Woods. There’s not a ton else I have to say about this, except this had really good technical action and was one of the better matches on the show. I really like Woods and hope he is kept around in AEW or ROH. Yuta is a good choice to be pure champion and I’m sure his title win here will figure into his storyline with the Blackpool Combat Club. ***¾   

Undisputed ROH World Championship: Jonathan Gresham (c) def. Bandido (w/ Chavo Guerrero Jr.)

Sean: Bandido came out dressed in a Zorro outfit. The addition of Chavo Guerrero Jr. was a curious one, to say the least, especially since Bandido is a babyface and Chavo was a heel the last time he was in AEW. We get loud chants for both Bandido and Gresham to start. There’s some good exchanges early, but Gresham is able to gain the early edge. Bandido responds with a quick flurry of his own. Gresham managed to pull off a counter of the Romero special into a pin that was really innovative, and continued to try to soften Bandido up for a submission. Not to be outdone, Bandido showed off his power by holding Gresham up for a full minute in a vertical suplex. The two continued to go at it until we got an interesting moment where Chavo appeared to pull or push Bandido out of the way on a Gresham dive attempt. Gresham is able to respond quickly through, and nearly catches Bandido with a series of pin attempts.

Referee Paul Turner gets knocked down, and Chavo tries to cheat again. Bandido’s had enough of it though, and tells Turner what Chavo did so he can toss Chavo out. The pace starts to pick up as Gresham avoids the 21 Plex. Gresham nearly catches Bandido with a Zack Sabre Jr. style pin, and Bandido responds with a huge dive to the floor and the 21 Plex, but Gresham somehow kicked out! Gresham responds with a springboard moonsault, and traps Bandido in a pin coming off the ropes to become the Undisputed ROH World Champion. The match itself was great, and while the crowd did seem to be down at points (it’s been a long night with a lot of really good wrestling to be fair), they were up for the higher points for sure. Gresham is so awesome at what he does, and Bandido was his usual incredible self here too. The closing stretch was strong for sure, and while Bandido nearly had the match won a few times, Gresham escaped with the win.

Then we got an amazing post-match. Gresham’s promo after the bout was interrupted by Jay Lethal. This led to a shoving match that brought out Sonjay Dutt, but then he and Lethal jumped Gresham. Lethal posed with the two ROH World Title belts, though his celebration was cut short when SAMOA JOE came out and made the save to close the show. So much going on here and it’s all awesome. Samoa Joe showing up in ROH, signing with AEW, and coming out to confront the man who was his pupil in ROH back in 2005. If you know the history, then it makes the confrontation. Then you have the relationship with Lethal and Dutt, which I’m sure most people know about from their time in TNA. Mix in Lethal’s relationship with Gresham from ROH, and you have so many cool elements at play here. A great main event and an awesome angle to close out what a strong return for ROH. ****1/4 

Gerard: Putting Guerrero with Bandido makes zero sense and I kind of hate it. This had a lot of back-and-forth action which is what I like in main event title matches. I thought this was really good until the Chavo interference. There was no real point to it other than Tony Khan’s enthusiasm for these things even in matches where it makes no sense like in this one. I liked the closing minutes and bit on some of the near falls Bandido got on Gresham. Gresham’s little cradle at the end was great too. If not for the interference from Chavo, I would have gone even higher in my rating.

The post match angle was great and it reminded me of all of the big debuts at the end of the last All Out. We were told to watch until the end and Samoa Joe debuting and Sonjay Dutt revealing to be in league with Jay Lethal were big moments. This is definitely going to keep eyes on ROH in whatever form they are going to be in going forward. I am curious just how much stuff from AEW and ROH is going to bleed into each other since it was announced that Samoa Joe is going to be on Dynamite on Wednesday.

This was a very good show with a match of the year contender. Despite Tony Khan only going through with this show because it was previously planned, this was a big success. The only thing really detracting from it is Khan’s love of outside interference. You could also make a case that maybe some of the longtime ROH stars should have gotten bigger wins though Gresham retaining is a good sign. Still, a great start to the new ROH. ****