Our MEGA WrestleMania Weekend 2022 preview series continues with Part 2:

Jeri Evagood (@TheJerriest_Jer) joins the preview to give her thoughts on Effy’s Big Gay Brunch.

Jack Beckmann (@packerman120) helps us get excited for Insane Hardcore Wrestling X-Treme Combat, Iconic Heroes Wrestling Excellence Old School Hustle, Dark Arts Entertainment and Full Blown Pro Wrestling Ghouls Night Out & Zelo Pro.

Taylor Maimbourg (@tamaimbo) covers all bases (quite literally) in previewing ROW & WCPW Texas Showdown, GuavaMania 2: Cover All Bases, DFW All-Pro Wrestling, Martinez Entertainment Lucha Leyendas, World Class Pro Wrestling’s Sherri Martel Women’s Classic, Mission Pro Wrestling’s Bangerz Only, Rampage Wrestling, Unsanctioned Pro Mulligan, Lucha Maniaks, Metroplex vs. The World & Texas Legends

(Please note: this podcast was recorded before it was announced that ROW was canceling their WrestleMania Weekend shows)

(Please note: We mistakenly referred to ZOWA as Zero-1 USA. While they did co-promote GuavaMania last year, they are separate companies. Our apologies)

And lastly, Kevin Hare (@stan__hansen) gets us ready for Joey Janela’s Spring Break 6 and GCW Planet Death.

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