Effy’s Big Gay Brunch
Saturday, April 2
Fair Park
Dallas, Texas

Watch: FITE / The Collective Bundle (FITE)

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Celebrate good times, COME ON!

Effy has once again brought another iteration of his biggest gayest brunch ever. We’re all in love with being LGBTQIA+ and we’re doing it in Texas. This is always one of my highlights of these big wrestling weekends, a colorful explosion of celebration of LGTBQIA+ talent and fans coming together to unapologetically express ourselves, cheer for ourselves, and collectively tell all forces who dare try to press us back into the corners of the closest to go fuck themselves. I find it at the risk of hyperbole highly beautiful.

To be perfectly clear when they say representation THEY MEAN IT. This isn’t just a bunch of white male gays getting together to pat themselves on the back. We got LGBTBQIA+ P.O.C, we got Black representation, we got Trans, we got Non-Binary, we got a lot and every sexuality and gender is loved, cherished, celebrated. It’s all coming together in a wonderful display of unity and love. I can’t ask for anything more. To be clear this taste of our various rainbows is for us, by us, but that doesn’t mean someone who doesn’t normally sit at our table can’t come in and be entertained. In fact, we want you to be entertained. We want you to watch our communities, cultures, and companionship and have a smile come upon your face. As long as you aren’t coming to see the rain on the parade, you are absolutely welcomed!

You’ll also get to see a collection of pro wrestling’s most colorful personalities, styles, abilities. You’ll get Max the Impaler as they bring the wasteland to Big Gay Brunch to throw around and abuse poor Edith Surreal who will have to use her technical abilities and cleverness to withstand the onslaught.

You’ll have a huge collection of talent in an eight-man tag featuring the IWTV Champion AC Mack, who for my money is one of the best talents on the scene, Ashton Starr, Devon Monroe, Brooke Valentine, and more. Keep an eye on many of the people in this match, one day they are going to break out, skyrocket up, and it’s going to be wonderful to see.

You’ll get legend versus legend in the making as Effy goes up against the undisputable iconic Pimpinela Escarlata in what should be a fun and entertaining main event. Big Gay Brunch scores a nice win and achievement being able to get Pimpinela for this show, and I no doubt both will be ready to go in their glory, glamour, and glitz.

You have Dark Sheik versus Parrow, you’ll have Allie Katch versus Dango, Billy Dixon versus Keita Murray and so much more. You’re going to see the various pride flags fly high, and fly proud, and fly just as high as some of these wrestlers will. You are going to get chanting, cheering, and all of it out of love, passion, celebration, this isn’t just a wrestling event, it’s a party, and as long as you don’t bring hate as your side dish you are welcome to attend.

…On a personal note, a final note: this is happening all in Texas. Not the most LGBTQIA+ friendly place in America. It (along with many other states) in particular are attempting to commit genocide through legislation on the Trans community (of which I am part of). This is a horrible plight, and sometimes many of us feel alone and scared as we feel we don’t have many allies who are willing to legit step up and help fight for us. If you watch this show, if you watch or attend any show this weekend. Hell, if you are running or competing on any show, please please consider donating to Trans causes to help us fund the fight against these onslaughts. A fight we will fight alone if we have to, but we can’t win alone. Please consider donating to https://www.equalitytexas.org/, or look up your various state charities that help Trans people (in particular right now our youth) and donate there.

Effy’s Big Gay Brunch is escapism from what is going on in this country, even if for a short while, but the reality right now is grim and bleak, and if you can bring a little bit of light into it all, please do so. Thank you, and enjoy WrestleMania weekend.