Stardom World Climax ~ The Top ~
March 27, 2022

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Future of Stardom Championship
Hanan or Rina (c) vs. Mai Sakurai

The winner of Hanan vs. Rina from ~ The Best ~ will defend the Future of Stardom Championship against Mai Sakurai at ~ The Top ~. Sakurai earned her an opportunity to challenge when she won the second half of the triple threat contenders match between herself, Rina, and Waka Tsukiyama. She managed to beat her former Cosmic Angels stablemate to earn the day two title shot, marking her third opportunity at winning the Future of Stardom Championship. It feels that joining Donna del Mondo gives her more confidence than ever before to get the win. As predicted in the preview for Stardom World Climax ~ The Best ~, expect Hanan to be defending the title for the second-straight day. If that is the case, this match surely feels more 50-50 than some might expect.

Sakurai has a shot to be a champion for the first time in her career but there’s a reason Hanan has the title to begin with – she’s the best star of the future. Prediction: Hanan

Cinderella Rumble
Lady C vs. Nanami vs. Ai Houzan vs. Maria vs. Saya Iida vs. Momo Kohgo vs. Ruaka vs. Saki Kashima vs. Miyu Amasaki vs. Aoi vs. Tomoka Inaba vs. Waka Tsukiyama vs. Unagi Sayaka vs. Mina Shirakawa vs. Yuna Mizumori vs. Haruka Umesaki vs. Mei Suruga vs. other names not announced

The All-Star battle royal provided some great moments last year as the likes of Chigusa Nagayo and Yuzuki Aikawa went out there one more time. In the midst of the nostalgia, however, was what would be the first major victory for Unagi Sayaka, who has a chance to defend her crown Sunday. She’ll be joined by her Cosmic Angels stablemates Waka Tsukiyama and Mina Shirakawa for support which she’s going to need. Sayaka has somehow managed to become enemy number one of a lot of people in this match, even if they don’t work for Stardom. Maria of Marvelous will be the top name to keep an eye out for who will be going after Sayaka, making for one exciting storyline heading into the match.

The remainder of the field is filled with NEW BLOOD 1 participants as well as surprises like Gatoh Move’s Mei Suruga and Yuna Mizumori. Stardom has promised for there to be other names also, meaning a surprise or two could be on the way. All in all, it should be a fun battle royal that could help propel someone up the card like it did Sayaka last year. Prediction: Saya Iida

Saya Kamitani or Utami Hayashishita (Loser from ~ The Best ~) vs. MIRAI

The massive opportunities for MIRAI continue here on day two. She will get a chance to go one-on-one with Utami Hayashishita or Saya Kamitani. It will continue the trend of big opportunities for MIRAI since joining Stardom in January. Of course, her first PPV match was in the main event as she challenged Syuri for the World of Stardom Championship. At Cinderella Journey, she was part of the outpost battle but it proved to be one of the best six-person tags so far this year. Now with a match on day one against Saya Iida and day two against one of the women from the semi-main event of day one, it’s apparent that Stardom has big plans for her in the future.

No matter who MIRAI faces in this match, it’ll likely be a loss, but a PPV match against Utami Hayashishita (as predicted for day one) is still a feather in the cap. Prediction: Utami Hayashishita

Hazuki vs. Momo Watanabe

The most underrated match on the card for ~ The Top ~ is none other than this one right here. Anytime Hazuki and Momo Watanabe face one another, it is almost guaranteed to be one of the most physical matches on the show. With their history playing a major part but even more so their recent history being the driving force behind this match, it shouldn’t let anyone down as long as they are given the time. Hazuki, as stated before, has been one of the most consistent performers since returning to Stardom. Watanabe, on the other hand, has had little singles momentum (or matches for that matter) since joining Oedo Tai. They will collide on day one for the Goddess of Stardom Championship but this math here will be far more personal.

Expect some fire in this one from both competitors as Hazuki and Watanabe will bring the absolute best out of each other. A lot of the greatness behind this one falls on the time provided but there’s no doubt that whatever they do get, they’ll make it count. “The Wild Heart” vs. “The Black Peach” has the potential to steal the show. Prediction: Momo Watanabe

High-Speed Championship
AZM (c) vs. Koguma vs. Natsupoi

A High-Speed Championship will make its way onto the Stardom World Climax card and it has all the makings to be tremendous. AZM, in her first defense since winning the belt for a second time, will defend against former High-Speed Champions Koguma and Natsupoi. Koguma is the only wrestler that isn’t a champion who will participate in two title matches at this event. Natsupoi is coming off one of the best matches of her career as she main evented Cinderella Journey against Saya Kamitani for the Wonder of Stardom Championship. And of course, AZM prevailed in what was likely the best match of either her or Starlight Kid’s career as they put high-speed back on the map in one of the best high-speed matches in history. Don’t blink or you’ll miss this one. It should be a fun ride. Prediction: AZM

KAIRI vs. Starlight Kid

Ahoy! KAIRI is back in a Stardom ring and this will be her first singles match back. After what should be a tune-up to shake off any rust she has teaming with Mayu Iwatani on day one, KAIRI will go one-on-one with Starlight Kid. The excitement and surrealness around the return of KAIRI are out of this world. It’s one of those moments that you won’t fully appreciate until the music hits and she is walking to the ring. It’s royalty coming back to Stardom, really. Starlight Kid has been on top of the world since joining Oedo Tai but is coming off a loss to AZM at Cinderella Journey. She will be contending for the Goddess of Stardom Championship on Saturday but it’s perfectly well known any nerves Kid could be having are because of the weight this match carries.

Can Kid live up to the stakes this match has? There won’t be a title on the line but this is bigger than any title match she has had to this point. Facing KAIRI in her first singles match with the venue being Ryogoku Sumo Hall of all places. Kid and her confidence have been undeniable over the last six months. If she were who she was before joining Oedo Tai, there’s zero chance she could have handled it. Now, she’s going to give KAIRI the best comeback singles match she can have. This will be special from start to finish. Prediction: KAIRI

Maika, Himeka, Thekla & Syrui or Giulia (Loser from ~ The Best ~) vs. Risa Sera, Suzu Suzuki, Akane Fujita & Mochi Miyagi

Prominence will finally get their hands on Donna del Mond in this one with plenty of stakes on the line. Perhaps the most interesting story heading into this match now actually has nothing to do with Prominence. Instead, it has to do with Syuri seemingly moving on from the group but if she loses the World of Stardom Championship on Saturday, she will have no choice but to team with them once again to take on Prominence. Based on predictions from day one, we don’t believe Syuri will have to worry about that but instead, Giulia will have to finally face the music as she faces off with her former Ice Ribbon colleagues. Suzu Suzuki is going to do everything in her power to get her hands on Giulia, making this match as must-see as can be.

The build to this has been sidetracked for the most part due to Syuri and Giulia being so focused on one another. At least on paper, it’s one of the most exciting bouts on day one or two. Prediction: Donna del Mondo

Wonder of Stardom Championship
Saya Kamitani or Utami Hayashishita (c) vs. Tam Nakano

Tam Nakano has snuck her way into another match featuring the Wonder of Stardom Championship being on the line. Saya Kamitani felt the need to lay down the challenge to Nakano following her win over Natsupoi at Cinderella Journey, giving her the second shot at the title after Kamitani faces Hayashishita on Saturday. It feels the only mystery to this match will be who is facing Nakano rather than who wins this one. Whoever walks into ~ The Top ~ as Wonder of Stardom Champion will be walking out of Stardom World Climax as the champion. It’s that simple. Hayashishita vs. Nakano would be a fresh matchup and a solid rematch from what they did on the final day of last year’s 5 STAR Grand Prix but it feels too early for “The Golden Phoenix” to lose her belt. Prediction: Saya Kamitani

World of Stardom Championship
Syuri or Giulia (c) vs. Mayu Iwatani

The main event of Stardom World Climax ~ The Top ~ has the person that deserves this honor more than anyone in it — Mayu Iwatani. “The Icon” will challenge for the World of Stardom Championship for the first time since losing the title to Utami Hayashishita at Sendai Cinderella on Nov. 15, 2020. It’s been an up-and-down journey for Iwatani since that point. She watched STARS nearly dissolve in her care before it being built back up again thanks to the returns of Koguma and Hazuki. Iwatani fought for Starlight Kid to return to STARS just for her former protégé to decline the offer to return and instead guarantee to be better than her one day. Her emotional challenge for the Wonder of Stardom Championship against Tam Nakano ended in a time-limit draw that could only leave a bad taste in her mouth.

But now she gets her shot and it’s been a long time coming. Iwatani is the greatest wrestler in the history of Stardom for a reason. It’d only be right if she faces Syuri for the World of Stardom Championship (assuming she retains). There’s history here that must be completed. Syuri has lost very rarely in singles action since joining Stardom. And if she has lost to someone, she’s earned her win back in a rematch. Well, that goes for everyone except Iwatani. When Syuri challenged “The Icon” for the World of Stardom Championship, she came up short and it remains the biggest failure of her Stardom career to this point. Everything about this match screams match of the year candidate and if Syuri survives her match with Giulia on day one, it might be time for one more run for Iwatani.

It feels too soon though for Syuri to lose the title. Prediction: Syuri

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