Lucha Libre AAA
Rey de Reyes 2022
February 19, 2022


Watch: FITE

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Ricardo Gallegos: Yet again, the AAA broadcast in México starts halfway through the show, so only half a review from Ricardo’s side tonight. @luchajobbers

Griffin Peltier: Griffin wishes Hugo Savinovich a belated Happy Birthday. That is all. @Hollywd12

The always chaotic AAA started the FITE stream in the middle of a Spider-Man versus Spider-Man match for the Marvel division. Spider-Man won. 

Reina de Reinas #1 Contendership

Griffin: The card was moved around and this became our opener after Taya’s surprise return and promo. Keyra was another surprise entrant in this match. Spanish commentary and English commentary were going on top of each other, making this a very busy match on the ears. Maravilla and Flammer had a very fun exchange at the start of the match but this became the Taya show afterward – which makes sense, as she’s the returning face of the division. Lady Shani rolled up Keyra but we got Tirantes bullshit with him refusing to make the count. Things got real fun when Keyra hit a sick Spanish Fly on Maravilla from the ring apron to the floor outside. That was nuts! That left us with Taya and Shani in the ring. Taya nailed a gnarly curb stomp but Shani fought back but eventually got distracted arguing with Tirantes. Taya then concussed Shani with her ass and then her knees to get a nearfall. More Shani/Tirantes bullshit led to Taya connecting with her finish to score the victory. She gets a shot at Deonna Purrazo in the future for the Reina de Reinas titles. No celebration though, as Tirantes Sr. came out to confront his son Hijo de Tirantes over his refereeing. Never change AAA. **¾


Griffin: Los Vipers did a promo right before this match to beat the shit out of Pagano. They left to go backstage. A minute later, Los Vipers made their entrance again for this match. Myzteziz Jr. replaces Willie Mack. Fite had some issues during this match with the video freezing. The video came back when the tecnicos made a comeback with Iguana climbing on both Myzteziz and Nino to hit a dive. Nino followed it up with a tope suicida of his own. Always fun watching him do that stuff. Not to be outdone by his partner, Myzteziz hit a shooting star press from the top rope to the floor to take out everyone. Hamburguesa was the highlight of the match as he single-handedly took out Los Vipers with agility rarely seen by guys of his size. Los Vipers pulled out thumbtacks and pierced Nino and Iguana with them. Myzteziz was put through a table outside by a Psicosis leg drop from the top rope to the outside. Los Vipers rolled him back into the ring for the winning fall. I can’t give this a proper rating because of the Fite issues but I’d give this ***¼ from what I saw.


Griffin: We’ve had three Los Vipers entrances in the last hour. This was not booked as a Mixed Tag Titles match nor as a lumberjack match. This was quicker than a hiccup to start but soon broke down with the lumberjack strap gimmick whenever someone left the ring. As is usually the case, the lumberjacks started whipping each other while the match came to a halt. The action in the ring was good and Octagon Jr. and Arez had some great exchanges but then Octagon and Sexy Star got distracted and threw Hijo de Tirantes out of the ring so he could get beat by his father with a strap. This then broke down to the men of the mixed teams fighting against the women. Octagon and Villano started ripping at each other’s masks after the men decided they were okay with teaming with the women again until we got more lumberjack bullshit. Sexy Star is getting really good and is always fun to watch but she fell to the Strange Style Driver from Arez that led to the finish. This would’ve been really good if they didn’t have the gimmicky bullshit but that’s AAA. Oh well. **¼ 

Ricardo’s note: Carlos Cabrera, recently released from WWE after 29 years of work, was introduced as part of the Spanish announce team alongside Hugo Savinovich and José Manuel Guillén. This is a huge deal. Carlos Cabrera is one of the most beloved wrestling announcers in all Latin America and having him reunite with Hugo (with whom he did WWE commentary for many, many years) was very special.


Ricardo: After the high of seeing Carlos Cabrera reuniting with Hugo Savinovich, I was brought down to Earth hard. This match was absolute pants. Not even Microman, here working with La Empresa, saved this thing. People punched each other over and over again. There was no flow, no storytelling, no quality, no technical skill on display, just random people in and outside the ring, doing meaningless things to each other. And to make things even dumber, Los Mercenarios interrupted the match to brawl some more. This was an orgy of miserable brawling and an easy contender for Worst Match of the Year. DUD

Griffin: Longtime WWE announcer Carlos Cabrera is a surprise announcer tonight. It’s very cool seeing him reunited with my main man Hugo Savinovich. Microman is with La Empresa! It started pouring before the match started, adding an element of even more danger to this one. La Empresa started the match working with NGD to take out the Park family. Despite coming out with Empresa, Microman refused to join them in attacking LA Park. Microman vs. Park is a main event anywhere in the world. NGD and La Empresa took turns doing an extended beatdown on the Parks. Communication broke down allowing the Parks to toss them outside and connect with triple topes. The match picked up a bit when they returned to the ring but it slowed down again with Sam Adonis and La Empresa taking control. Microman turned on the rudos and broke up a pinfall after NGD and then this broke down completely when Los Mercenarios hit the ring for revenge. La Familia Real was deemed the winners for some reason, I think? Who the fuck knows. * (and that might be generous)


Ricardo: Laredo Kid and Bandido start, but they only have one minute to wrestle with each other before the next participant enters. Why? What’s the point of using this “Royal Rumble” format if there are only five participants? Oh, and as we found out later, the match was one-fall to a finish, making the format even dumber. 

Anyway, this match was quite bad. Psycho, Bandido, and Laredo gave us some cool spots (and a nasty crucifix bomb spot), but that’s about it. The Heavy Metal surprise appearance was fun, but Cibernético was in rough shape and kept slowing the match down to a halt. The finish was unintentionally funny as Pagano took quite a while to enter the ring to hit Cibernético with a chair, making the spot look atrocious. Psycho Clown took advantage of the chair shot and covered Cibernético… to win the match! No one knew exactly if this was one-fall or the TRADITIONAL elimination match, but I guess we all found out the hard way, and that included Hugo and Carlos who were very confused. After all these years, AAA just can’t explain their goddamn rules. Unbelievable. ** for the match, but ***** for Psycho Clown’s celebration with his children.

Griffin: Laredo Kid and Bandido started the match, which is the best combination to start one of these things. They wrestled for a minute and it was a very fun minute. Laredo Kid rarely misses. Psycho Clown is out third. Doing this Rumble style for five participants is weird. Cibernetico was fourth and looked rough. Heavy Metal was the fifth entrant and the surprise entrant. This is Heavy Metal’s first match in AAA since TripleMania XXV in 2017. Heavy Metal looks great while Cibertico looked terrible. Laredo Kid and Bandido’s exchanges were fantastic and they should definitely be working with each other more often. Pagano came back for revenge and hit Cibernetico with a chair, leading Psycho to roll him up to win? It was never announced as elimination or single-fall. Alright, he did win and was handed the big-ass sword by the don of Mexican wrestling Marisela Pena. I can’t wait for Psycho Clown to figure out a way to shoot fire from the sword. ***


Ricardo: Unbelievable. Pentagón Jr. and Dralístico were having a pretty good match with fun destroyers and high-flying action, until… yes, you guessed it: yet another interference. This time, it was Dragon Lee who started viciously attacking Penta to a mute reaction from the crowd. An injured Fenix tried to help but was restrained by the doctors. And in the middle of the confusion, Penta rolled up Dralístico for the win. Normally, I wouldn’t be this grumpy and recommend the actual match, but after so much chaos and interference, I’ve had it. Rey de Reyes 2022 is even worse than WWE Royal Rumble 2022 ***

Griffin: Earlier in the night, Fenix announced he couldn’t compete because of the injury he picked up recently on AEW Dynamite so this was changed to a singles match between Dralistico and Pentagon. This started hot and Dralistico impressed quite a bit. Out of the four guys in the originally scheduled match, he is the lesser known wrestler and this was a great opportunity for him to get over with the AAA crowd. Dralistico flew around with ease and then hit a beautiful springboard tijeras while Pentagon was on the second rope! Dralistico kicked out after a Penta Driver and this led to a punch exchange that then led to a Dralistico destroyer followed by a Pentagon destroyer after jumping off Tirantes back! Wild sequence. Pentagon hit the Package Piledriver but Tirantes was pulled out of the ring by an interfering Dragon Lee. Los Hermanos Lee ripped off Penta’s mask. Fenix tried to make the save but was held by doctors because he’s not medically cleared. Dragon Lee went to go attack Fenix but Pentagon then rolled Dralistico up for the three! Convoluted finish to build to to their eventual tag match but the match itself was really good. Dralistico looked great. This was exactly what he needed. ***½ 


Ricardo: What’s that? A match with two agile wrestlers exchanging fast moves and pins? Well, here comes the king of slow-style Tirantes to kill the pace of the match. Well, to be fair he didn’t hurt the match that much, but if you are not familiar with his counts, you won’t enjoy him here. 

It’s good to see that not even the rain can stop Hijo del Vikingo, who once again saved a AAA show from obscurity with an excellent performance. John Superstar was right there with him on every step to execute creative and dangerous spots. Vikingo’s agility shined in a variety of incredible sequences that got the dead crowd cheering again. Superstar altered the style of the match by trying to use a spotlight which gave way to a clunky spot that didn’t land all the way through, but somehow didn’t hurt the tempo of the match. After a couple of dramatic nearfalls from both sides, Vikingo dumped Superstar’s nuts on the ropes with an awesome flip, then he walked the ropes and used an even more impressive poisonrana to spike Superstar’s head on the mat. A 630° sealed the deal for Vikingo. ***¾

Vikingo vs. Superstar was the only wrestling highlight of an abysmal Rey de Reyes 2022 show plagued with interferences, chaos, and nonsensical booking. We know it’s not strange for AAA to have these types of shows, but they really tried hard to make our eyeballs bleed with this one. We should note that some of these decisions are down to both the booker and the wrestlers who refuse to do business and be pinned. There’s a family whose ego is a threat to any wrestling promotion. AEW better stay clear from them.

Griffin: John Hennigan is now known as JOHN SUPERSTAR. Amazing name. Vikingo had a new Mega title belt. It looks nice. Once again, it’s up to Vikingo to save the show and be the best thing about AAA. AAA is screwed whenever somebody signs Vikingo to an exclusive deal. Superstar started with weird taunts and went to the outside when Vikingo started getting the upper hand. Superstar decked Lady Shani, who is out there as Vikingo’s second. Vikingo ate a Superstar lariat and it started raining again. They seemed to stay away from doing any dives with the wet ropes, which changed the pace of the match. They did a few jumping dives from the ring mat but mostly kept it on the mat. Despite that, Vikingo did use his speed and agility to maneuver in and out of the ring ropes as he always does flawlessly. Vikingo hit a powerslam outside the ring and followed it up with a shooting star press off the ring apron. John Superstar tried to use a spotlight from the ramp but Laredo Kid ran out to prevent it. Vikingo then kicked Superstar down and hit the 630 Splash for a nearfall. It was damn impressive that he went through with that while it was pouring rain! To end the match, Vikingo walked the top rope to hit a poisonrana, dumping Superstar on his head, and then hitting the 630 once again. All the top rope moves stressed me out but they executed them well. This was a very good match but could have been great if they didn’t have to deal with the rain. I’m very excited to see what they do with Vikingo going forward. The eventual Kenny Omega match will probably do very well in the Voices of Wrestling Match of the Year list. ***½