Impact Wrestling
No Surrender 2022
February 19, 2022
Venue Alario Center
Westwego, Louisiana

Watch: FITE

Impact Wrestling hosts their first live monthly special of the year, No Surrender, this Saturday (February 19). Emanating from the Alario Center in Westwego, Louisiana, the show is headlined by Moose defending the World title against W. Morrissey and the new faces from Ring of Honor fighting for permanent rosters in a 10-man Hardcore War.

Prior to the nine-match main card, which airs on FITE and Impact Plus, there’ll be a ‘Countdown to No Surrender’ pre-show on YouTube featuring two singles matches.

Although this hasn’t been confirmed yet, the commentary team is likely to be Tom Hannifan and Matthew Rehwoldt.

Countdown to No Surrender
Trey Miguel vs John Skyler

This will be Trey Miguel’s first match in an Impact ring since defending his X-Division title against Steve Maclin at Hard to Kill in January. I really dislike seeing the champion in a stay busy match on the pre-show but, hey ho, I’m not the one booking it.

Miguel and Skyler actually faced each other on the last episode of Impact in 2021, with Trey winning in a shade under four minutes. They’ll get a bit longer this time but the result won’t be any different. Prediction: Trey Miguel.

Tenille Dashwood (w/Madison Rayne & Kaleb with a K) vs Havok (w/Rosemary)

When The Influence (Dashwood & Rayne) were looking for something to do in January while The IInspiration were ruled out of their title match, they renewed hostilities with the team of Rosemary and Havok. However, they jumped Rosemary before the bell of their proposed tag match to make it a handicap one that Havok eventually lost. All of that brings us here.

Tenille is currently 1-0 against Havok in singles matches and I expect her to double that advantage on Saturday ahead of The Influence and The IInspiration finally actually facing each other. Prediction: Tenille Dashwood

No Surrender PPV

X-Division No #1 Contendership Four-Way
Chris Bey vs Ace Austin vs Mike Bailey vs Jake Something

On paper, this promises to be an absolute show-stealer but I’d be remiss if I didn’t have a little moan about the booking before I break it down.

To start the year, Laredo Kid recorded singles victories over Chris Bey and Blake Christian. Chris Bey, meanwhile, also lost to Jake Something in January. Despite that losing record, Bey was put into this match while Laredo Kid, who could never have appeared here because of the date clash with Rey de Reyes, had to partake in a qualifier with Ace Austin and Blake Christian for the final spot. If they knew Laredo couldn’t be there, why put him in a match he’ll have to take a loss from. Ok, he didn’t eat the pin, but to me that all seems backward.

Those gripes aside, this should be a great scramble. Impact has teased Chris Bey going after the X-Division title and Ace Austin having a program with Mike Bailey in recent weeks so I’d suspect they’re the clear directions coming out of Saturday. That leaves Jake Something as the odd man out and with his contract situation seemingly still up in the air, he’s the obvious candidate to take the fall for Bey on what should be a big night for the Bullet Club. Prediction: Chris Bey

Deonna Purrazzo’s Double Title Open Challenge

On the Impact immediately following Hard to Kill, Deonna Purrazzo defeated Rok-C to capture the ROH Women’s Championship and retain her AAA Reina de Reinas crown.

Since then, Deonna has started an Open Challenge for either one of her titles. Santana Garrett was the first to answer it and now a second person will get the chance at No Surrender.

As cubsfan noted in his Rey de Reyes preview, it’s likely that Deonna will be dropping the AAA belt to Taya at some point now that she’s left the fed. That likely won’t be for a little while yet and in the meantime, this open challenger could realistically be anyone. If they were to go for an internal candidate, Masha Slamovich or Gisele Shaw would be intriguing choices but both seem unlikely as it’d cut their momentum short in its relative infancy. That leaves someone like Alisha Edwards unless they go for an outsider. I’ll say that it’ll be Alisha but regardless of who it is, Deonna isn’t losing. Prediction: Deonna Purrazzo

Jonah vs Black Taurus

Forget Rosemary talking about real monsters, the key takeaway ahead of this match is that it’ll be two big, beefy men slapping meat until one of them falls down. I love it.

Impact has kept Jonah strong since his loss at Hard to Kill, giving him three squash wins in the last six weeks. Decay came to check on Johnny Swinger after he was beaten and then they got further involved when Jonah flattened Taurus’ tag partner Crazzy Steve in about two minutes. Taurus prevented Jonah from doing any further damage after the bell, setting up this contest.

I’ll be honest, I’ve got high expectations. Black Taurus is great and every time he gets the opportunity to showcase his skillset, he has great matches. Jonah, meanwhile, is clearly super motivated and that should make for a great blend. It’d be nice to see Taurus win but this is going Jonah’s way as they keep him looking strong. Prediction: Jonah

Jay White vs Eric Young

Based on their interactions on the go-home show, I have a feeling that this will be fun.

With the arrival of the Guerrillas of Destiny and the return of Jay White, Bullet Club have been throwing their weight around in Impact a fair bit recently. Eric Young, through his leadership of Violent By Design and association with The Good Brothers, took objection to that and called out White for a one-on-one match between faction leaders.

White seems to have his working boots on for this US tour and you know that Young will want to give a great account of himself in his first big singles match since his major ACL tear last year. The Switchblade is definitely winning here as the Bullet Club looks to make it a clean sweep (or sweet?) at No Surrender. Prediction: Jay White

Digital Media Championship
Matt Cardona (C) vs Jordynne Grace

I bashed Impact when they launched the Digital Media Championship last year and I maintain that they don’t need a tertiary, intergender title. That said, the one reserved hope in my head was that they gave it to Matt Cardona and let him run with it. If anyone was going to make it a success, it’d be the guy who was the trailblazer for wrestling online and created the original Internet title.

Cardona teased a turn after Hard to Kill and kicked that off in taking the title from Grace in her fifth defense, using a chair shot to set up Radio Silence. At No Surrender, he should complete that turn and start channeling all of the excellent heel work he’s been doing on the indies in an Impact ring. Cardona’s also now the NWA World Heavyweight Champion, so he’s certainly not losing this any time soon. Prediction: Matt Cardona

Impact World Tag Team Championships
The Good Brothers (C) vs Guerrillas of Destiny

To my own surprise, I’m actually rather looking forward to this. Part of that is because this is a first-time match. Part of that is because it’s the culmination of a long-running story between the former Bullet Club allies. And part of that is because it’s the most interesting Good Brothers match in forever. Now, I suspect this will probably get done to death over the next few months and I’ll grow to hate it but for now I’m keen.

G.O.D have been gunning for a shot at The Good Brothers since Gallows and Anderson’s WWE spell came to an end. They argued that move to the US was a betrayal of the Bullet Club and that Gallows and Anderson needed to be kicked out for good. After The Good Brothers won NJPW Strong’s Turbulence tournament last year and G.O.D confronted them at Resurgence, it seemed like the match was on the cards but it ultimately went nowhere. Well, that was until G.O.D rocked up on Impact a few weeks ago. The more interesting outcome here is G.O.D winning and I think that’s what happens. Prediction: G.O.D

Impact Knockouts Championship
Mickie James (C) vs Tasha Steelz

I’ve been a big fan of the booking here. It’s been simple, A-to-B stuff that’s got the challenger over and made the champion show enough weakness to make the match competitive.

Tasha won the inaugural Knockouts Ultimate X match at Hard to Kill, defended the title shot against Chelsea Green and then got a win over Mickie in a tag match on the go-home show. Her promos and commentary stints have been fine and she’s clearly finding her feet in a more senior role in the Knockouts division (a role she deserves). In-ring, she’s developing as a singles performer and Mickie is the right foil to guide her to a good match in this spot.

As good as Tasha’s been, the clear play for the title moving forward is Mickie defending against a heel Chelsea. Therefore, it’s got to be Hardcore Country to retain here. Prediction: Mickie James

Impact World Heavyweight Championship
Moose (C) vs W. Morrissey

I echo my sentiments regarding the booking of the women’s title match here. Impact has committed to the redemption story with W. Morrissey and they couldn’t have done more to get him over as a strong babyface challenger. How good the match between these two ends up remains to be seen.

Morrissey got a visual pin over Moose in the interference-ridden three-way at Hard to Kill, making a singles rematch the logical move for this show. On TV, Morrissey has run through Brian Myers and the Learning Tree, having a good no DQ match with Myers just over a week ago. On the go-home show, Moose cut a good promo before Morrissey chokeslammed him to the floor and stood tall.

Part of my thinking regarding the outcome of this match centers around the Josh Alexander situation. I live in hopes that the contract business is a work but I’m less and less convinced that it is. This show will be the decisive factor in that for me but if he is gone, you have to wonder whether they call an audible for Moose’s title run. If Josh is staying, the story arc culminates with Moose dropping the title to him at either Rebellion or Slammiversary. If Josh is definitively gone, who beats him? Could it be Morrissey?

For me, even if they do have to change their plans regarding who beats Moose and when, I don’t think it’s Morrissey that beats him. With Sami Callihan on the way back and the Honor No More program set to develop further Moose has enough other challengers to keep him going while they decipher a new plan. Prediction: Moose

Hardcore War
Honor No More (Matt Taven, Mike Bennett, PCO, Vincent & Kenny King w/Maria Kanellis-Bennett) vs Team Impact (Eddie Edwards, Chris Sabin, Rhino, Rich Swann & Steve Maclin)

I do think it odd that Impact has used this stipulation for two big shows on the spin. I personally thought they’d go Lethal Lockdown here but this should still be a good end to the show.

Here’s a quick refresher of the rules of a Hardcore War:

  • Two men start alone for three minutes
  • Every 90 seconds, a new man appears from alternating teams
  • The match cannot end until the final man has entered
  • After all ten men have entered, the match is won by pinfall or submission
  • There are no disqualifications

Honor No More debuted at Hard to Kill, attacking the babyface quintet of Heath, Rhino, Rich Swann, Willie Mack and Eddie Edwards after they’d beaten The Good Brothers and Violent By Design in Hardcore War. Since then they’ve attacked D’Lo Brown and removed him from commentary and added the returning Kenny King to their ranks.

Team Impact was initially supposed to comprise Edwards, Sabin, Rhino, Swann and Josh Alexander but Alexander was ‘sent home’ by Scott D’Amore and was eventually replaced by Steve Maclin. Maclin had been feuding with the ROH champion Jonathan Gresham and has been blamed for beating Gresham down backstage but it was almost certainly someone else who I suspect will be revealed on this show.

Honor No More has to win this match. If they lose, the last six weeks will have been for naught and all a bit of a damb squib. However, if they win they need a big angle to give them significant momentum in the run-up to Rebellion. That could either be a debut that helps them win or a defection from Team Impact and a big heel turn. The best candidate for such a defection would be Eddie Edwards. He’s a former Ring of Honor guy, so it’d have historical sense to it, and his presentation over recent weeks means it’s not that strange a prospect. He’s always been the last to run out to clear the ring and he was the most reticent to Maclin joining Team Impact. The whitemeat babyface routine is quite tired and at this point in his career, he’s probably got only got one big run left in him. It’d allow him to work with the other half of the roster for the first time ever basically and open up a load of fresh, interesting matches. With Josh Alexander potentially gone, Eddie’s role in the promotion becomes even more important and that’s why I’ve convinced myself that the show ends with Edwards turning on Team Impact and becoming leader of Honor No More. Prediction: Honor No More