Hello friends! Our first Pay Per View show of the VOW era is here, and it’s a surprisingly pleasant one as SuperBrawl IX becomes an oasis from an otherwise turbulent year in World Championship Wrestling. Featuring:

  • Some actual good wrestling!
  • Feuds that mostly actually make sense!
  • A Martial Arts Division Championship Defence!
  • David Flair! (Can’t win ’em all I guess)

We’ll be back in two weeks for our second TRL Special episode. In the meantime follow us on Twitter ( http://twitter.com/wcwthunderpod ) to keep up to date with us, or go to our linktree (https://linktr.ee/WCWThunderPod) to find all the ways you can listen to or follow us. We always want to chat with listeners so come hang out in our channel on the VOW Discord and chat along as we cover the shows.

Thanks as always to Keith Broni for the podcast art.

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