American professional wrestling is a spectacle around which a mountain of money revolves. On average, up to $2 million a year end up in the pockets of the most important participants. The fights are pre-arranged, and each is carefully planned with an already determined scenario. However, not only because this scenario is entirely unknown to the public, this sport attracts much public attention. Incredibly realistic movements, challenging jumps, dangerous blows and falls make these fighters probably the most physically fit athletes on the planet. So, if WWE events are directed, why do so many betting enthusiasts still bet on them? The answer is simple: great odds and winning opportunities are all around, so let’s get some tips to improve them even more.

What Should be Considered for Betting Picks?

Of course, when it comes to WWE betting odds, the most important thing to keep in mind is that winners are always known in advance. This makes statistics comparatively useless. Wrestling betting needs to be approached more like other forms of entertainment betting. What is a likely “turning point in the story”? What does nobody expect? But factual considerations should also be included. What wrestler is at the top right now but is facing retirement and needs to get off the top? With a bit of sensitivity, you can profit with wrestling bets.

However, there are also a few other points to consider. It is surprisingly good for the integrity of the bet that the results are known in advance. Unlike sports betting and the like, you can hardly bribe or influence individuals here. And WWE, in general, has enough money, thanks in no small part to its vast popularity overseas. Accordingly, betting scammers will not be able to bribe anyone easily.

On the negative side, WWE bets are always valid after being placed. Even if there is no winner at the end of the main event since such a scenario is not excluded, given the nature of the scripted event. There is no money-back guarantee for sports meetings where no winners can be determined due to a cancellation.

Betting Opportunities at the Script Show

WWE offers higher betting odds than the mainstream as a fringe sport with an entertainment-like status with some casinos. So if you love something special and don’t mind a fit body and fantastic costumes, now it would be good to compare WWE odds.

The WWE Royal Rumble betting or any other competition might bring tears to your eyes. It is downright bizarre how the stars attack each other theatrically, roaringly. There are several criteria in wrestling to determine who has won. Usually, “nice” and “bad” wrestlers meet in the ring. Over time, you’re sure to get a sense of who’s winning the crucial fights and where to place prop bets.

However, wrestling is not a martial art. Instead, this is a scripted show whose winners are already determined in advance. Only prominent associations like the WWE and the people involved know how long the winner will be known at the next major WWE event in advance. Great importance is attached to absolute confidentiality. For bookmakers, this is the only reason to offer WWE betting at all and is also extremely important for the sport itself. This well-functioning cloak of secrecy keeps making people think it could be a real competition. Even the enlightened, who probably make up 99 percent of wrestling fans, can only really be kept in line with moments of surprise.

Follow the Pattern

Since the rules of pro wrestling are easy to understand, you can, of course, anticipate results exceptionally well. WWE never ceases to amaze us, but if you follow the series regularly, you’ll start to notice specific patterns that you can use to get good bets. If the odds seem too low, keep your hands off it. However, if you estimate a higher probability of an athlete’s victory than the forecast, you must place the bet.

With the WWE’s women’s Royal Rumble and men’s Royal Rumble, you also have the advantage that rumors about future fights and storylines can repeatedly be found on the Internet. Undoubtedly this can tell you the outcome of many matches. So act smartly to end up as the king of betting options.

Alternatives to WWE betting

One of the forms of gambling that you can start playing if you get tired of betting on WWE is slots. Being an avid gamer, you should already know where to find video slots inspired by this highly-entertaining world of fun. And Yukon Gold Casino review will help you with that. As well as reviews of other popular online casinos. Even without WWE extreme rules, slots are equally attractive and exciting, not to mention their money-making side.

Let’s take, for example, Lucha Libre as one of the most interesting. There is an entire franchise of games produced by Realtime Gaming that follow the adventures of a wannabe champion. Also, the slot machine is jam-packed with iconic wrestlers such as Taco Malo and Guacamole, starring bonus rounds of Scattered Wrestling Rings and the Mask of Fiery Doom.

The WWE Survivor Series 2021 and earlier are displayed in Hulkamania and Luchadora, both 5-reelers with free spins and big bonuses. They also feature female fighters such as Becky Lynch and Charlotte Flair, so you should check them whenever AEW betting is out of reach.

As an alternative to WrestleMania and WWE Crown Jewel, slots are a bit harder to guess the outcome but offer a wider variety of betting opportunities. Most of them accept stakes as low as $0.01 per spin, which meets the expectations of players of different experience levels.


They are often searched for on the Internet and not found. And yet they still exist – WWE bets. It seems to us that it is a pity that these days have almost disappeared. But if you want to bet on them, our tips will help you win. Of course, in the classical sense, one should not have precise expectations about the rates. However, they can still bring quality entertainment and significant cash prizes.