Something that doesn’t get as much airtime is the UFC beginnings of many WWE players. Being able to demonstrate their versatility within MMA and the WWE is commendable, and it hasn’t been successfully done by all for a reason. This is due to the unique way of thinking and complexities that contribute to applying what is known in one environment to the next. 

These are five of the WWE superstars who spent time fighting in the UFC during their career. To find out more about the latest stats and predictions, check out the UFC Fights betting odds for more information. 

Brock Lesnar

First to make the list is a WWE to UFC career move is Brock Lesnar, who even defeated Dwayne Johnson at the ripe age of 25 years old. Lesnar is one of the youngest people to win a WWE belt, and the four-time champion went on to gain the heavyweight title in UFC. Lesnar maintains a highly impressive title as a well-rounded fighter, athlete, and professional sportsman. This is due to the time he briefly spent playing football in 2004. 

Lesnar is one of the most impressive WWE members, and is currently reigning champion for the sixth year in a row. With both Canadian and American nationality, the former footballer and martial artist definitely has a talent for wrestling. 

Ronda Rousey

Another impressive sportsperson who made the transition from UFC to WWE comes from mainstream star and UFC bantamweight champion Ronda Rousey. She is the driving force behind WrestleMania 35’s first all-women headline in the history of the WWE, and has widely been named one of UFC’s most dominant members.

Rousey has a highly impressive speed and agility which sets her apart and is a powerhouse in and out of the octagon. She is known for her personality as well as her speed, which is something that sets her apart from the majority of her opponents. 

Ken Shamrock

Widely considered the world’s most dangerous man, Ken Shamrock paved the way for the current WWE stars. He is still a big part of the wrestling scene at 56 as a promoter, but dominated both the WWE and UFC in his heyday. He is a prime example of power and agility, and won the UFC 6 Super fight Championship title which he held until UFC 9. 

Shamrock went on to achieve the WWE’s Intercontinental title and even won the 1998 King Of The Ring tournament. Promoting and working within bare-knuckle boxing, Shamrock definitely still has a big place in WWE and UFC fan’s hearts. 

CM Punk

While CM Punk is most widely known for his powerful 2009 speech, he is one of the longest reigning WWE champions. Punk addressed the imbalance and unfair hierarchy that the ECW has, and how he should have been pushed harder. In spite of his feelings of unfair treatment, Punk held all the WWE’s championships during the course of his career. 

Leaving the WWE in 2014, Punk began to compete within the UFC. In spite of a relatively short-lived career in the UFC, he went on to become a commentator for Cage Fury Championship’s inaugural event.  

Jake Hager

Finally, a heavyweight to win the United States title within the WWE is Jake Hager, who is otherwise known as Jake Swagger. Known for securing his defeat in the first round, Hager’s career has seen him defending his position within MMA and WWE. The heavyweight member of the Inner Circle is currently competing within Bellator MMA. 

He is another superstar of the WWE who is a big part of the MMA also. There is no doubt that Hager will continue to defend his reputation and finally secure the belt in the coming years. This is definitely another force to be reckoned with, and he has shown time and time again his capacity for recovery and resistance to injury. 


There are a great deal of qualities that members of the MMA and WWE share, and their ability to think fast is an extremely important and powerful skill. Being able to anticipate their opponent’s next moves and respond appropriately is highly impressive, and it demonstrates cognitive speed. 

This way of thinking is accompanied by agile movements that are enabled by rigorous training and balance. It is only by using the correct form and spending enough time practicing that these people were able to get to where they are today. The UFC has seen its fair share of champions throughout the years, and is showing no signs of slowing down soon.