Our Match of the week this week is Abdullah The Butcher & Rip Rogers vs Bob Geigel & Mike George, on August 20, 1987, from Kansas City, Kansas (Central States).

With no match idea for this week, I left it up to our Discord users to select a random promotion, of which I would select a random match. Joe Gagne was first to respond, with Central States, so I now give you this oddball Bunkhouse match from the dying days of the Geigel territory.

There are no typos here. The year is 1987, and that is indeed 63-year old grandfatherly Bob Geigel lacing ’em up to take on Abdullah The Butcher and Rip Rogers in this wild brawl. Geigel sold the Central States territory to Jim Crockett in 1986, only to have seller’s remorse and buy the territory back in 1987. Geigel, deciding he wanted a piece of the national expansion action, withdrew from the NWA, renamed the territory “World Wrestling Alliance”, and partnered with Verne Gagne, recognizing the AWA World title as his world championship. As you could have probably guessed even in real time, this would not work out well at all, and Geigel closed up shop for good two years later. While Geigel probably would’ve been better off remaining aligned with the NWA, ultimately his fate would’ve remained the same, and his best move would’ve been not buying the territory back from Crockett to begin with.

In one of my favorite bits of trivia, after Central States closed and Geigel left the wrestling business, Geigel, along with Central States mainstays “Bulldog” Bob Brown and Rufus R. Jones, all took jobs as security guards at a dog racing track in Kansas City.

Watch & discuss, and if need be, blame Gagne: https://www.patreon.com/posts/match-of-week-1-61292413