This week on Wrestling Omakase it’s our fifth annual year end awards spectacular, as we break down the best and worst of 2021 in all of professional wrestling!

John is joined by an all-star panel of 2021 guests: VOW contributors Sean Sedor (@SASedor2994), Suit Williams (@SuitWilliams), Gerard di Trolio (@GerarddiTrolio) and Paul Volsch (@Darth_Dragon), plus Devin (@MoreThanMeatJoy), Mongo (@mongo_ebooks) and Liam McCann (@liam_d_mccann). They all talk a little about what they liked and didn’t like about 2021, and what they thought of wrestling as a whole, before getting into their individual award picks. John also gives the overall winners of the voting, with all Omakase guests from the year being invited to send in their picks. Here’s the awards in the order covered on the show:

-Worst Weekly TV
-Worst Major Show
-The WWE Memorial Award for Worst Promotion
-Worst Feud
-Worst Match of the Year
-Best Weekly TV
-Best Major Show
-Best Promotion
-Best Feud
-Most Outstanding Wrestler
-Tag Team of the Year
-Match of the Year
-Wrestler of the Year

Thanks for joining us at the end of another truly wild and somewhat awful year on this planet! Here’s to 2022 being a whole lot better, both for wrestling and just the world in general!

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