It’s the most wonderful time of the year…

Yes, it’s Voices of Wrestling Secret Santa time again, everyone. The brainchild of JR Goldberg (@wrestlingbubble), VOW Secret Santa sees all participating website contributors give their fellow contributors, the greatest gift of all: wrestling matches!

VOW Secret Santa Archives:

Abyss vs. AJ Styles
April 24, 2005

Reviewed by Fred Morlan (@FlagrantRasslin)

Gifted by Andrew Sinclair (@AMSinclair97)

Here is a list of things AJ Styles did in this match.

  •  A somersault flip dive over the top rope through the door of the cage
  • A seamless slide under the guardrail into a springboard rana off the rail
  • A springboard off a guardrail onto a table in the third row of the fans, all to set up a diving forearm onto Abyss outside the cage, while Abyss shoves a fan out of the way to make sure no one dies
  • A crossbody over the guardrail to the ground
  • Bladed
  • Jumped over Abyss so he could take a turnbuckle bump
  • Did a DDT out of being pressed over Abyss’ head
  • A springboard moonsault onto Abyss, which Abyss no sold via AJ crumpling to the ground
  • A German suplex on Abyss, who Mike Tenay claimed was 6’8” and 350 pounds, and I believe Mike Tenay is lying to me right now
  • Reversed a chokeslam into a Victory roll
  • A Styles Clash into a mound of thumbtacks
  • A sunset flip powerbomb off the top of the cage to Abyss, into the tacks.

 AJ Styles is not a human being, he is approximately 15 cats in a human skin suit.

 This was a crazed performance by a single person. Abyss is a capable worker in 2005. AJ Styles didn’t even need him to be that in this match. ****¼