In honor of Ring of Honor’s definitely not last-ever show (but possibly last-ever show) Final Battle, let’s honor the company by doing the best that anyone can do: by remembering some guys (and girls).

  • Scoot Andrews
  • Ernie Osiris
  • Monsta Mack
  • Mace, but not that one
  • Ikuto Hidaka
  • Zizou Middoux
  • Dunn
  • Oman Tortuga
  • Grizzly Redwood
  • Pelle Primeau
  • Derek Dempsey
  • Vordell Walker
  • Cliff Compton
  • Mike Posey
  • The Guardians of Truth
  • Jon Davis
  • Bison Smith
  • Shaheem Ali
  • Brian Milonas
  • T-Bone
  • Rainman
  • Stella Grey
  • Kid Mikaze
  • Shane Hagadorn

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