Our Wrestling Observer Hall of Fame coverage continues as we’re joined by Kris Zellner (@KrisZellner) to talk about the Historical US/Canada and an entire ballot overview!

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WON HOF 2021 Historical US/Canada Candidates:

  • Archie Gouldie
  • Black Gordman & Great Goliath
  • Blackjack Mulligan
  • Bob Armstrong
  • Buddy Colt
  • Buddy Roberts & Jerry Brown (Hollywood Blonds)
  • Cowboy Bob Ellis
  • Enrique Torres
  • Jerry Brisco
  • Johnny ”Mr. Wrestling II” Walker
  • Johnny Rougeau
  • June Byers
  • Ole Anderson
  • Pampero Firpo
  • Rocky Johnson
  • Sputnik Monroe
  • The Fabulous Ones
  • Von Brauners w/Saul Weingeroff
  • Wild Bill Curry

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