How many of you wrestling fans out there turned your living room or bedroom into Madison Square Garden, the Tokyo Dome, Arena Mexico, or in my case, the Pontiac Silverdome with some strategically placed pillows, furniture, and maybe some stuffed animals or action figures as an adoring crowd?

Perhaps you had capes, masks, robes, and makeshift championship belts to accompany you towards your do-it-yourself battleground. I know my parents to this day tell stories of me catching my prone, on the floor father with a big elbow from the top turnbuckle/couch.

The children’s story “Friday Night Wrestlefest,” written by J.F. Fox and illustrated by Micah Player, encapsulates this joyous nostalgia in a fun, easy-to-read, and hilarious story that is loads of fun for old and new fans of the world of pro wrestling. 

This short story tells the tale of a family on a Friday night who dresses up in wrestling garb and turns their living room into a wrestling arena. Here,  Dangerous Daddoo takes on the Tag Team Twins consisting of Peanut Brother and Jellyfish. The twins bust out trademarked Jelly Flops and Peanut Butter Bumps until Daddoo breaks out the Squishy Squid Squeeze. We get some more signature moves and holds, along with a few run-ins, until an unsuspected run-in clears the room. 

This wholesome and funny family tale is illustrated colorfully, capturing the magical gleeful side of pro wrestling. While reading this to Arthur, his eyes were glued to the pages as an infant, and I look forward to seeing his reactions as he grows. Hopefully, leading to a Friday Night Wrestlefest of our own down the line.

I would highly recommend this fun story to any wrestling fan with a new, growing family!