AEW Full Gear 2021
November 13, 2021
Minneapolis, Minnesota
Target Center

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Meet our previewers

Jeremy Sexton: I, like a fool, bought tickets to see Bill Burr on Saturday, so I’m going to miss seeing this live. No one spoil it for me on my Twitter, which is @jeremysexton.

Suit Williams: Unlike Jeremy, I will be watching Full Gear live. It will be my first time watching a full AEW pay-per-view at home this year, as I worked through most of Revolution and was live at both Double Or Nothing and All Out. Now I’ll be watching at home like the rest of you ham-and-eggers. Anyway, follow me on Twitter @SuitWilliams. Check out my Brock Lesnar retrospective series too, The Brockumentary. It’s pretty good, if I do say so myself.

The Buy-In
Hikaru Shida & Thunder Rosa vs. Nyla Rose & Jamie Hayter

Jeremy: A random tag-team match if ever there was one. It could be decent, Nyla’s done her best work with Shida and the other 3 gals in the match are all solid. Seeing Rosa in a scramble match for GCW reminded me that she can do good lucha things with a decent base and Nyla and Hayter are about as good as it’s going to get for her in the AEW women’s division, so maybe this will be fun! Prediction: Thunder Rosa & Hikaru Shida

Suit: A preview of two of the TBS Tournament Quarterfinals here on the Buy-In gives us a pretty good-looking tag match here. The match should be good too, hey now! Tip your waitress! Seriously though, any reason to get Thunder Rosa on a show should be exploited, and luckily AEW had one. You do wonder who takes the fall here considering their statuses in the title tournament. I’ll say that the knee injury Serena Deeb gave Shida costs her this tag match here and gives her match with Nyla Rose some heat. Prediction: Nyla Rose & Jamie Hayter

Cody Rhodes & PAC vs. Malachi Black & Andrade El Idolo

Jeremy: Going to be really interesting to see what sort of reaction Cody gets here and how they work this match. People love PAC, but they also seem to really be into Malachi Black. They are relatively indifferent on Andrade except for when he does cool things in the ring and makes fun of Cody’s neck tattoo. Cody… well, that’s the crux here. I really have no idea what to expect here. It should be good though, and I think Cody will have his working boots on. He’ll need to, as he’s going to have to keep up with 3 of the company’s best. Prediction: House of Black keeps it tranquillo

Suit: Cody Rhodes has become an incredibly interesting part of the AEW picture. His alignment is in constant debate, whether people think he’s a completely unaware babyface or a man going so hard as a babyface in order to turn heel. I think it’s a lot simpler than that. Cody is a gatekeeper. Guys like Shawn Spears and Anthony Ogogo try to beat him, and they fail. Guys like Brodie Lee, MJF, Darby Allin, or Malachi Black go up against him, and they succeed. He’s the measuring stick. When you beat Cody, you matter in AEW. I think this match will serve the same purpose, but instead of beating Cody, the guy getting put over will be teaming with him. PAC beat Andrade on Rampage a few weeks ago, but got jumped by Black before the moment could sink in. I think PAC gets his shine, and I think he gets a big win on the PPV before moving on to the top of the card. Prediction: Cody Rhodes & PAC

Falls Count Anywhere
Christian Cage & Jurassic Express vs. Adam Cole & The Young Bucks

Jeremy: A Young Bucks wild six-man is always a good time. It literally never fails, it’s the safest bet in pro wrestling. This will likely be the best match on the show. These guys are going to do all kinds of wild moves, pull out all sorts of tricks, and probably mix in a little comedy to go with it all. I appreciate the Bobby Fish inclusion into this, as AEW continues to show that their continuity extends to the whole wrestling world. It’d be great if he didn’t get involved in the actual match here, but AEW does have a penchant for interference in their pay-per-view matches. If we don’t get a Marko Stunt/Brandon Cutler face-off here, we riot. Prediction: The Elite, the, the Elite

Suit: Peanut butter and jelly. Ice cream and cake. The Young Bucks and six-man tags. A perfect pairing. These two teams had a great trios match on Rampage: Grand Slam a few weeks back, and they will go out of their way to top themselves with this one. You’ve got Christian Cage, part of the legendary TLC matches at the turn of the century against Adam Cole and The Bucks, who are not-so-sneakily great plunder guys to boot. Add in a really good team in Jurassic Express and you’ve got a recipe for a stellar pay-per-view match. As far as the winners go, I think the SuperKliq take this one. Whether or not we get DISSENSION between Christian and Jungle Boy, I think the Elite need to have one on this night. Prediction: The SuperKliq

CM Punk vs. Eddie Kingston

Jeremy: Finally something to break Punk away from his “Happy to Be Here 2021 World Tour”. People were totally fine with Punk coming out, talking to the crowd, then pitching it to the weekly musical guest, but this is where he’s best. Someone that brings that cockiness out of him, someone that gives him that edge. We’ve seen the lovin’ life gimmick before and it doesn’t help Punk any more than it helped Michelle McCool. Let’s not forget about the other side of this one, Eddie Kingston, who has been pitch-perfect throughout this. His promo work has toed the line of reality about Punk’s rumored trail of broken relationships in the business and has made this whole thing that much more believable. But Eddie’s always believable, that’s just who he is. The match itself here is going to surprise some people, I think. Punk talked on Oral Sessions about doing All-Japan tribute matches with Brodie on the road and Eddie Kingston is a man who confessedly is watching old Japanese wrestling every day of his life. I expect some fireworks here and Punk’s best match since he’s been back. Shame the winner isn’t really in doubt. Prediction: CM Punk

Suit: We get our first taste of something substantial with CM Punk here as he goes one-on-one with Eddie Kingston. The promo these two had on Rampage was an incredible PRO WRESTLING segment that made the best of both men’s shared strength of being aggrieved and made this one of the most anticipated matches on the card. There have been teases of Eddie turning heel, with his behavior in this feud on top of him refusing to shake Bryan Danielson’s hand after losing to him in the World Title tournament. I don’t know how I feel about that. Eddie has a special crowd connection that I fear they won’t be able to get back if they turn him, but Eddie is such a talented performer that I think he could get it back regardless. Either way, Punk is gonna win here. It feels way too early to have him drop his first fall. Prediction: CM Punk

Darby Allin vs. MJF

Jeremy: Speaking of All Japan, I love the idea of the “Four Pillars” of AEW and unquestionably these two are part of that. (I’m feeling less certain about Sammy by the day, but that’s another matter altogether.) The brawl between these two was red hot and showed just how well MJF can feed Darby’s frenetic offense. Of course, the whole match won’t be that and we’re going to get our fair share of Wardlow, Spears, and Sting, but this will be an interesting window into the far future of AEW. Prediction: MJF

Suit: This is a sneaky good match here. These two guys are two of AEW’s next set of main event stars, and have been promoted as such on television. I have no question that this match will be great. Darby is as sure of a thing as you’ll find in wrestling. I don’t think I’ve ever seen him have a bad match now that I think about it. And MJF is one of the most underrated in-ring talents in AEW, which is probably due to him not wrestling a lot on TV. His wrestling has quickly caught up to his mic work, and now that he’s working with someone who can quicken the pace, I think this match will be the one that gets a lot of people on the MJF hype train. I think MJF wins this one, as I believe he’s headed to PPV main events after this one. Prediction: MJF

AEW World Tag Team Championships
Lucha Brothers © vs. FTR

Jeremy: I don’t understand why the AAA Titles aren’t on the line here. As of this writing, I’ve never seen it announced anywhere that they are. I mean, on this side of the fourth wall it could make sense. Perhaps the Lucha Brothers are winning and AAA really wants to see how FTR fairs down south. But kayfabe wise, why would the Lucha Brothers just offer FTR a title shot and not demand anything in return? It’s like we skipped the step where the Lucha Brothers demanded a rematch to get revenge and FTR said, “No, only if you put the AEW belts on the line too.” But that’s not what happened! They just went, “We want you at Full Gear for the AEW belts this time!” Cero miedo, sure, but also kinda cero causa. Match is gonna rule, though. Prediction: The Llllllllllllucha Brothers

Suit: These two had good chemistry when FTR won the AAA tag titles, so my hopes are pretty high for this one. FTR has been hit-or-miss with me, as their act leans more annoying than endearing with me. They call out other teams for cosplaying as wrestlers, but they’re essentially Leva Bates if she liked Crockett-era wrestling instead of comic books. Wait, is that the heat? That’s really clever if it is. Anyway, this match feels like it can be a clash of styles in a good or bad way. Either FTR pulls the Lucha Brothers into a southern-style tag that they excel in, or the Lucha Brothers pull FTR into a spotfest that may turn into a clunky mess. The AAA title defense against Samuray Del Sol and Aerostar didn’t inspire confidence, although in fairness, Aerostar did seem to get hurt in that match. I’ll err on the side of optimism and hope for the best. Lucha Bros win. Prediction: Lucha Brothers

Minneapolis Street Fight
The Inner Circle vs. Men of the Year & American Top Team (Junior Dos Santos, Andrei Arlovski, & Dan Lambert)

Jeremy: What’s going to be interesting here is that we already have a Falls Count Anywhere match on this card. Not to mention, we also know that all of the “money” here is building to Dan Lambert getting his. So… how is this street fight going to work? Is it going to have tags? How is it a street fight then? If it doesn’t, how do you hide Lambert? My hunch is that we’re going to see PVZ and the two welterweights make their presence felt until finally we’re left alone with Jericho and Lambert. I think that’s going to mean a female to fight off Paige for the Inner Circle, either one night only or otherwise. Who will that be? I have no idea. Perhaps Diamante backs up her former LAX stablemates? Prediction: Chris Jericho taps Dan Lambert to the Walls of Jericho in the middle of the ring

Suit: Other than the finish, I have no clue how this match is going to go. Junior Dos Santos has had one wrestling match in his life, which is one more than Andrei Arlovski has had. This match has almost certainly been set up for them to have their spots and get out of there, but it does still concern you when the pros on their side are the Men of the Year, who rival Serta in their ability to put people to sleep. On the bright side, Dan Lambert is a heat magnet, and they will be able to use the crowd’s energy to ride out any possible rough spots. Lambert put Jericho through a table on Dynamite before “tapping him out” on Dynamite this week, so expect Jericho to return the favor on this show. Prediction: Inner Circle

AEW World Championship Eliminator Tournament Final
Bryan Danielson vs. Miro

Jeremy: Change of place + change of pace = change of perspective. If you had told me a couple of years back that Rusev and Daniel Bryan were going to have a pay-per-view match, I don’t know as though I’d really feel all that strongly about it. However, both men have been completely reinvigorated in AEW by breaking out of the ill-fitting molds they’d been cast in and now we have Miro’s rock-solid “Redeemer” storyline and Bryan Danielson’s all-killer no-filler early run. I am so pumped for this match. You’re going to get to really see a clash of styles in a good way, Miro is going to get to be a giant brute, Bryan is going to be more agile (maybe we see some of that Brock Lesnar cat movement he talked about?) and they’re just going to go out there and beat the tar out of each other. This is going to rule and anyone who says otherwise is a nerd. The most interesting part though is that I have NO idea who wins this, even with Miro coming in as a late replacement. Doesn’t a Miro/Hangman program for the title sound awesome? But do they beat Bryan already? I don’t know! But it’s going to be awesome. Prediction: If I gotta bet the house on someone, it’s Bryan Danielson

Suit: I was at work last week, and like I often do, I let my mind drift onto wrestling. I was thinking about this match, and I was a little worried about whether or not this match would live up to my lofty expectations. For as good as his character has been, Miro’s matches haven’t really broken that barrier from really good to great. Could he get over that hump? Then I thought, what the hell am I talking about? This match will be great because BRYAN GODDAMN DANIELSON will make it great! The best wrestler on God’s green earth is back without a step lost, like he stepped out of a cryogenic chamber that froze him in 2009. He will do what he does best, and that is wrestle. As far as a winner goes, this can go either way. There was no doubt in my mind that Jon Moxley was going to win this one, but life got in the way. Do they see Miro as a big enough star to score the first direct fall over Danielson and get a World Title match? I’m not sure about that. I did feel that rampaging through the roster would get Miro to a World Title match sometime next year, but I just don’t feel confident saying that he’d get the win over Danielson. I’ll say Bryan gets the win to set up a marquee World Title match. Prediction: Bryan Danielson

AEW Women’s World Championship
Dr. Britt Baker, D.M.D. vs. Tay Conti

Jeremy: I love Tay Conti. She’s putting the pieces together and becoming pretty darn good at this pro wrestling thing. Of course, she has the judo and jiu-jitsu background that you’re always reminded of, but this girl is a charisma bomb. I went to the Dynamite in North Carolina back in July and during a Dark match, she was wrestling someone long after Dynamite had ended. The crowd was dead tired and fading quickly, but her entrance perked them right up. Then as they started to fade again, she did just little things here and there that got them back into it. She’s a little sloppy still (sometimes in an awesome way), and she’s not a finished product by any means, but, man, is she getting there. All that said, the money match is Britt and Rosa and so the outcome here is academic. I do expect though that this might get a little rough around the edges, but in that Sasha Banks/Bayley kinda way where it makes the match that much better. Prediction: Dr. Britt Baker D.M.D.

Suit: Not much to go on as far as build for this one, as it’s very much just the champion facing her #1 contender here. This match is one of those “high-ceiling, low-floor” matches. Tay Conti’s work has gotten better since signing with AEW, however I wouldn’t call her a great wrestler as of yet. Britt Baker is a great character and is over as hell, but she’s had her share of clunkers over the years. I can see both women stepping up and making something great here, but I can also see some miscommunication causing this one to go off the rails. Let’s hope for the former, as a good performance here can really set up Tay as a top-level woman in the company. No question on the result. Prediction: Dr. Britt Baker, DMD

AEW World Championship
Kenny Omega © vs. Hangman Page

Jeremy: If only the fantastic Hangman promo from a few weeks back had been cut on the go-home Dynamite or the week prior. Now, it’s so far in the rearview that I’m afraid people might have forgotten how awesome it was. This last episode, what we got instead was the return of Don Callis and Omega “signing” the contract in Page’s blood. It was a good enough segment, but here’s the thing: your go-home angle was telling the crowd to expect shenanigans in the match. No one wants that. I have a pretty high tolerance for the interference and cheating, but it’s safe to assume everyone just wants a 5-star classic here. I’m afraid we’re not going to get that. Wouldn’t be surprised at all to see the Elite and the Dark Order both make appearances. There’s also one more thing that’s not going to surprise me at all, because it’s going to happen, you heard it here first: Adam Page is kicking out of the One-Winged Angel. He’s going to win, he’s going to cry, and you’re going to too. Now if only we can get JR to stop saying “Cowboy shiz-nit”. Prediction: AND NEW

Suit: Hulk Hogan at Super Sunday ’83. Sting at Starrcade ’97. Tyler Black at Final Battle ’09. Three instances where the people were ready to see their hero win the World Title and stand tall. Three instances where, in the end, they didn’t end up getting it. Some people are worried that Hangman isn’t hot enough to win the title right now, and that Omega should win this match so Hangman can come into the title match even hotter. That would be a major mistake. There are people who think they already missed the peak with Hangman by not doing the title match at All Out. This is the time. This is the place. Hangman Page needs to fulfill the promise he made on day one and win the AEW World Title. Will there be shenanigans? Almost certainly. They banned everyone from the building for the contract signing, and Omega still found a way to get Don Callis to interfere. But the match should be red-hot with or without the interference. The match will be excellent, and at the end, Hangman Page will complete the Full Gear Challenge and stand tall as the fourth AEW World Champion. Prediction: Hangman Adam Page