Wrestling is one of the most dangerous and thrilling sports, even though WWE wrestling is essentially sports entertainment since it’s scripted. Despite that, things won’t always go according to the script and that’s where the risk is involved. There are some of those amongst the WWE wrestlers who’re taking the risks outside of the ring, by betting on online casino games. This is because it allows them to have fun and enjoy gambling without being disturbed by fans, paparazzi, or media. But even for non-celebrity casino fans, playing online is much more convenient and simpler, and not to mention cheaper than visiting a traditional casino. If you too are interested in betting online, check out latest online casinos and start immediately. In this post, we’ll reveal the top five wrestlers who love to gamble, for all the wrestling fans out there.

John Cena 

One of the most well-known names in the history of WWE, John Cena became quite popular for his courageous and breathtaking wrestling performances. His popularity has allowed him to sign many contracts and become more than just a wrestler – he became an actor, TV presenter, rapper, and businessman. As a result of his accomplishments, he made a large profit and decided to blow off some steam by gambling online, rather than visiting traditional casinos where he wouldn’t be able to remain focused due to his celebrity status.

CM Punk 

A former WWE Champion, now retired professional wrestler CM Punk has always been attracting attention, both in and outside of the ring. Fans loved him not only for his wrestling moves but for his entertaining talents as well. During his career, he was notorious for saying plenty of things on the microphone to his opponents and challenging them to another fight. Just like some of his fellow WWE wrestlers, CM Punk is also a huge fan of online casino gambling which he never tried to hide, and fans respected him even more because of that.

Kurt Angle 

Before he ventured into the world of WWE wrestling, Kurt Angle was an Olympic gold medalist who represented the USA in heavyweight freestyle wrestling, and he also won numerous other medals. During his WWE career, he never steered clear of performing risky or even dangerous moves, and he learned his moves by watching then-current fellow wrestlers such as The Rock, Triple H, or Steve Austin. Just like some famous WWE wrestlers, he too became a star of a couple of movies which brought him even more wealth, that he occasionally spent on gambling online.

Jeff Hardy

Without a doubt, Jeff Hardy is one of the most famous daredevils in the history of WWE, and very often he pushed the limits of entertainment by performing very risky stunts. One of the most iconic moves ever performed was his Spear on Edge when he jumped from the top of a ladder onto his opponent, and that’s when his popularity exploded. Unlike other wrestlers, he’s creative and enjoys painting and making music. But in his spare time, he too enjoys gambling online and even providing his fans with some gambling advice.

Mick Foley 

Famous for his psychotic-madman wrestling persona, he often acted like one in the ring, for entertainment purposes only. Mick Foley performed some of the most violent and extremely dangerous stunts and his matches are regarded as some of the most memorable ones in the history of WWE. Of course, since he’s just human, he needed some way to unwind and forget about all violence, and that’s why he has chosen to gamble online. Other than wrestling, Mick Foley is an author, comedian, and actor, but nowadays he’s a color commentator signed to WWE and sharing his expertise and experience.