The fifth VOW The Deep Dive looks at the historic lucha libre feud between Love Machine (Art Barr) and Blue Panther. We’ll discuss Art Barr’s career beginnings, Roddy Piper coming up with Beetlejuice, Barr’s rape allegations and eventually coming to Mexico and becoming one of the top stars and top heels in the world.


Match Listing

  • JW Storm vs. The Juicer (WCW Pro)
  • Blue Panther vs. Love Machine (Mask vs. Mask)
  • Rey Misterio Jr vs. Tony Arce (AAA)
  • Blue Panther vs. Love Machine (Mask vs. Hair)
  • Fishman/Fuerza Guerrera/Blue Panther vs. Love Machine/Eddie Guerrero/El Hijo Del Santo
  • Eddie Guerrero & Art Barr vs. El Hijo del Santo & Octagon (Hair vs. Mask)

Match Playlist:

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