10th Anniversary Grand Final Osaka Dream Cinderella 2021
October 9, 2021
Osaka Castle Hall
Osaka, JAPAN

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Lady C & Waka Tsukiyama vs. Saki Kashima & Rina

While this is likely to be a dark match prior to the pay-per-view, it still features enough interest to discuss. Lady C finally has a win to her record but no faction to latch onto while her teammate, Waka Tsukiyama, is the newest member of the Cosmic Angels. They will do their best to work together but expect Saki Kashima and Rina to win here with more of a united front than their opponents. Prediction: Saki Kashima & Rina

Future of Stardom Championship
Unagi Sayaka (c) vs. Ruaka

Unagi Sayaka will hold her fourth title defense of the Future of Stardom Championship as she is set to defend it against Oedo Tai’s Ruaka. Sayaka is fresh off a title loss this past weekend as the Cosmic Angels finally lost the Artists of Stardom Championships. There could be an opportunity here for the young Ruaka to pull off the upset and win the championship with Sayaka possibly reeling. A title match to open the show is never a bad thing as these two should have an intriguing match. Prediction: Unagi Sayaka

Mina Shirakawa & Mai Sakurai vs. Rin Kadokura & Maria

In an exciting twist to this massive show, Marvelous will be represented in more matches than just the main event. The Cosmic Angels’s Mina Shirakawa and Mai Sakurai will be pushed to defend the honor of Stardom as they take on the Marvelous duo of Rin Kadokura and Maria. Kadokura has appeared in Stardom on multiple occasions but this will be the first time in Stardom for Maria. She was the one who traveled with Takumi Iroha throughout the 5 STAR Grand Prix. The combination of Kadokura and Maria should not only overwhelm Shirakawa and Sakurai but could be the beginning of furthering the Stardom-Marvelous relationship outside of just Iroha. Expect the Marvelous duo to impress in this one. Prediction: Rin Kadokura & Maria

High Speed Championship
Starlight Kid (c) vs. Fukigen Death

The High Speed Championship will be defended on PPV for the first time since March as Starlight Kid looks to get her first defense under her belt against stablemate Fukigen Death. Kid was one win away from making it to the 5 STAR Grand Prix finals before getting stopped by Mayu Iwatani. The momentum she has carried since joining Oedo Tai has been more impressive than almost anyone in the promotion with the exception of Syuri. All signs point to this being a successful defense for Kid against Death, who has been a solid challenger in the high speed division for years. Prediction: Starlight Kid

Artists of Stardom Championship
Maika, Himeka & Natsupoi (c) vs. Momo Watanabe, AZM & Saya Kamitani

MaiHime Poi was able to end the historic Artists of Stardom Championship reign of the Cosmic Angels this past weekend and will not hesitate to put the titles on the line. They will face the Queen’s Quest team of Momo Watanabe, AZM, and Saya Kamitani in hopes of successfully defending their new championships. There is some overlap here for each competitor that should play into this match. AZM and Natsupoi battled over the High Speed Championship earlier this year, seeing Natsupoi defeat AZM to win the gold. Himeka defeated Watanabe a month ago in the 5 STAR Grand Prix, giving her the edge in this one. And then there is the rivalry of Maika and Kamitani, one that has not come close to ending but only heats up more and more.

These two teams could steal the show if given the time to do so. Don’t expect new champions in MaiHime Poi’s first defense but don’t be shocked either. Prediction: Maika, Himeka & Natsupoi

Koguma vs. Hazuki

HAZUKI! The return of Hazuki to professional wrestling and Stardom will officially kick in on Saturday as she has her return match against Koguma. The match is being called the “Reunion of Destiny” as it will be their first battle against each other for the first time in over six years. The last time they battled saw them compete for the High Speed Championship as Koguma came out as the winner. Times have changed, of course, as both have now retired and returned to Stardom in that span. All eyes will be on Hazuki in this one to see how she fits back in after being out of wrestling for nearly two years. Her only match during that span was at the Hana Kimura “MATANE” show earlier this year. She showed in tag team action that she hasn’t lost a step by any means.

She announced her comeback with the idea of giving herself time to work back to the ring. Wrestling against Koguma will be the ultimate test as the STARS member has been the perfect example of what Hazuki hopes to do — return even better than before. A win for Koguma would not surprise anyone but there is a lot expected of Hazuki here as she should be kicking off the next chapter in her career that should feature plenty of gold. Few things this weekend will be more exciting than this match. Prediction: Hazuki

World of Stardom Championship Match Contract & SWA World Championship
Syuri (c) vs. Konami in a UWF Rules Match

Syuri has been the MVP of Stardom all year long and is still fresh off her 5 STAR Grand Prix win. There is nothing that can stop Syuri’s momentum right now… or at least we thought so. She has gone all-in on herself for the 10th Anniversary Grand Final as she will face off with Konami in singles action with everything on the line. Not only will Syuri be defending the SWA World Championship but also she plans to put her World of Stardom Championship Match Contract on the line that she had earned from winning the 5 STAR. She has everything to lose while Konami has everything to gain and then some. The added caveat is that this match will be held under UWF Rules, meaning that knockout or submission should be expected.

These two go back years which means that this should be personal and an all-out war in the end. If the oddly added stipulation of her championship match contract being on the line wasn’t there, it could have been Konami’s time to win. Unfortunately, the stink of NJPW’s G1 Climax briefcase stipulation has made its way to Stardom and it rules out hope of Konami picking up the upset. The match, however, should be unique from anything we have seen in Stardom this year. Prediction: Syuri

Wonder of Stardom Championship
Tam Nakano (c) vs. Mayu Iwatani

The most highly anticipated match for Stardom fans has officially arrived. Tam Nakano grabbed a microphone at the conclusion of the 5 STAR Grand Prix finals to lay down the challenge to Mayu Iwatani for her Wonder of Stardom Championship. The match has been protected by Stardom and for good reason. Nakano and Iwatani have been set to go to war this entire year but separate stories postponed the battle more and more. These two have bad blood that has been hidden deep down. Nakano’s departure from STARS to create the Cosmic Angels was what began a tough year for Iwatani and company. Since then, STARS has whittled down to three members while Cosmic Angels now have five. But there’s more than just bad blood here.

Nakano has a chance to prove it. Prove to herself that her title reign has been one she has long deserved with a win over her former friend and “The Icon” of Stardom. Their match in January saw them wrestle to a 15-minute draw, leaving so many questions unanswered. Now it’s time they solve who is the better between them. The only problem for Nakano is that there is no one that lives up to the level of championship-mode Mayu Iwatani. She has not had a singles championship match since losing the World of Stardom Championship to Utami Hayashishita in November 2020. That feels like a lifetime for Stardom fans and that should allow Iwatani to bring out her very best in hopes of winning the one title she wants before retiring.

Nakano vs. Iwatani has all the makings to be the match of the night. Prediction: Mayu Iwatani

World of Stardom Championship
Utami Hayashishita (c) vs. Takumi Iroha

The no time limit era has officially begun in Stardom. Following a number of draws in the 5 STAR Grand Prix and the highly regarded Utami Hayashishita-Syuri match ending the way it did, Hayashishita has made it her goal to no longer have a time limit to limit her title defenses. She feels there must be a winner and this will be her chance to further establish her reign as champion. The main event of Stardom’s first Osaka-Jo Hall show will see the world champion face-off with the Marvelous ace Takumi Iroha. After going to a 20-minute draw in the 5 STAR Grand Prix last month, it opened up the possibility for Iroha to lay down a challenge. Iroha is one of the best in the entire world, opening the door up for a potential shock title change at the event.

After all, it will be almost one year to the day that Iroha last challenged for the World of Stardom Championship, where she lost to Iwatani. It could be a sign of things to come for Hayashishita as Iroha was the last defense for Iwatani before dropping the championship. If Hayashishita manages to make it through this defense, she will have a date with Syuri at Stardom Dream Queendom in December. That rematch feels inevitable so expect Hayashishita to successfully defend the title in what could be the final title defense in her reign. If that’s the case, expect it to be one of her very best with Iroha being the perfect opponent. Prediction: Utami Hayashishita

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