SEPTEMBER 18, 2021
EDION Arena Osaka Second Stadium
Osaka, Japan

Watch: Stardom World 

Fukigen Death def. Lady C

The quest for a win continued for Lady C in this one and it might have been her most dominating work yet. It was rare that Lady C was on the comeback in this match as she was taking care of the clown for the majority. As Fukigen Death does, however, she managed to steal the win and leave Lady C stunned more than anything. By now, you know what to expect with these Lady C openers. Nothing outside the norm here. *1/2

Syuri def. Waka Tsukiyama

Syuri didn’t mess around here as she didn’t mess around when she faced Mai Sakurai either. Waka Tsukiyama did her best to muster any possible offense her limited abilities could but this was the Syuri show from start to finish. The spot of the match was when Syuri would hit multiple knees to the abdomen of Tsukiyama before rolling her onto the ground to hit a spine-snapping kick for a two count. The SWA Champion would finish off Tsukiyama soon after via Sleeper Hold. Exactly what it needed to be. **

Konami def. Mai Sakurai

If it were possible to have the same match back-to-back, then that’s what you got here. It isn’t surprising that Syuri and Konami worked the rookies in a similar style, which is what made this feel almost exactly the same. Konami handled Sakurai with ease, even attempting to finish her off with the Sleeper Hold like the previous match but Sakurai was able to survive there. The Oedo Tai resident shooter called it when she hit a Buzzsaw Kick to the skull of Sakurai, knocking her out for the three count. Sakurai is getting better but she is still a ways away. **

5 STAR Grand Prix: Blue Stars Block
Unagi Sayaka (7) def. Ruaka (0) via Disqualification

This match was a mess from the start. Ruaka didn’t allow Unagi Sayaka to complete her entrance as she would smash her in the back with the box she brings to the ring with her. In doing so, Ruaka had the majority of the offense in the early going. It wasn’t until Sayaka hit her Codebreaker-styled Double Knees in the corner that she would begin to close in on the win. Before she could do that, however, Ruaka utilized the metal staff of Natsuko Tora to choke out Sayaka and get herself disqualified. As we know now, this was all in an effort for Ruaka to challenge Sayaka to a Future of Stardom Championship match down the line. When it comes to this match, all went according to plan. **1/4

5 STAR Grand Prix: Red Stars Block
Koguma (7) def. Saki Kashima (2)

Two of the more underrated talents in all of Stardom faced off in 5 STAR Grand Prix action this past Saturday. Both Koguma and Saki Kashima have a unique history that plays through Mayu Iwatani but this match was all about getting the two points that were necessary. Koguma at one point hit a Cutter from the top rope on Kashima but did not get the win there. Kashima would go for the Revival pin but it was reversed by Koguma who would hit her Bridging Roll Up for the pinfall and the win. These two are as solid as they come in Stardom and had a fine match here that went faster than expected. **1/2

5 STAR Grand Prix: Red Stars Block
Mayu Iwatani (9) def. Mina Shirakawa (4)

Angering Mayu Iwatani is never a good thing, especially when she is trying to have fun. That’s what Mina Shirakawa did in their 5 STAR match and it made for what was one of the more enjoyable matches of the tournament. The work rate aspect wasn’t up to par with the best of the best but the entertainment was. Iwatani had this look on her face where all she wanted to do was destroy Shirakawa after she hit her from behind as she was posing as Shirakawa had wanted. It became the basis of the match, as Iwatani was so focused on giving pain that her vicious side came out, dominating from time to time making it seem as though that Shirakawa had no chance. The Cosmic Angel managed to turn it around, however, making a match that seemed one-sided more competitive than previously thought.

It wasn’t until Iwatani hit two kicks to Shirakawa’s head and followed it up with a Dragon Suplex that she got the win, but this managed to be as entertaining of a match as you will get in these non-main event caliber battles. Iwatani finished it off by hitting the pose on a broke Shirakawa in the middle of the ring. ***

5 STAR Grand Prix: Blue Stars Block
AZM (4) def. Takumi Iroha (9)

Even on Day 14, there is still an ability to provide uniqueness in matches. That’s what we got here, as the war between AZM and Takumi Iroha was unlike any match we have seen through the tournament so far. AZM and Iroha showed respect to each other but once the hands shook, it was go time for both of them. AZM used her high-speed prowess to get an edge on Iroha, knowing that this isn’t necessarily her style. It allowed AZM to avoid getting hit too many times by the massively devastating strikes that Iroha had already finished so many others with throughout this match. That speed was great and all but as Iroha does, she was able to catch AZM at one point for a ridiculous release German Suplex, leaving AZM to land on her head. It almost felt like the end instantly.

Somehow, AZM bounced back even better than before, going back on offense before misjudging a springboard and getting hit by a roundhouse kick of Iroha. This is where it spelled trouble for the young veteran, as she was now on the downswing and needed something to steal this win with Iroha closing in on a victory. The ending sequence is what made this match a beautiful change as AZM and Iroha would switch off in Small Package pins, trying to throw off the other and steal the win. They did this for what felt like countless falls before it was finally broken up. AZM would go for her signature Azumi Sushi pin, getting a two count. Instead of going into other offenses, she would hit the Azumi Sushi again to steal the win. This one wasn’t a long match but it was everything a fan could have wanted. ***3/4

5 STAR Grand Prix: Red Stars Block
Starlight Kid (9) def. Himeka (6)

What a way to finish off the show. Following such an intense battle between AZM and Iroha, it was going to be a tough ask for Starlight Kid and Himeka to follow up. Not only did they follow it up nicely but were able to top it as well. The story of this match would have been dramatically different six months ago than it was Saturday. Kid wouldn’t have had the amount of moxie she did in this one and without that, she would have never been able to survive the way she did. Since the moment Kid embraced Oedo Tai, it’s been apparent that she understands her abilities and is using everything in her power to maximize them. She did that by chopping down “The Jumbo Princess” in the early going, using herself and her stablemates to take advantage when she needed to.

The only problem was that this was still Himeka, a wrestler who has been firing on all cylinders over her last three matches and was not going to stop anytime soon. That led to what should be considered the spot of the match as Himeka hit a Samoan Drop onto Kid from the top rope, crashing down to the mat. Later in the match, Himeka would go for her signature Powerbomb but was reversed by a Code Red, where Kid would get the closes near fall of the match to this point. Himeka kept pushing though, hitting her Powerbomb and signaling that was all for Kid’s hopes in the 5 STAR. Kid managed to kick out and would soon steal the win as Himeka attempted her running Powerbomb, turning it into a Twisting Roll Up for the victory. Just great execution of a “David versus Goliath” match. ****