This week on Wrestling Omakase we review the greatest pay-per-view in AEW history, discuss two good shows from NJPW, and talk about a LOT of very stupid takes!

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John is joined by returning guest Chris Samsa (@TheChrisSamsa) from VOW & Sport of Pro Wrestling. They start off with some quick thoughts on both their live adventures- John being in attendance for the Toronto Blue Jays CRUSHING the New York Yankees and Chris being in attendance for one of the greatest North American PPVs of all time. One is a little more relevant than the other for sure. They then get into a very long (nearly 2 hours!) and very detailed review of AEW All Out, as they discuss all the matches and big debuts, what stood out for them and what didn’t work quite as well, and much more. Chris also gives us the live perspective throughout the show of course, which is very nice to have.

Once that’s out of the way they turn their attention to good ‘ol New Japan Pro Wrestling. John has read some very, very stupid and repetitive takes on Twitter lately and sounds off a little about them before the two of them get into full reviews of two Wrestle Grand Slam in Metlife Dome events, two shows that were 2021 NJPW in a nutshell: no atmosphere whatsoever but a lot of great wrestling. There was some bad stuff too though for sure, and they discuss that as well. They also quickly go through the G1 blocks and what stands out to them, if anything. Finally, they wrap things up with your mailbag questions on the end of DAMNATION in DDT, who we’d want to redeem our nutz, what we think the Power Struggle main event will be and more.

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