All Elite Wrestling
All Out 2021
Sunday, September 5
NOW Arena
Hoffman Estates, Illinois

Watch: PPV / Bleacher Report (US) / FITE (Non-US)

Meet Our Previewers

Alex Wendland: Only All Out can apparently bring me out of VOW content hibernation; I’m psyched for this show to cap off what is surely AEW’s hottest run on TV between, this summer-long sprint from Double or Nothing to All Out. Follow Alex at @alexwendland

Steve Case: What better way to bring a child into this world than with some pro wrasslin in Chi-town! In all seriousness, let’s hope that this weekend doesn’t become an In-Labor Day weekend. The Good Doctor is well prepared and excited, even at 37 weeks bless her amazing heart. Though if our child is born at the show, TK, free tickets forever? Follow Steve @Coachcase44

Best Friends and Jurassic Express vs. HFO (Matt Hardy, Private Party, and TH2)

Alex: Added to the Buy In during Dynamite on Wednesday, this is purely to get Orange Cassidy and Jungle Boy on an otherwise stacked card. HFO felt like a month-long gimmick when it started in which Hardy’s “clients” would realize how much money he was stealing from them and quickly turn, but it’s extended into this never-ending slog and drains the momentum from most shows they’re on. Jurassic Express has stealthily had a great run of matches, especially the 4-plus star outing on Rampage last week; I doubt this will be another. Prediction: Best Friends and Jurassic Express

Steve: With Andrade/PAC off the card and the Women’s Battle Royale moved to the main show, we get to be blessed with MATT FREAKING HARDY. Outside of his presence, this match has the makings of a perfect buy-in match. This will likely be a high energy sprint to get the crowd rocking. Tarzan Boy will play, Orange Cassidy will try, and Private Party will be flying all over the place for better or worse. When the dust settles, the babyfaces will stand victorious as the crowd sings along to Tarzan Boy going into the main show. Prediction: Best Friends & Jurassic Express

Women’s Casino Battle Royale

Alex: “Who is the wildcard?” is really the only story set up for this match, and everyone expects it will be the debuting Ruby Soho. The rest of the match consists of AEW’s regular cast of characters and should be a pretty fun rumble. With this probably first on the card, the crowd is going to be molten hot and make up for any battle royal-based inconsistency. Wildcard Guess: Ruby Soho

Steve: Who will be the next woman in line for Britt Baker after she defeats Kris Statlander (foreshadowing)? There are a few threads in this one that were addressed on Dynamite for this match. We have the story going on with Tay Conti and a returning Anna Jay against The Bunny and Penelope Ford, which really has nothing to do with the title. There’s the rumored surprise of Ruby Soho, and potential for other women from Impact, NWA, Japan, or other indies to be involved as well. AEW hasn’t really had surprises win these matches, and I don’t see them starting now. The intrigue came from the short segment after the Dynamite match. This featured Nyla Rose, Thunder Rosa, and Jade Cargill. To me, Thunder Rosa and Jade are the two favorites in this match. I don’t think Jade is ready yet, but they could easily continue the build for her to the next pay per view after a win. Rosa and Britt had one of the best women’s matches ever in America and everyone is dying to see it again. We will get that again, but will it be the result of this match? I think so. Prediction: Thunder Rosa

PAC vs. Andrade El Idolo

Alex: No, “CANCELLED” is not some gimmick in which the loser gets cancelled for old tweets, this match was cancelled late on Wednesday night due likely to COVID issues under the guise of travel issues (ALLEGEDLY). Andrade has since tweeted indicating that he’s still on the card, but against a mystery opponent.

Obviously everyone is hoping Bryan Danielson debuts here, but I’m not getting my hopes up. This is too minor a spot for one of the most popular wrestlers of the past 15 years to debut. Instead, expect someone Andrade can steamroll to a much-needed impactful win. Opponent Prediction: Dante Martin

Steve: I was very excited about this match, as it seemed like I was the only person who thought Andrade looked amazing against Omega at Triplemania. Alas, it looks like “travel issues” have reared their ugly head yet again. It seems PAC will be the one missing based on the tweet Alex mentioned above. That begs the question, will Andrade be facing an “X?” Will he just have a short segment where he could possibly be interrupted by a certain Bryan D? I’m sorry, that’s too obvious, B Danielson. I know I’d be all about that either way. Maybe this won’t be mentioned at all. In any case, it stinks we won’t be getting the advertised match, which could have easily stolen the show. 

Paul Wight vs. QT Marshall

Alex: Absolutely tragic to see Gunn Club turn on Paul Wight on Dynamite this week. Is nothing sacred anymore? This could be one of two things:

  1. Paul Wight wins quick as part of a comedown segment so as to not burn out the crowd
  2. QT Marshall wins with a returning Anthony Ogogo’s help, ultimately putting over Ogogo

Despite clearly having nothing to do with it, the Gunn Club turn foreshadows that QT will have something up his sleeve on Sunday, but I think it’s in the post-match after Wight picks up a win. Prediction: Paul Wight

Steve: This will be a long show. I have a very pregnant fiancé who will need lots of drinks and snacks. This match could be called a lot of things. What do I choose to call it? Intermission. Prediction: Paul Wight

Jon Moxley vs. Satoshi Kojima in a singles match

Alex: Super cool “special feature” match bringing Satoshi Kojima stateside to carry the flag for NJPW against Jon Moxley after he challenged the entire company last month. Mox is going to eat this up and I’m going to love watching these two club each other. This will be short, hard, and fun. Prediction: Jon Moxley

Steve: This match is a super random addition to the card, but a welcome one. They HAD TO get a Moxley entrance on a big show in Chicago, and outside of maybe Archer, Moxley has the most current ties to NJPW. This will likely be a similar match, if not slightly better match, to the one Moxley had with Nagata on Dynamite. Kojima can still go and has no problems trading heavy shots. This will likely be short and hard hitting, with Moxley getting another NJPW legend notch on his belt, leading to what seems to be a showdown with Tanahashi down the road. Prediction: Jon Moxley

STEEL CAGE MATCH—AEW Tag Team Championship
Lucha Brothers vs. The Young Bucks (C)

Alex: This will be terrifying. I cannot wait to see what these four do in a steel cage. The Young Bucks always have a chance to steal the show, but to do it on THIS card, with THIS return, in THIS city would be above and beyond any other show they’ve stolen. I think they’re going to want to do it, and I think they can if the cage does what they’ve alluded to and makes this a two-on-two match. No interference, no funny stuff, just these two teams. All four have put on some ludicrous spotfests in the past. But now they have a 15-foot platform off which to launch. Prediction: The Young Bucks

Steve: If the prospect of these four men in a cage doesn’t excite you then why the hell are you even watching this show? The Young Bucks are possibly the greatest tag team ever. Fenix is one of the best, and craziest, wrestlers in the world. Pentagon is one of the most over wrestlers in the world. These two teams have insane chemistry and creativity. Their ladder match at the first All Out was great, albeit hindered by the constraints of being a ladder match. This is a different animal though. The Good Brothers and Cutler will likely try to run in because that’s the story. My guess is that it will not play into the finish and will be brief. As much as it makes sense for the Lucha Brothers to win here, I just don’t think its time for the Bucks to lose. With Arthur Ashe on the horizon, and a New York based tag team heating up, I think it happens there. The Bucks retain, but after a wild spectacle that we will likely be talking about for a long time. Prediction: The Young Bucks

Eddie Kingston vs. Miro (C)

Alex: Another slugfest! This feels like a spoil of riches given everything else here, but also more than a little thrown-in. I’m not complaining, though; Eddie Kingston is Miro’s first real challenge in months after just one pull apart and one promo. Kingston is no longer criminally underrated or misunderstood, but he’s morphed into the heartbeat of AEW. Great to see him in this spot on this card. Prediction: Miro

Steve: Count this as a match that I never would have put together that is absolutely perfect. Miro has been a revelation since breaking off from Kip and becoming TNT Champion. His intensity, presentation, and promos as “God’s favorite champion” have been off the charts great. His squashes are epic, and when he needs to have a competitive match, he’s motivated, and it ends up working for both men. Enter Eddie Kingston, who is in so many ways similar to Miro while being completely different. Where Miro’s intensity and presentation is polished and pristine, Eddie’s is raw and in your face like a walking, talking chip on a shoulder. Both can throw bombs and haymakers, both are big boys, and this will likely look like a demolition derby by the end. Eddie is another that I think could have a big moment in New York at Arthur Ashe, so I see him coming up just short here. Possibly leading to a rematch down the road. Miro is destined to be in the AEW World Title picture, but I think there’s still meat on the bone with this run. Prediction: Miro

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Kris Statlander vs. Dr. Britt Baker, DMD (C)

Alex: I don’t think this is going to be what a lot of people hope it is. Whether through cold programming or bad chemistry, the AEW women’s division seems to have stalled from a quality standpoint since Thunder Rosa and Baker set the bar so high back in March. The talent in the division is immense, but something isn’t clicking. Is the best of AEW’s roster being programmed with people who can’t keep up? I’m sure that’s part of it. These two, however, have proven themselves as great characters who are capable of great matches. I’m confident they can overdeliver, and I’m hopeful that they will. Prediction: Dr. Britt Baker, DMD

Steve: This could either be really good or really messy. This might be the only match on the main card that feels relatively cold. Maybe the Rampage match will help this, but I have my doubts. There’s no chance Britt loses, which doesn’t help that much. Statlander looks to be in the best shape of her life since returning and has had strong moments, but she just doesn’t feel like anything more than a placeholder challenger. As great as Britt is as a character and in promos, she’s got a ways to go before you can count on her having a truly great match with anyone. In the end, this match is all about who’s next for Britt. Statlander’s time will come, but not yet. Prediction: Britt Baker DMD

THE FINAL FIGHT—Chris Jericho’s Career is on the Line
MJF vs. Chris Jericho

Alex: It really feels like MJF can never lose, doesn’t it? When does he become The Authority? Is he even close? At the same time, it feels like time for Jericho to take a break for Fozzy. There are definitely ways of getting around the stipulation, but AEW’s historically been pretty good about sticking to theirs and it’s clear after the five labors that there’s still gas in Jericho’s tank, even if what you can expect from him has changed. I think this is the first match in this preview where I really have no idea where they’re going AND both options are equally interesting. Prediction: MJF

Steve: Leave it to Jericho and MJF nailing great promos to reel me back in. Like many, I thought for sure this match would be the fifth labor, which would have added to this match’s mystique immensely. MJF beating Jericho on Dynamite did hurt that a bit, but the story they are telling with beating MJF being Jericho’s white whale is compelling. As puzzling as the booking was for the Dynamite match, it was a surprisingly strong match. It’s hard to imagine they can top that, but being on pay per view in front of that crowd and with these stakes, they might just do so. MJF is made as AEW ultimate heel, but does he put Jericho out to pasture? It’s very hard for me to imagine Jericho’s in-ring career being done. I always thought a “Loser leaves town” stipulation made more sense so Jericho could take time off to tour with Fozzy. But never wrestle in AEW again? I’d love for MJF to win because the way they are building him as that ultimate heel with all the bragging rights is perfect. I just do not see Jericho being done as a wrestler in AEW. Not yet. Prediction: Chris Jericho

Christian Cage vs. Kenny Omega (C)

Alex: The World Championship match has to be at least here on the preview, but it is wild that this could realistically be the fourth most anticipated match on the card. Is that a credit to AEW having so many compelling storylines or an indictment on Kenny Omega as AEW World Champion? The Rampage match was pretty good and I expect this will be even better; hopefully both wrestlers can manufacture a chip on their shoulders and bring a little extra juice (pun not intended, but welcomed). Prediction: Kenny Omega

Steve: I will agree that the last several weeks have definitely built my excitement for this match. Christian winning the Impact World Championship on Dynamite has worked to build this match, combined with the promos from Don Calas and Kenny’s chickenshit ways. This will likely be a tremendous match, possibly even better than the Rampage match. Let’s not kid ourselves though. Kenny isn’t losing, and that’s where this match loses steam. Like the women’s championship match, the intrigue here is what’s next for Kenny. Is it Hangman coming back from his newfound fatherhood (show me the ways my brother)? Or is this where they debut one of the rumored new shiny toys? Prediction: Kenny Omega

CM Punk vs Darby Allin

Alex: If you really think about it, we all need to thank the city of Milwaukee for bringing CM Punk back to wrestling. Sure, Chicago made CM Punk the pro wrestler he was (and is?), but training at Rufusport in Milwaukee made CM Punk the MMA fighter he was, and where do we think he’d be if that had gone better?

I’m fortunate that I was able to be there live for Punk’s second TV appearance when he showed up on Dynamite August 25. The pop was insane and there were lots of “I WAS THERE” CM Punk shirts from Rampage in the crowd that day, too. But I am so looking forward to being there for A Chicago Pop for CM Punk. AEW was burning hot before Punk showed up and every episode of Dynamite and Rampage feel must-see now that he’s here. Punk has already bumped AEW up a level. He delivered. 

Punk showing up really does feel like the beginning of a new era. If the rumors about other debuts are true, this era is going to take a fascinating shape. And Darby is the perfect counterweight to that new era. At just 28 years old, Allin feels like the old guard because he is. He’s an AEW OG who helped build the company from zero and arguably became the first and biggest breakout star from the original roster. He’s the perfect foil to Punk coming in and soaking up all the shine he’s (deservedly) received, and Allin hasn’t had to say a word to convey it. Since barely being able to hold back a smile from the rafters of the United Center, Allin has been perfect in his role, and I expect he’ll continue to be perfect in the match on Sunday when he gets in the ring with Punk. Prediction: CM Punk

Steve: I have never claimed to be a CM Punk fan. I enjoyed the run back in the day. The pipe bomb promo was awesome, as was that summer run. I’d be lying if I said I was clamoring for this return. I’m sure I even told several friends that I hoped he didn’t come back. Well, he’s here now and IT FREAKING RULES! I am entitled to change my mind and jump all onboard. Everything has been perfect so far with this return. The promos, the crowds, and the first opponent. The big question that remains is if CM Punk can still go. Enter Darby. A fantastic wrestler who’s calling card is to get thrown around from pillar to post and bump like a ragdoll to make his opponents look like a million bucks. Because of this, whether Punk is rusty or not, I don’t see how this doesn’t deliver. Both will be motivated to tear down the house and the adoring crowd will be ready to give them both the fuel they need to deliver. This is one of those “sit back and enjoy the moment” kind of matches. There’s arguments to be made for either guy winning, but I don’t see how CM Punk can lose in this spot in his hometown, unless that’s his call. Darby won’t be hurt a bit and probably would argue against it anyway. Strap in folks, this one should kill it. Prediction: CM Punk