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This week on Wrestling Omakase we take a look at the return of Hiromu Takahashi, review the AJPW Royal Road Tournament, and preview upcoming big shows from AEW & New Japan!

John is joined by returning guest Gerard (@GerardDiTrolio) from Voices of Wrestling as they start things out by talking about recent happenings in New Japan. They discuss the debut of two new young lions, a rare Master Wato singles match against Robbie Eagles, and finally Hiromu Takahashi’s return match after six months off of injury against DOUKI. One of these matches gets absolutely raved about, and it probably won’t be hard for you to guess which one! Then they preview NJPW’s two big shows coming up next weekend, WRESTLE GRAND SLAM in METLIFE DOME, including a lot of returns from COVID and/or quarantine and/or unrelated illness.

Once that’s out of the way the two of them turn their attention to All Japan (for the first time in a while on this show), as they catch up with the annual single elimination Royal Road Tournament. If you’ve missed the tournament so far Gerard gives his picks for the best matches of the first two rounds before they get into a full review of the four quarterfinal matches. Then they review the 8/29 Korakuen that featured the semis & finals of the tournament in detail, including a great main event and yet another loss for a certain wrestler. They wrap up the AJPW portion of the show with a preview of their upcoming 9/7 Korakuen (featuring three big title matches).

Finally, John & Gerard end the show with a preview of AEW All Out, breaking down the entire card and giving their predictions for the various matches on the show. Why does this card look so much better than some of the other PPV cards from this promotion? What do they expect out of CM Punk’s return to the ring after seven years? And more!


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