Ring of Honor Wrestling
Episode #519
August 28, 2021
Chesapeake Employers Insurance Arena
Baltimore, Maryland

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This episode of Ring of Honor TV features three matches focused around two ROH championships. The Quarterfinals for the ROH Women’s World Title Tournament conclude with the show’s first two matches. In the main event, Eli Isom challenges World Television Champion Dragon Lee for the title.

ROH Women’s World Title Tournament Quarterfinals
Angelina Love def. Max the Impaler via Disqualification

Lenny Leonard joins commentary for this match.

The story of the match is Angelina cowering from Max. Max only took damage by hitting the turnbuckles and ring posts by accident. After taking a Torture Rack from Max, Angelina was pretty mutch getting tortured and ragdolled. Once Max had her prey in a rope-assisted rear choke, the match was hers to win. Because she wouldn’t let go of the hold, the ref awarded the victory to Angelina Love.

While I understand that this match furthered Max’s reputation as a monster heel, it just wasn’t for me. I would have liked a definitive squash by Max or some more action provided by both competitors. This match, as it was, was too middle of the road, and it made no sense for Amy not to at least try to stop her charge so she can win before beating Angelina to a pulp. **1/2

ROH Women’s World Title Tournament Quarterfinals
Trish Adora def. Allysin Kay

Lenny is still out for commentary, and Chelsea Green subs in for Caprice Coleman.

Kay and Adora had a match of two parts. The first half focused on the two trying to outwrestle each other on the mat. After Kay dumped Adora outside of the ring, it became more strike-focused. Kay had control over most of this portion of the match. As Kay angered Adora, Adora began to gain more ground. Even though it still looked like Kay had things well in hand, Adora hit the Lariat Tubman to take the victory.

Adora vs. Kay was a solid match. There was a decent amount of action as it went on, and the work overall kept at a brisk pace. ***1/2

ROH World Television Title Match
Dragon Lee (c) def. Eli Isom

Dalton Castle is on the third headset for this match.

The LFI heel, Dragon Lee, wears all white to the match and adheres to the Code of Honor, symbolizing his respect to Isom. That’s a nice sentiment. In a bit of role reversal, Isom kicks Lee in the gut after taunting him. Immediately after, both guys start flying to the outside and doing strike exchanges on the inside. As the champ, Dragon Lee has the edge, getting more of his offense in. Lee and Isom stay on each other with combos and counter-attacks, taking only moments to rest. Isom taps into any reserved energy he has left and nearly won the match. Lee puts him away with several knee strikes to the face, capped off with the Incinerator.

This match was great. In kayfabe and out, Eli Isom keeps getting better every month. I’m enjoying the intensity he’s showing more in these matches. Combined with the talented Dragon Lee and these guys worked well together. ****