Ring of Honor Wrestling
Episode #518
August 21, 2021
Chesapeake Employers Insurance Arena
Baltimore, Maryland

Watch: FITE

Fresh off two nights of Ring of Honor’s Glory By Honor event, ROH returns to the Chesapeake Arena for ROH TV. In addition to the first two  Quarterfinal matches in the ROH Women’s World Title Tournament, tonight’s main event see Rey Horus and Demonic Flamita continue their rivalry in a No Disqualification Match.

ROH Women’s World Title Tournament Quarterfinals
Rok-C def. Quinn McKay

Lenny Leonard joins Ian and Caprice on the call. Both competitors trade holds. Roc-C’s flexibility and agility give her the early advantage. McKay leverages her strength to come back but tweaks her left knee in the corner. McKay fights on, catching her off guard. The two were pretty even in terms of offense, but Quinn’s knee injury proves her downfall. Rok-C with the Code Red to end it. I enjoyed this opener. It kept me interested in the story that the competitors told. ***1/2

ROH Women’s World Title Tournament Quarterfinals
Miranda Alize def. Nicole Savoy

Chelsea Green replaces Caprice Coleman for this contest. Savoy and Alize try to apply limb submissions until Alize bites Savoy’s fingers. Several pinfall attempts take place before the fight goes to on the outside of the ring. Alize takes Savoy’s suplexes, strikes, and submissions but locks in crossfire on Savoy in return. Savoy makes a crucial error in the corner, and Alize gains the upset victory over her with the Drive-By. I don’t have strong feelings about this match. It felt like there was a disconnect where I couldn’t get invested. **3/4

The Bouncers cut a promo about being taken seriously and adding Ken Dixon to their ranks. The plan on winning the ROH Tag Team and 6-Man titles.

No Disqualification Match
Demonic Flamita def. Rey Horus

These guys are off like a shot, wasting no time with the strikes. Just as quickly is Horus with the roll-up for two and Flamita getting the steel chair. Flamita sets up a table as he uses every foreign object he can on his former friend. Horus slams a chair into Flamita, and he starts wielding the hardware. Just as Horus starts to gain dominance, Flamita hits the sick butterfly backbreaker for two. The luchadors weaken each other with Flamita’s Flama Flame and Horus’ Tornado DDT multiple times. Flamita drives Horus through the table with one last Flama Flame. With a 450* Splash for good measure, and Flamita takes the victory. This match was entertaining. The action was abundant for the time given, and it had the right mix of weapons spots and high flying. ***3/4

Post-match, Demonic Flamita taunts Bandido.