Congratulations to Paul K on winning the second Voices of Wrestling Rare Entries Competition!

Rare Entries is a game where seven questions are asked which have multiple correct answers. Your goal is to give a correct answer that is also given by as few competitors as possible.

Adam Joyce, Ty Wellemeyer, Nick F, and Gerald Di Trolio round out the top five.

As a reminder, your final score came from multiplying the points you got for every question.

The optimal score for this was 4 points. Question 5 is the only one that had a best answer that scored more than 1 point.

NameOverall ScoreRank# Correct# BestQ1Q2Q3Q4Q5Q6Q7
Paul K69616412134291
Adam Joyce120027112221035
Ty Wellemeyer15363722214446
Nick F20164731227819
Gerard Di Trolio240057221151046
Ryan Deighan26886712217826
Alan Counihan348076311152946
Darren Neal384087022221046
Niel Jacoby480010721625445
Andrew Rich4800107116141045
Ed B.6720137212271046
Christian Greenwood8352146216212946
Ryan WM87001563111510296
Jim Berardinucci9744176312274329
Erin Quinn18000197026251035
Daniel Kuchler25056216216138296
Max Marvelous58464226112378296
Barry Hess90828025511292941039
Tyler Forness4243686263211292929296

Here’s a breakdown of the different correct answers for each question and how many people gave that answer.

Question 1
Name one of the competitors who competed in a World War 3 battle royale.

  • 1 person each: Bobby Eaton, Bunkhouse Buck, Chavo Guerrero Jr., Chip Minton, Chris Benoit, Chris Jericho, Diamond Dallas Page, Disco Inferno, Hammer, Hulk Hogan, Kensuke Sasaki, Kevin Nash, Lex Luger, Lizmark Jr., Norman Smiley, Pez Whatley, Scott Norton, Scott Putski, Super Giant Ninja, The Giant, Villano V, Vincent
  • 2 people each: Max Muscle, Mike Winner, Randy Savage
  • Not named: Way too many to mention
  • Incorrect answers: None

Question 2
Name one of the thirteen wrestlers who were in a match rated at least three and a half stars by Dave Meltzer.

  • 1 person: Akira Hokuto, Billy Kidman, Juventud Guerrera, Dean Malenko
  • 2 people: Diamond Dallas Page, Eddie Guerrero, Mayumi Ozaki, Rey Misterio Jr., Ric Flair, Sting, Ultimo Dragon
  • 6 people: Cutie Suzuki
  • Not Named: Johnny B. Badd, Bull Nakano
  • Incorrect answers: Four

Question 3
Name one of the twenty wrestlers who were in a match rated one star or less by Dave Meltzer, excluding the battle royales

  • 1 person: Big Bubba Rogers, Carl Ouellet, Ernest Miller, Glacier, Jerry Sags, Konnan, Saturn, Steve McMichael, Stevie Ray, The Barbarian
  • 2 people: Booker T, Jim Duggan, Kevin Nash, Lex Luger, Meng, Sonny Onoo
  • 3 people: Disco Inferno
  • Not named: Kaz Hayashi, Scott Hall, Brian Knobbs, Raven, Scotty Riggs, Jacques Rougeau, Alex Wright
  • Incorrect answers: 3

Question 4
Name one of the six wrestlers who competed for the WCW Television Championship

  • 1 person: Disco Inferno
  • 2 people: Diamond Dallas Page
  • 3 people: Johnny B. Badd
  • 4 people: Saturn
  • 5 people: Bobby Duncum Jr.
  • 7 people: Chris Jericho
  • Incorrect answers: 6

Question 5
Name of one of three pay-per-views where a WW3 winner got a title shot after the event.

  • 4 people: Souled Out
  • 8 people: Starrcade
  • 10 people: Uncensored
  • Incorrect answers: 6

Question 6
Name someone Curt Hennig beat to defend his WCW United States Championship in 1997 other than Ric Flair.

  • 1 person: Jeff Jarrett
  • 2 people: Disco Inferno
  • 3 people: Booker T, Diamond Dallas Page
  • 4 people: Bobby Eaton, Chris Benoit, Dean Malenko
  • Not named: Lex Luger
  • Incorrect answers: 7

Question 7
Name one of the three wrestlers Sonny Onoo managed or the wrestler he partnered with in a tag team match on a WW3 show.

  • 1 person: Kaz Hayashi
  • 5 people: Kensuke Sasaki
  • 6 people: Ernest Miller, Yuji Nagata
  • 9 people: Ultimo Dragon
  • Incorrect answers: 1