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This week on Wrestling Omakase we review NJPW’s big return in front of US fans, the semis and finals of Tokyo Joshi’s Princess Cup tournament, and DDT’s final Korakuen before their big Kawasaki show.

John is joined by returning guest Jeri Evagood (@TheJerriest_Jer) for her record-breaking third straight appearance on the show! Yeah! They discuss John’s return from Otakon and thankfully-not-COVID illness before getting into an incredibly unfortunate topic: the passing of Jahmale Hepburn, aka RealHero12089. They discuss his immeasurable contributions to Japanese wrestling and try to pay tribute to him as best they can. Rest in peace Jahmale.

They then make the incredibly awkward transition into talking about pro wrestling, starting with New Japan’s Resurgence event from Los Angeles, their first show back in the US with fans since the COVID-19 pandemic. John and Jeri break down the entire noteworthy show, reviewing every match from the main event on down. They also discuss some of the bigger happenings, with an especially long segment on Will Ospreay’s return and some of the reaction to it on Twitter.

Then they head over to Tokyo Joshi to discuss the semifinals and finals of their annual Princess Cup tournament. They break down three pretty awesome matches and discuss Maki Itoh finally getting her happy ending. Finally, they review DDT’s Summer Vacation Korakuen, the last big stop before Wrestle Peter Pan from Kawasaki. They discuss a disappointing main event, a semi-main that was maybe a little hard to follow, and some strong build-up tags in the undercard. They then wrap things up with a quick rundown and preview of the full Wrestle Peter Pan card, including some predictions on the three big title matches.


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