August 8, 2021
EDION Arena Osaka 2nd Stadium

Watch: Stardom World

Unagi Sayaka def. Lady C & AZM

A triple threat match opened up the show as it was Lady C’s time to do what she does best — lose. This match was fine as there are few complaints or comments to be made. Unagi Sayaka looked confident throughout and AZM did not want to be there. **

Momo Watanabe, Utami Hayashishita, & Hina vs. Mayu Iwatani, Koguma, & Hanan

It’s almost shocking how great Stardom continues to be show in and show out at giving six-person tag team matches that deliver. This was no exception as the Queen’s Quest combination of Momo Watanabe, Utami Hayashishita, and Hina faced off with the STARS trio of Mayu Iwatani, Koguma, and Hanan. In no way did this match overstay its welcome but actually left you wanting more action. It was the closing between Hina and Hanan that made this feel so fresh, as they were trusted to close it out. Hanan was able to get the win for STARS as moments like the picture-perfect Superkick from Iwatani to Hayashishita made for an exciting match from beginning to end. ***1/2

Syuri & Giulia vs. Rina & Konami

This match ruled. Giving Rina such a huge opportunity to team with Konami against the Goddesses of Stardom Champions is one of the fresher decisions Stardom has made. The team of Rina and Konami showed potential as well, working incredibly well as they tried to fight off Syuri and Giulia. There wasn’t a lot Rina could do once Syuri had decided that enough was enough, however. Syuri won the match with yet another move adding to her finishing repertoire that never seems to have an end. Makes everything she does feel unstoppable. A well-paced easily watchable match is never something to complain about and that is exactly what we got here. ***1/2

5 STAR GP: Blue Stars Block
Maika (4) def. Ruaka (0)

As one would figure, this one started off with a Ruaka attack, sending Maika out to the floor before even finishing her entrance. It wasn’t one to be a long match though, as once Maika got herself together it spelled the end for Ruaka. The best part of this match before the finish was the power trading between the two on the shoulder tackles. In the end, an angered Maika finished off Ruaka with a Michinoku Driver and that was that. Nothing to rave about her but still a good showing for both in one of the quickest matches of the tournament. **1/2

5 STAR GP: Red Stars Block
Mina Shirakawa (4) def. Saki Kashima (2)

Let’s start this off by saying that this match was all Saki Kashima. Everything was Kashima offense from destroying the arm of Mina Shirakawa to bullying her endlessly in the middle of the ring. And yet Shirakawa was able to steal the win with her new surprise pin that she used against Fukigen Death on Day 1 of the tournament. This wasn’t anything too special. **

5 STAR GP: Red Stars Block
Natsupoi (3) vs. Starlight Kid (3) Draw via Double Count Out

The rich elegance of Natsupoi’s high-speed style mixed with Starlight Kid’s newly found rough, limb-smashing mix made this one of the best sub-10 minute matches you will see this year. It was all action from the word go, not giving too much to spoil their championship match but at the same time giving enough to make a fan want that much more. The return of Natsupoi to Stardom following her injury has given the promotion a much-needed lift for 5 STAR Grand Prix season as she has shown to not only keep up to the pace she was on prior but continue to show why she very well could be the most consistent in Stardom all year. A greatly contested bout with a Double Count Out finish that was well executed. ***3/4

5 STAR GP: Blue Stars Block
Saya Kamitani (2) def. Tam Nakano (4)

When it was announced that Tam Nakano and Saya Kamitani would be facing off once again less than a month after their Wonder of Stardom Championship match, many wondered as to whether or not they could deliver following such a great first bout. They answered those questions pretty quickly, doing exactly that by completely changing up how they fought this one. The pace flew up in comparison as Kamitani had no fear of attempting to destroy the arm of Nakano with her back against the wall at 0-2 in the Stardom 5 STAR Grand Prix and needing a win to stay in any contention. The spot of the match was when Kamitani pulled out a Reverse Frankensteiner on the champion to the awe of the crowd.

Despite that great spot, it was a perfect finish to the match as Kamitani hit a hurricanrana on Nakano, snatching her legs long enough to get the pin and her first win of the tournament. These two showed no love loss as they brought to each other and made it feel nearly as important. Seeing that these two have countlessly delivered in big matches all year long, this was another one for them to hang their hats on in an overall great effort and main event for Osaka. ****1/4

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