Ring of Honor Wrestling
Episode #516
August 7, 2021
Chesapeake Employers Insurance Arena
Baltimore, Maryland

Watch: FITE

The first round of the Women’s World Title Tournament is winding down as the show features two more first-round matches. ROH TV host Quinn McKay became the final entrant in the tournament after ROH fans voted her in. She will face Mandy Leon of the Allure, who, along with Leon’s teammate Angelina Love, screwed her out of both of her qualifying matches with them in separate singles matches. The main event has nothing to do with the tournament, but it’s a fun-looking match. I’m here, so I’ll review it too.

ROH Women’s World Title Tournament First Round Match
Quinn McKay def. Mandy Leon

With Love barred from ringside, McKay jumps Leon from behind, and the match starts with a healthy dose of viciousness. Leon takes control early, taunting McKay as she attacks. McKay comes back after slamming Leon in the bottom turnbuckle. Leon tries to best to regain her momentum, including fighting out of the Tangerine Dream by McKay. It’s too little too late as Quinn McKay strikes back then rolls Leon up for the pin. Post-match, Leon is salty and leaves while Quinn celebrates with the commentary team. This match was everything it needed to be. Quinn got the satisfying win after weeks of confrontation with the Allure. Pure Rules this match wasn’t, it was a fight, and I love it. ***3/4

ROH Women’s World Title Tournament First Round Match
Trish Adora def. Marti Belle

Adora and Belle start with a lock-up and transition to the ground. Adora subverts the test of strength spot and goes for the attack. Belle targets Adora’s right arm and wears her down with strikes. Adora comes back with a flurry offense leading into a La Magistral cradle for 2. Adora makes quick work of Belle with the Cattle Mutilation, and that’s all. The match was short but satisfying. It had just the right amount of grappling, submissions, and strikes. ***3/4

Bandido & Rey Horus
Violence Unlimited (Brody King & Chris Dickinson)

The former MexiSquad members getting a mudhole stomped into them by Dickinson and King. Horus is at the mercy of these violent giants, cut off from the ROH Champ, Bandido. Horus gets the best Violence Unlimited and tags in Bandido. The champ overshoots Dickinson on an aerial attack but makes up for it by overhead lifting Dickinson over his head with insane strength. Bandido and Horus take over with a high-flying assault. King and Dickinson came back with power as King fails at tapping Bandido with the Boston Crab. Dickinson counters the first 21 Plex, but with Horus’ help, Bandido hits Dickinson with a second 21 Plex. A fantastic, surprisingly even match-up. Great stuff by all involved. ****1/4

Post-match, LFI runs in as Rush attacks Bandido and removes his mask. Homicide runs in for Violence Unlimited, and it’s an all-out brawl to end the show.

Final Thoughts

While Kay/Willow had more strike-based action than Adora/Belle and was a better match bell to bell than McKay/Leon, this episode featured the best experience of the women’s tournament yet. Add in the fantastic main event, and this episode of ROH certainly delivered.