The List of Jericho is Chris Jericho’s fifth autobiography, and it’s easily the most unique book of his. Arguably, it’s the most unique wrestler autobiography in history due to its format – a full list of all of Chris Jericho’s matches.

The list of matches contains basic information about each match: the date, location, opponent(s), result, crowd size, and Jericho’s star rating for his 2722 career matches at that point. The biggest draw with this list is the star ratings. Wrestlers tend to only discuss what they think of their performances in their career highlight matches. Jericho blows that standard out of the water in this book.

Outside of the various top ten lists throughout the books, about 50 of those matches come with in-depth notes from Jericho or another participant about either the match or the atmosphere around it. While most of these notes are interesting, they cover not even 2% of Jericho’s matches. What did Jericho think about the big elimination match at SummerSlam 2010 against Nexus? It was ***3/4 stars, and that’s all you get. What was it like working the Spike TV video game awards show in 2003? No clue.

There is a lot of new photos, which are interesting. The real highlight of the book are the listicles, particularly those from Excalibur, Dave Meltzer, Alfredo Esparza, and Fumi Saito. Lance Storm is notable in his absence, though he was likely under WWE contract at the wrong time for this project.

Jericho’s lists tend to be fun – few other people will be able to write a list of ten inanimate objects that they got over, and the ten weird Jericho merch items are, well, weird.

All in all, The List of Jericho is an interesting idea that will leave you wanting more. It’s perfect for a hardcore Jericho fan. If you’re looking for a fuller history of one of wrestling’s most unique careers, this book is more of an addendum than a central text for you.