Stardom 5 STAR Grand Prix Opening Round Day 2
AUGUST 1, 2021

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Check out the preview for the 5 STAR Grand Prix Day 1 here.

Special Three-Way Tag Team Match
Koguma & Hanan vs. Mina Shirakawa & Lady C vs. Ruaka & Rina

For the second straight day, a special tag team match will open the show. Koguma, Mina Shirakawa, and Ruaka could all use the match to gain some momentum as they move forward in the tournament. The team of Koguma and Hanan has been one we have seen recently and could be the favorites heading into this match. There’s no guarantee this one airs as it could be a dark match for the fans in attendance. Prediction: Koguma & Hanan

5 STAR GP: Blue Stars Block
Unagi Sayaka vs. AZM

The opening match for the 5 STAR Grand Prix on Day 2 will pit Future of Stardom Champion Unagi Sayaka against AZM. Sayaka will be fresh off a night one battle with Tam Nakano while AZM will come in fresh, only competing in an 8-women tag team match. It’s interesting to consider both of these two in the Blue Stars Block as they are both expected to be on the lower side. Sayaka could view AZM as her chance to get a win but it remains to be seen if she can keep up with the High-Speed star. AZM, on the other hand, made it a purpose to say that she has to beat Sayaka in this tournament.

AZM’s been adamant that Sayaka is below her on the totem pole and will not be happy unless she proves that right. It should be an interesting opening match for Day 2. Prediction: AZM

5 STAR GP: Red Stars Block
Saki Kashima vs. Starlight Kid

Oedo Tai squares off as Saki Kashima takes on Starlight Kid. Kashima is part of the opening match on Day 1, making this her first match in the 5 STAR Grand Prix. Taking on Kid will be an interesting twist as they have gelled well since Kid joined the group. No one believes that Kashima will be getting too many wins but her Revival is always a threat to steal a win or two here. Kid will be fresh off a match with Giulia, one that will likely bring a ton of emotion out of the rising star.

If Kid was still in STARS, it would be reasonable to think Kashima would steal the win via Revival here, but seeing that they seem to be on the same page in Oedo Tai, this should smarten Kid up to be looking for it and that will aid her in getting the win. Prediction: Starlight Kid

5 STAR GP: Red Stars Block
Natsupoi vs. Momo Watanabe

The Red Stars Block is bringing a fun match to the table here. Natsupoi will jump right back into the fire here as her return features back-to-back matches in the 5 STAR Grand Prix. The matchup with Momo Watanabe will be the first time that they square off in singles competition and it could be the perfect time for Natsupoi to pull off the upset. Seeing that our predictions for Day 1 feature us seeing Watanabe defeat Mayu Iwatani, her confidence will be through the roof following that. That could allow Natsupoi to pull off the stunning win with her high-speed work coming into play. That being said, Watanabe with confidence, as we know, is one of the more dominant factors in all of Stardom.

Sunday should be an interesting battle between these two as both Natsupoi and Watanabe will need this win with the first weekend of the 5 STAR Grand Prix being the most important until the final show in terms of gaining momentum. Don’t be shocked by an upset. Prediction: Natsupoi

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5 STAR GP: Blue Stars Block
Tam Nakano vs. Konami

Tam Nakano versus Konami is a match we have seen over the past month and these two went to a 15-minute draw. Interestingly enough, Nakano has since successfully defended the Wonder of Stardom Championship against Oedo Tai member Starlight Kid. While draws are difficult to get a complete insight into whether or not one competitor has the advantage, this seems like a prime matchup for the champion to fall. Konami has been incredible in the 5 STAR Grand Prix, finishing in the finals just two years ago. Add on the fact that this will be her first match in the tournament this year and we believe that not only will the upset happen, but Nakano will be getting her next challenger in doing so. Konami is a true dark horse in the Blue Stars Block. Prediction: Konami

5 STAR GP: Blue Stars Block
Utami Hayashishita vs. Saya Kamitani

A rematch from All Star Dream Cinderella pits World of Stardom Champion Utami Hayashishita against AphroditE partner and Cinderella Tournament winner Saya Kamitani. What these two were able to do in their first match this year made people take notice of Kamitani’s growth as a competitor as she was a millisecond from winning the gold. Kamitani stated at the 5 STAR Grand Prix press conference that this rematch with her tag team partner is one of the matches she is most looking forward to. Can she pull out the win this time is the question at hand.

It’s certainly reasonable to think that she can, but Hayashishita is on a different level than everyone but one person in Stardom right now. Her run through the Blue Stars Block should not only be eye-catching based on all the potential and former contenders she will be facing, but it can only heighten her greatness this year. Expect this match to be great, carry a lot of emotion, and see the champion come out on top as the winner yet again. Prediction: Utami Hayashishita

5 STAR GP: Blue Stars Block
Syuri vs. Maika

A Donna del Mondo clash! Syuri versus Maika should be one of the more sneaky great matches of the entire tournament as these two, much like all of DDM, are as close as it gets and it could bring out the best in both. Syuri is going to be a favorite all tournament long and it will be unlikely many can defeat her. That being said, Maika should have the ability to do so seeing that she knows Syuri more than maybe anyone else. Following a Day 1 match with Kamitani, Syuri should be focused on continuing that momentum against Cinderella Tournament finalists by taking out Maika on her road to getting the World of Stardom Championship.

Maika will be fresh off the main event with Hayashishita from Day 1 which means it could be a tough time for her to turn around to then face Syuri. All that being said, Donna del Mondo should represent well all tournament long as these two should put on a great showing in this respected battle. Prediction: Syuri

5 STAR GP: Red Stars Block
Giulia vs. Mayu Iwatani

The main event of the evening very well could be the biggest match of the entire 5 STAR Grand Prix. Giulia is set to face Mayu Iwatani as two of Stardom’s four pillars go head-to-head. As exciting as this match is, it has not been long since we saw them face off. It was May 23 when they faced each other in singles action as it was seen as the Stardom memorial match for the late Hana Kimura. Both wrestlers did their best to battle while keeping their emotions in check, bringing out the Hydrangea and Tiger Lily on separate occasions. Giulia and Iwatani battled to a draw in that one, so this will be their chance to break that.

This main event will be the third time facing off and the second time ever in the 5 STAR Grand Prix. They opened the tournament last year, going over 17 minutes in a match that saw Giulia walk out with the win. Seeing that Iwatani faces Watanabe on Day 1 and Giulia on Day 2, she’s going to need to buckle down and find a win here if she wants to be in contention at the conclusion of the tournament. It’s a coin flip as to who will win this one but the “Ace” getting her win back from last year feels right. Prediction: Mayu Iwatani