Congratulations to Wayne Miller on winning the first Rare Entries Competition! Chris KENNEDY, Jmart1979, Tony Simos, and Wilson Smilson round out the top five.

As a reminder, your final score came from multiplying the points you got for every question.

The optimal score for this was 18 points. Questions 1 and 6 are the only ones that had a best answer that scored more than 1 point.

PlayerOverall ScoreRankCorrectBest AnswersQ1Q2Q3Q4Q5Q6Q7
Wayne Miller15121749171324
Chris KENNEDY72765271153731171
Tony Simos177408471143118681
Wilson Smilson21870057193951092
will cook30240067295756321
Traci A.354816770142981182
Chris Boothroyd6209288701427311812
Karl Preston829440971989102322
Jim R141120010711451710329
Nate Cummings158400011701511510864
Erin Quinn166725012701935101395
Chris Wagstaff192456013719320311912
Steven McClernon2483712157114176113212
Justin Lance284592016701411581176
Andrew Parker343343017701411771375
Randy C374528018701921178325
Daniel Kuchler3862320197019221112572
Gus Couldwell4387460206114111174571
Paul Wedding529689622701981181166
Andrew Rich684288023701522938812
Stewart Dougall739260024511574745192
Lee Malone752136025607422113574
DynaMike Kid855360027719229103325
Thomas Montgomery8601600287014320108324
Rhys W860244029701922775712
Lee Craig1036800033701582061089
Matt Conte1422036034701911207699
Matt K1710720035701511208899
Barry Hess1733529636701922938326
Brady Kellogg180576003771192220121029
Boss Rock20736000397015820121089
Warren H34099200406015220674324
Jeri Evagood455347204170142220811712
Niel Jacoby584263684270192271213324
Andy Napier601920004370192251010329
Kevin @avalanchestyle638668804571922712103212
MATT CURTIS65729664467019227613329
Bill Knust73597440475174177453212
Nick F10954944050701922201213712
Dan L126720000517015112010103212
Jason Shubnell1284096005270192220583212
Jason Andrews1745452805361974201213712
Eric Beck17527910454701922712133212
August Baker45952401657407437474679
Jarrod M Earle473126400585074591063274
Matt E. Allen6189004806060152211748329
Connor McGrath825200640636074112012113212
Christian Greenwood10524433926450741177413326
Tyler Buuck126337536066601974201213329
Patrick W. Reed20817561606850152274674326
Tyler Forness129542008327230747474746612

Here’s a breakdown of the different correct answers for each question and how many people gave that answer.

Question 1: Name one of the four wrestlers who faced The Undertaker’s team at Survivor Series 1990.

Bret Hart: 9

Dusty Rhodes: 14

Jim Neidhart: 15

Koko B. Ware: 19

Incorrect answers: 16

Question 2: Name a PPV wrestler who faced the Brothers of Destruction in a tag match.

Christian: 1

Stone Cold Steve Austin: 1

Bray Wyatt: 1

Edge: 2

Luke Harper: 2

Bubba Ray Dudley: 2

DDP: 3

D-Von Dudley: 3

Shawn Michaels: 3

Triple H: 5

Brian Adams: 8

Kanyon: 11

Bryan Clarke: 22

Incorrect answers: 9

Question 3: Name a wrestler eliminated by The Undertaker in the 2002 Royal Rumble

Rikishi: 1

Billy Gunn: 5

Jeff Hardy: 7

Maven: 7

Goldust: 9

Matt Hardy: 11

Al Snow: 20

Incorrect answers: 13

Question 4: Name one of the nine heels who helped Yokozuna beat Undertaker at the 1994 Royal Rumble.

Diesel: 1

Bam Bam Bigelow: 3

Fatu: 3

Crush: 5

The Great Kabuki: 6

Jeff Jarrett: 7

Samu: 8

Adam Bomb: 10

Genichiro Tenryu: 12

Incorrect answers: 18

Question 5: Name one of the 15 wrestlers Undertaker faced in a Hell in the Cell match.

Randy Orton: 1

Shawn Michaels: 1

Stone Cold Steve Austin: 2

Triple H: 2

Batista: 3

The Rock: 3

Brock Lesnar: 5

Edge: 6

Mankind: 6

Kurt Angle: 8

CM Punk: 10

Rikishi: 11

Big Boss Man: 13

Incorrect answers: 2

Correct answers not given: Kane, Shane McMahon

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Question 6: Name one of the eight members of the Ministry of Darkness.

Edge: 2

Paul Bearer: 2

Gangrel: 6

Bradshaw: 7

Viscera: 7

Faarooq: 8

Christian: 9

Mideon: 32

Incorrect answers: 0

Question 7: Name one of the wrestlers who lost to Undertaker in his first 21 wins of The Streak.

Batista: 1

CM Punk: 1

Triple H: 1

Kane: 1

Shawn Michaels: 1

Big Show: 2

Randy Orton: 2

Ric Flair: 2

Diesel: 4

Sycho Sid: 4

Jake Roberts: 5

Giant Gonzalez: 5

King Kong Bundy: 9

Mark Henry: 9

A-Train: 12

Jimmy Snuka: 12

Incorrect answers: 1

Correct answers not given: Big Boss Man, Edge

Thanks to everyone that played!