Rare Entries is a game where seven questions are asked which have multiple correct answers. Your goal is to give a correct answer that is also given by as few competitors as possible.

For each question, you get a number of points equal to the number of people who gave that answer. If you are the only one to submit that (correct) question, you get one point on the question. If there are 100 players and everyone gives the same answer, everyone gets 100 points for that question.

If you give an answer that is incorrect, you will score one point more than the number of people participating for that question. If 100 people answer a question, and you give an incorrect answer, you will score 101 points for that question.

Your score for each question is then multiplied together. The goal is to have the lowest score possible.

You can look up answers as part of this competition.


Give the correct answer for each question that you think will be given by the least number of people!

The first game will be focused on The Undertaker, with questions focusing on different parts of his career. Show off your knowledge of the Dead Man and give the answers you think will be the least common.

If the form below does not load, you can also fill it out at https://forms.gle/iHYQfjHThDB6jMu97.

Entries are due Monday, July 12  at 11:59 EST.