Yokohama Dream Cinderella 2021 In Summer
July 4, 2021
Yokohama Budokan
Yokohama, Kanagawa, Japan

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Gauntlet Tag
Maika & Lady C vs. Hanan & Hina vs. Saki Kashima & Rina vs. Konami & Fukigen Death

To open up the show, Stardom has gifted the fans an intriguing Gauntlet Tag. Donna del Mondo’s Maika will team with the winless Lady C which was expected as Lady C has helped fill in prior. STARS’ Hanan is teaming with her sister and Queen Quest’s member Hina to form a very intriguing team. The final two teams of the match will both consist of Oedo Tai talent as Saki Kashima teams with Rina while Konami teams with Fukigen Death. If you have been watching the recent shows, it has become Natsuko Tora’s new mission to take Maika from Donna del Mondo and get her to join Oedo Tai. That should play into this match with both Oedo Tai teams focused on Maika and Lady C. There’s nothing on the line here but it should be a fun opener nonetheless. Prediction: Konami & Fukigen Death

Special Tag Team Match
Momo Watanabe & AZM vs. Starlight Kid & Ruaka

One of the best team’s in all of professional wrestling will team up on Sunday as Momo Watanabe and AZM prepare for battle with Oedo Tai’s Starlight Kid and Ruaka. MOMOAZ just went to a 15-minute draw with Mayu Iwatani and Koguma, setting themselves up for a potential title match if the challengers were to win the gold. They have been having one heck of a run together in the last year as the reigning Goddess of Stardom Tag League winners and could pick up a huge win by defeating Kid and Ruaka.

Speaking of the Oedo Tai duo, this will be interesting to see as it will be the first time these two team up as a duo. Kid has been hesitant to fully embrace the ways of Oedo Tai but if she keeps winning and even beats her rival AZM, it seems she may fully embrace the darkness. After watching the most recent house shows of Stardom, Kid may already be there. This will be a big match in seeing that progression. Prediction: Momo Watanabe & AZM

Future of Stardom Championship Finals
Mina Shirakawa vs. Unagi Sayaka

The Future of Stardom Championship will be vacant no more come Sunday as the duel between Cosmic Angels will commence. Mina Shirakawa got to the finals of the tournament by defeating Ruaka and Hina in competition. Unagi Sayaka managed to make her way into the finals when she defeated Lady C in the first round and Hanan in the second. These two have been in prime positions as members of the Stardom roster, holding the Artists of Stardom Championships alongside Cosmic Angels leader Tam Nakano. This match truly could go either way but seeing that Sayaka made it all the way to the semi-finals of the Cinderella Tournament as well, this seems to be hers to lose. Prediction: Unagi Sayaka

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Goddesses of Stardom Championship
Giulia & Syuri (c) vs. Mayu Iwatani & Koguma

For a match that was just announced in the last week, there is plenty of hype around this one already. Giulia and Syuri have been a blessing in disguise to the Goddesses of Stardom Championships, putting on incredible defense after incredible defense in an effort to restore value to the tag team gold. However, they will face the one team that has managed to get their number so far as Mayu Iwatani and Koguma have a win over Alto livello KABALIWAN. Koguma managed to roll up Giulia for the win and that is how we have ended up with this match. Iwatani and Koguma have quickly made for a great team, showing immense chemistry with such small-time together. It’s been a tough year for Iwatani, who has seen STARS disappear in stunning fashion. This is her time to try and turn that around.

With Koguma still really only a month back into wrestling, it will be interesting to see how she does on the major stage in a title match of such massive proportions. Syuri’s mindset will also be interesting to watch in this one following her difficult shortcomings just three weeks ago in her match with Utami Hayashishita. She’s clearly still focused on that belt so this could be the perfect time for Iwatani and Koguma to strike yet again, pulling off the upset and winning the gold. Prediction: Giulia & Syuri

Wonder of Stardom Championship
Tam Nakano (c) vs. Saya Kamitani

It’s time. After what has felt like months of build-up, Tam Nakano will defend her Wonder of Stardom Championship against the Cinderella Tournament winner, Saya Kamitani. While Kamitani just won the tournament, it was all the way back in April that she defeated Nakano in the first round of the Cinderella Tournament and stared her down in doing so. Instantly it felt that this was the match that we would all be awaiting once the tournament concluded. It’s been rare to see anything but greatness from the challenger this year as she has gone from being the future to “The Golden Phoenix” in a number of months. She has only dazzled on the major stage with her match against AphroditE teammate Utami Hayashishita at All Star Dream Cinderella being the one many points to. Sunday could be her time once again.

This is an interesting spot for Nakano. Believe it or not, this will only be Nakano’s second defense of the championship since winning it back in March. Add in the fact that the Cinderella Tournament winner has won the Wonder of Stardom Championship for years now and it looks as though Nakano’s days as champion may be numbered. But this has been an impressive year for the Cosmic Angels leader. She has taken over with shining colors and projected herself as one of the true pillars of the company. Kamitani will be there eventually, but it’s going to take a Herculean effort to take the Wonder of Stardom Championship away from Nakano so soon. If the Phoenix Splash is hit, however, it could be the end for Nakano as champion. This match is going to be a special one. Prediction: Tam Nakano

World of Stardom Championship
Utami Hayashishita (c) vs. Natsuko Tora

The main event of the evening will see Utami Hayashishita defend her World of Stardom Championship against the Oedo Tai kingpin, Natsuko Tora. Hayashishita is only weeks removed from the grueling 43-minute draw with Syuri that had the world clamoring for more. Hayashishita showed that no matter what, the best shot may still not be enough to uncrown her as champion. She has now successfully defended the championship against Momo Watanabe, Maika, Saya Kamitani, Bea Priestley, and Syuri. This is what many can call a “hitter’s row” of challengers but Hayashishita has made every single one of them fall. And while it’s easy to believe that she should pass by Tora with a win here, the challenger has been on her own bit of a streak since being upset in the Cinderella Tournament.

When Tora nearly single-handedly killed the heart of STARS and made Mayu Iwatani watch as she took Starlight Kid from her, she gained this sense of power that fans had long been wanting out of the Oedo Tai leader. Everything has been confidence and destruction since then. In a tag team match where she would be able to get her hands on Hayashishita, she not only outpowered her but even pinned Saya Kamitani in the middle of the ring to send a message.

These two both have a powerful game but are different in many ways, which should lead to a phenomenal clash that leaves the world talking once again. If Hayashishita can survive this, it’s likely that she will be awaiting the winner of the 5STAR Grand Prix before she defends her title next. Another massive main event that is worthy of everyone’s viewing. Prediction: Utami Hayashishita