This week on Wrestling Omakase we review two shows from Korakuen Hall: the 2nd Round of the King of DDT tournament and Tokyo Joshi’s 6/17 show, Additional Attack.

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John is joined by returning guest Hayley (@choerrycoloured) as they start out with the ever-popular anime discussion, going over shows they’ve been watching lately, more thoughts on the return of cons and more. Once that’s out of the way they turn to the King of DDT 2nd Round show, held on June 20th at Korakuen Hall, breaking it all down match-by-match. They get into a disappointing main event, another Sasaki Screwjob™, Takeshita and MAO having a friendly bro battle, Endo and Higuchi tearing the house down, a rant on how good Tetsuya Endo is (and a prominent British flippy wrestler he’s better than), some upcoming DDT announcements, a fun 3-way tag, UTAMI’S DAD GETS SOME, and the saga of the Paulie clan. Plus, somehow a digression about AEW stables is in there somewhere. I don’t know how that happened either.

Once that’s finally done they head over to the magical world of Tokyo Joshi to break down their June 17th Additional Attack show, also from Korakuen Hall. They start with a long review of the NEO Biishiki-gun vs. Miyu Yamashita & Maki Itoh main event, a truly awesome match that they break down from all angles, which includes another rant on why Sakisama is so great. Then they break down the rest of the show, including long explanations on Japanese Gal/Gyaru culture (due to “Gal Wrestler” Marika Kobashi challenging for the International Princess Title in the semi-main) and the 48/46 groups (because SKE48 idol and new wrestler Yuki Arai has her first ever singles match here), and this has to be the only wrestling podcast you can come to for that kind of information. If there’s another one, I’d love to meet them.

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