WWE Hell In A Cell 2021
June 20, 2021
Tampa, Florida
WWE ThunderDome (Yuengling Center)

Watch: Peacock & WWE Network

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Suit Williams: The show I previewed three days ago is radically different from the show I’m reviewing now. But I swear to god, if this runs into the Rick and Morty premiere, you kids are on your own. Follow me on Twitter, @SuitWilliams.

Sean Sedor: Well, I just got finished with a full day of racing with Formula 1, IndyCar, and NASCAR (as well as hanging out with my dad for Father’s Day), and now I’m about to take part in….*checks notes*….a WWE PPV review. Ah well (*cracks knuckles*), let’s get ready to do this thing. You can follow me on Twitter @SASedor2994, where I’ve been tweeting a lot about Hearts Of Iron IV and Kaiserreich lately. If you’re interested in some other stuff I do, you can check out my YouTube channel (just search my name) if you’d like to see me play the Formula 1 game, and you can also check out my Extreme Warfare Revenge thread on the Be The Booker forums (if you’re into those kinds of games).

Jeri Evagood: “Ahem”, for a woman who doesn’t watch WWE, I somehow end up reviewing a plethora (good word) of WWE. Why am I here? What is my purpose?  Wait, Roman versus Rey isn’t happening? It already happened? Why do I sign up for these things. I really need to get an S.O. Um, err… follow me at @TheJerriest_Jer


Suit: These two worked this like a grapplefuck-era EVOLVE match, trading submissions in an empty building. Mandy has clearly been watching her Dragongate tapes, as she transitions a perfect Genki Horiguchi-style Backslide From Heaven into a pinpoint knee to the face, a la Keisuke Okuda. They chain wrestle in slow motion until Natalya taps Mandy out with the Sharpshooter. A nothing burger. **1/2

Sean: This was a match that happened. It was below average, I guess. **1/4

Jeri: I sincerely appreciate there are four women matches tonight. I wish I had more interest in a good portion of them. This was an alright pre-show match that went on longer than it needed to do so. It’s not so much that either woman was bad as much as neither woman was interesting. You can present your talent, but it doesn’t mean it’ll make me care, and in the end I couldn’t bring myself to look upon my field and grow a single damn to give. I almost (ALMOST) want to start the night off generously with a lady’s three, but for real, it doesn’t come close enough for me to justify that. **1/2  


Suit: This is a Hell in a Cell match now. Since the Reigns/Mysterio match got moved to Smackdown, they needed another Cell match on this show. I mean, they could’ve just done the one and made it mean more. But this is WWE, MORE IS MORE! I’m surprised WWE hasn’t found a way to make the cage blue and red yet. Oh man, Hell in a Cell 3D! I bet that idea’s been pitched before. Bayley can control the Thunderdome screens now, and uses them to laugh at Bianca Belair. The bell for the first match rang 14 minutes into the show. The announcers put over Bayley’s experience in Hell in a Cell, which is odd since she’s only been in one Cell match, and she lost to Sasha Banks. This is my first WWE show since Wrestlemania, and watching a show in the Thunderdome after that and dozens of sports events with real crowds make this a tough watch. I can’t get into it at all. They’re doing solid work that makes sense, but it’s just hard to feel it. Bayley worked Bianca’s arm, Bianca worked the knee. They did a lot of hair spots, which is coming very close to jumping the shark for me. Bianca hit the KOD on a ladder to win. They did creative weapon stuff and had a good match. But I just can’t get over this lack of environment. It’s gonna make the whole show worse for me. Money In The Bank can’t get here soon enough. ***1/2

Sean: Watching a WWE PPV is a lot like going to the movies. They both have a certain start time, but you know you have a fifteen minute-ish window at the start to play with, in case you’re running late. In the case of movies, you’ve got the other movie trailers. In the case of WWE, you got the PPV intro, the fireworks display, the long video package for the opening match, and the entrances before the actual opening match begins.

Bianca gained control quickly, and Bayley’s attempt to use a chair did nothing to stop Bianca on this early roll. Once Bayley found an opening, however, she took it, and started targeting the left arm of Bianca. This control period included Bayley tying Bianca’s braid to the ropes, but unlike The Great O-Khan in his 2nd Round New Japan Cup match against Toru Yano, she didn’t need scissors to free herself from that predicament. Once Bayley regained control, she brought out a pair of taped together kendo sticks (which was a callback to the Sasha Banks match last year where she had some trouble taping them together), but of course, per the rules of wrestling, she got put through the kendo sticks, since she was the one who set them up.

We get more spots with Bianca’s hair, as Bayley first tied Bianca to a chair, but then Bianca tied herself to Bayley as she made a comeback. A ladder ends up getting introduced, and this leads to a cool finish where Bianca gives Bayley the K.O.D. on an unfolded ladder for the win. The bout itself was pretty good, but aside from the one spot with the taped up kendo sticks, there’s absolutely nothing that separates this from your typical WWE hardcore match. That’s the main problem with Hell In A Cell matches these days. Sure, we also got a lot of spots with Bianca’s hair (which is unique), but again, you could’ve removed the Hell In A Cell all together, and the match wouldn’t have changed one bit. ***1/2 

Jeri: I’ve never been a fan of HIAC getting its own ppv. It should be a threatening/dangerous gimmick only used to end the grudgiest and grudge matches. This isn’t a WWE alone issue, it’s been an issue in wrestling for a long time where certain times of the year gravitate toward certain gimmicks and eventually things are slapped with it. 

 I thought this was quite entertaining. Bayley and Bianca had that “better match in them” I thought they could have when I reviewed their previous affair. We got some fun spots with Bianca’s hair (although you could argue they over relied on it a bit, but at least we got a payoff with Bianca turning the tables). I enjoyed the spot where Bayley hit the sunset bomb on Bianca into the structure, as well as the match ending with Bianca throwing hitting Bayley with the K.O.D in the very end in a spot that did not look pleasant at all, but was definitely a worthwhile match ender.

They gel well, although there was chunks where I couldn’t help but feel the HIAC wasn’t necessary. This could’ve just been a very good NO DQ/street fight/extreme rules/whatever. It only gets thrown in the HIAC because that’s the show on the schedule so they have to slap it on a few matches and call it a  day. That’s not the fault of the competitors though, but it still becomes a knock. Also Mcafee hamming it up about Bianca getting bitten by Bayley also reached high levels of obnoxiousness. This is not a top tier Hell In A Cell match, but it was a good match and a worthwhile opener that I quite enjoyed as it went on. Both women are talented so this should be no surprise. Do I wish it hit higher heights? Sure, but in the sterile and at times pedestrian world of WWE, when you get any level of quality you roll with it. ***3/4


Suit: What is Seth Rollins? He’s not a cult leader anymore, but he’s still talking like one. He dresses like an asshole. I don’t know what I’m supposed to get from him anymore. That’s a problem, because Cesaro beating him is theoretically a big deal. But it’s not as big if Rollins doesn’t matter. I was joking earlier with the Mandy Rose match, but these two have watched their New Japan tapes. Cesaro ripped off a Rainmaker, and Rollins hit the elbow to the back of the head that Will Ospreay does for a nearfall. I was waiting for a Last of the Dragon for the finish. Rollins began monologuing, making me once again aware of how ready I am to be done with the Thunderdome Era. Cesaro got a Sharpshooter in, and stomped on Rollins’ arm to keep him from reaching for the ropes, but Rollins rolled him up for the win. Cool. On an unrelated note, Jerry Lawler looks like a cooked Thanksgiving turkey. ***1/2

Sean: Well, at least this show is getting off to a decent start on the in-ring side of things. These two had a very good match at WrestleMania, and when the dust settled, they had another really solid match. Rollins jumped Cesaro during his entrance, but this didn’t stop Cesaro from gaining control in the opening stages. Rollins eventually got the advantage after going after Cesaro’s eye (because of course he did). Cesaro managed to mount a comeback, which included a Rainmaker of all things. The shoutouts, of sorts, would continue later on, as Rollins busted out a Chris Hero-style elbow shot to the back of Cesaro’s head

We get some more back and forth, before Cesaro nails the giant swing and locks Rollins in the sharpshooter. Cesaro then transitioned into a variety of submissions, and even relinquished a submission to stomp on the arm of Rollins a couple of times. He tried to put Rollins back in the sharpshooter, but Rollins countered with a small package, and caught Cesaro for the win. The match from WrestleMania was definitely better, but this was still an enjoyable contest from start to finish. There was a silly spot in the middle where Cesaro was playing with a glove that Rollins had on, but other than that, I don’t have a ton of complaints about the match itself. They had a straight bout, and we got a clean finish. ***3/4 

Jeri: Always remember with WWE if you enjoyed something (or didn’t) you’ll end up seeing it over and over and over and over and over again. There’s something comforting in that in a twisted, demented way. The reality that nothing matters and there are no consequences and/or rewards for anything that happens. Once you come to terms with this reality, it lets you enter into a certain mindset to watch WWE, if you so chose to do so for whatever your reasons (hopefully not to seek out high end quality pro-wrestling programming). 

The wrestling can be quite good when allowed to be though, and with Rollins and Cesaro you can expect that. I appreciate it that we got zero feeling out process or stalling for time. Cesaro is a bit peeved at Rollins so things started off before even the bell rings. Makes things feel personal, legit like a grudge. I like that, give me that. Rollins and Cesaro click, I’ve enjoyed what they’ve presented so far and this is a continuation of this. We got good back and forth, Cesaro and Rollins both looking good on offense, and of course the giant swing. I will always be a giddy little lady about the giant swing. Wrestlemania was better but this was still a very good affair and it’s not a time waster. Seth Rollins is an excellent *** star range wrestler who has the capabilities of rising above that platform on occasion and Cesaro is a flat out workhorse who will never get his full due, but those know will always know. Solid work, felt personal, very little b.s (Other than some drama involving Rollin’s glove). I liked it. ***1/2


Suit: The cut from Jerry Lawler on the pre-show panel to this Alexa Bliss match feels intentional. Shayna cut a promo in the back, so she’s not possessed yet or anything. I despise Reginald, and I don’t know why. The guy is just doing his job, but I hate him. Why is this wine guy around? Why does he wrestle women? Maybe it’s just my hatred of this whole period of WWE manifesting itself around this meaningless heater. Other than Reginald not wanting to look at Alexa (who could blame him?), they’re worked this pretty straight to begin with. And just like that, now Alexa is controlling Nia Jax like a puppet. Bliss beats Shayna with the Twisted Bliss. If Alexa Bliss could control her opponents by looking at them, why didn’t she just make Shayna lay down? It wasn’t as stupid as it could’ve been, so I guess that’s a win. But this is bad, accomplishes nothing, and continues to be lame and embarrassing. 1/2*

Sean: Just like that, this show came to a screeching halt when the graphic for this match came up. This is the first time we’ve seen Shayna Baszler since her “Hollywood Hulk Hogan seeing Ultimate Warrior in the mirror” moment on RAW a few weeks ago. Baszler would control the early portions of the match, but Bliss was doing The Fiend of no-selling the pain. In fact, the announcers put over how Bliss is actually enjoying the pain. So I guess Bliss is a masochist now? She survives Shayna’s offense, and while Shayna is incapacitated, we get a spot where Bliss possesses Nia Jax, forcing her to slap Reginald and scream (no, I did not make up what I just typed). Bliss then survives Shayna’s choke, and then hits her twisting splash to score the win. 

I gotta say….for this being the final PPV in the ThunderDome, I’m surprised that they didn’t go over-the-top with a bunch of magical shit that you can only do in that environment. Instead, we got a stunt that could’ve possibly been done in front of a live crowd. It doesn’t matter though, because this sucked. Bliss no-selling all of Shayna’s offense just makes Shayna look so weak and ineffective as a wrestler. Remember when Shayna was an unstoppable killer who was nearly unbeatable? This match can go right in the bin. *

Jeri: In  Harlan Ellison’s “I Have No Mouth and I Must Scream” a supercomputer out of pure hatred keeps the last five remaining humans alive and torments them for all eternity. I’m now imagining a scenario where a super-sentient Peacock network kills everyone except five contributors to Voices Of Wrestling. For a hundred and nine years we are subjugated to this Alexis Bliss/Shayna super special spooky sequences and silliness bullshit. We are forced to watch it over and over again, slowly being driven insane and to the point of suicide until the computer resets our brains and makes us go through the process all over again. At some point, we all find a way out of this torment, and four of us succeed, but one of us (we’ll say poor Joe Lanza), before he can do so, is stopped and is turned into nothing but a blob with eyes he can never close. These eyes force me to watch Fiend/Bliss/Lily Lore for all eternity over and over and over and over again. It is maddening, tormenting, there is no escape. He has no mouth but he must scream. Oh, this match sucked and anyone who had the misfortune of watching has forgotten a small fraction of knowledge they have gained in their lifetime. DUD


Suit: Hey, a good match! I love how after six years on the main roster, WWE is just letting Zayn and Owens take up time on PPV. Owens is selling his throat, after getting hit with Commander Azeez’s Nigerian Nail twice on Smackdown. I’m not gonna add anymore context to that sentence. The story is that Owens is in firm control, but his throat is so messed up that he can’t do much. Zayn hit a dive that led to Owens selling the arm. This is much different than the Wrestlemania match between these two. That was a straight moves match, while this one is telling a WWE story. Zayn beat Owens out of the ring, but Owens hit a Stunner on the floor. After that, these two just beat the shit out of each other. Zayn hooked Owens’ arm over the ropes, kicked Owens throat-first into the ropes, then hit the Helluva Kick for the win. These two can’t have a bad match, and this is no exception. If WWE wants to stick these two in a random match on PPV every time out, I wouldn’t be mad at it. ***3/4

Sean: This is the second WrestleMania rematch on this card, which just goes to show how utterly repetitive WWE’s booking is at the moment. Unlike AEW, where we usually get fresh and different matchups every week on TV, it feels like we get the same matches over and over and over again (I’m far from the first person to bring this up).

Hey, remember when these two had a match on PPV a number of years ago that was billed as the “last ever meeting” (or whatever the phrase was that they used) between the two? I don’t mind seeing these two wrestle, because they always have good matches, but that’s something I’ll always think about when watching these two wrestle in WWE. Anyway, Owens has the early edge, but he’s still selling the effects of the Nigerian Nail that Commander Azeez delivered to him on SmackDown last Friday. They go back and forth for a bit before Zayn managed to hit a dive to the floor. This is where the match took a weird turn, as Owens appeared to hurt his wrist on that dive. He got up from it very quickly, walked over towards the announce desk, and had the referee check on him for a bit before Sami continued his attack. Owens held his left arm at his side for the rest of the match, so either he’s a REALLY good seller, or he legitimately hurt his wrist, or his shoulder, or whatever he screwed up in his arm.

If Owens was legitimately injured, I have to give him a ton of credit, as he fought through it very well. If Owens wasn’t hurt, and it was part of the story all along, then he caught me hook, line, and sinker with some absolutely incredible selling. The action in the second half was very strong which….again….would you expect anything less from these two? Zayn got a bit of a bloody mouth, from the looks of it, but he still managed to hit the Helluva Kick to score the victory. I don’t have much else to say about this one. It was good! ***3/4 

Jeri: Owen/Zayn happening AGAIN is not a WWE issue, it is the will of the Universe. When all comes to an end it will end with Owen/Zayn having a strike exchange, and then “poof” nothing. All and all, their bar is always set at “This gonna be good” and that’s a soothing feeling. One of those constants you can just rely on. Anyway Owens was either legit hurt or selling his ass off in this match, I’m not sure which is which. If he was selling major kudos to him for me not being every to distinguish what was what. I hope “selling” is what it was. Of course this was damn good, and started with them throwing hands and continued from there. They know each other inside and out, they pretty much could close their eyes, not communicate with each other before the match, and take sleeping pills and sleep walking through these performances and still hit three and a half stars.

They are a proven commodity, and the second half of this match picked things up in a way you always want these two to be going at each other. Both men are great wrestlers, both men know how to have a great match with each other, this was pretty close to great. It’s not in their top performances against each other, but you will quite enjoy it. It’s not surprising Zayn picked up the victory after he lost at Mania, but at least it felt earned. At least he fought for it, took his lumps for it, and there was no zaniness in the path to get there. Just a damn good match that you are satisfied with in the end. Hell yeah. ***3/4


Suit: We get a jumpstart…or not, as Charlotte just shoves Ripley down and politely waits for the bell to ring. This match is definitely happening. Charlotte has had FORTY ONE title matches since she was called up 5 years ago. It’s so hard to care about Charlotte going after any title at this point, especially since the champion isn’t established. Ripley hits the Riptide, and she’s so close to the ropes that she may as well put Charlotte’s leg on the ropes and save us the nearfall. Charlotte gets the Figure Eight on, but Rhea rolls out of the ring. Rhea hits Charlotte with the lid of the table AND GETS DQ’ED? Jesus. And she lays Charlotte out with the Riptide after the bell anyway. If Rhea was gonna stand tall with the belt, WHY DIDN’T SHE JUST WIN? Now they’re saying this was an intentional DQ, did Rhea just turn? Was she a heel already? I don’t know what is happening between these two, but I do know that I don’t care. *** 

Sean: Look at these two losers. That’s the first thought that came to mind when the graphic for this match popped up on the screen. The build to this match has featured both of these women losing multiple times. Anyway, right after the introduction, Charlotte uses the title bout as a distraction to jump Ripley before the bell, and while we did get a brief exchange of offense, Charlotte controlled Rhea during the early portions of the match. Charlotte worked over the leg of Ripley, and even though Ripley was able to mount a comeback, she was still selling the bad leg (at least at certain points, anyway). It was a more even affair down the stretch, as Rhea did the best she could on her injured leg, while Charlotte came close to winning a few times.

Ripley managed to hit the Rip Tide at one point, but Charlotte managed to get to the ropes. At that point, instead of potentially taking a count out, Ripley insisted on going after Charlotte on the floor, but Charlotte kicked her leg into the steps, and continued to do damage in the ring with the Figure Eight. After rolling to the outside, Ripley hits Charlotte with the top piece from the announcer’s desk….and the match is thrown out. Charlotte wins by DQ, but Rhea Ripley still keeps the title. What a flat as fuck finish. The story was that Rhea was on the verge of losing to Charlotte, who CLEARLY had her beat, so she got herself DQ’d. They went around fifteen minutes (it felt longer) and then the match ended in a DQ. Not only that, but Ripley beat up Charlotte after the bout, and laid her out like a total heel. Was this supposed to be a Rhea Ripley heel turn? At this rate, it wouldn’t shock me. The match was enjoyable, for the most part, but the finish absolutely takes it down a couple of pegs. ***1/4 

Jeri: Still waiting for that Rhea match since being called up completely that I can point at and say “That’s the Ripley I became a fan of”. I didn’t get it, I didn’t even come close. This match was like my attendance in Art History 101 when I attended college. Unsatisfactory. Rhea hits Charlotte with the lid of an announce table and gets D.Q for an ending that achieves nothing. Rhea hit her finisher after the match and they trash talk, but don’t really say anything worth repeating. Is Ripley turning heel? Nothing has done anything For Ripley since getting called up, not even winning the damn title.

Match did nothing for me, and the ending killed any slim interest they may have worked their asses off to earn. Ripley has been deflating on the main roster and at times feels like she’s going through the motions and nothing more. This match was solid in the sense the work was good, but there is no spark, no chemistry. Nothing clicks or makes me want to see more. If anything I’m frustrated it’s going to continue. Let Rhea have her big freaking win over Charlotte or just scramp things and move on to something else. Frustrating as hell, and I’m not sure there’s any salvaging at this point. Match was fine, and maybe I’m hitting the negative attitude too hard, but jeebus, the booking and decisions made are just baffling stupidity. *** 


Suit: Hawks/Sixers is coming down to the wire, so I hope they take a while to get started here. It’s a three point game with 3 minutes to go, and they’re doing announcements. Trae Young hit a three from the logo to put the Hawks up six when the bell rang. Drew suplexed Lashley into the cage, then dropped him on his fucking head. Jesus, okay, I’ll pay attention. Lashley sends Drew into the cage as Matisse Thybulle makes the dumbest foul possible behind the three point line. Drew dropped Lashley with an Air Raid Crash on the stairs as Kevin Huerter puts the Hawks up by four at the free throw line. Lashley drills headbutts on Drew as Joel Embiid TURNS IT OVER AND THE HAWKS GO UP SIX! Embiid missed a hail mary three as McIntyre hit a spinebuster and powerbombed Lashley for two. McIntyre hits Lashley with the stairs as it dawns on Philadelphia that they are going to lose this series. Lashley choked McIntyre like he was Ben Simmons in a playoff game. MVP pinned McIntyre in the corner so Lashley could beat him like the Atlanta Hawks beat the two most annoying fanbases in basketball. 

We got a ref bump as McIntyre and Lashley were playing do-si-do with a chair. McIntyre hit the Claymore, but the new ref gets pulled out by MVP, who came in with the ref. McIntyre hit MVP with the Claymore, and dumped Lashley through a table to break the Hurt Lock. Now that the game is over, I’m to be done with this show. Lashley dumped McIntyre through a table on the floor before missing a spear. McIntyre hit the Future Shock DDT before setting up the Claymore, but MVP, who feared a loss like Doc Rivers fears closing out a playoff series, hooks the foot again. Lashley rolled up McIntyre, hooked the tights, and retained. Much like the Philadelphia 76ers, Drew McIntyre choked in a scenario he wanted. To go that long and give us that lame ass finish sucks. Hell in a Cell ending with a distraction finish and a hook of the tights. Gotta get that HEAT! **1/2

Sean: Hoping this PPV finishes before 11:00 so I can watch the season premiere of Rick & Morty. Of course, if Drew McIntyre loses this match, he can no longer challenge for the WWE Title as long as Bobby Lashley holds the title. This got off to a good start, as the two brawled on the floor and actually used the cell walls to do damage to each other. A couple of tables were set up on the outside, and we got our first (I guess) truly big spot as McIntyre nailed Lashley with an Air Raid Crash on the stairs.

McIntyre introduces some chairs, and gives Lashley the reverse Alabama Slam onto one of them. Lashley then gains the advantage, and beats the crap out of McIntyre for a bit (which included using some kendo sticks, with the help of MVP, to trap Drew in one of the corners of the cell briefly. The referee gets taken out during McIntyre’s comeback, and MVP gets involved, pulling the second referee out when Drew appeared to have the match won after hitting the Claymore. I do like how they did that, where MVP got in the cell only because they had to open the door to get a second referee in there.

The two tables that got set up earlier get broken in quick succession (the first saw McIntyre drive Lashley through one to break up the Hurt Lock, the other saw Lashley send Drew off the apron and through a table on the floor). McIntyre managed to recover and was on the verge of winning the title….when MVP prevented the Claymore by grabbing Drew’s foot, which allowed Lashley to roll him up with a handful of tights for the win. This was the strongest match on the card for sure, but for the second bout in a row, we got a screwy finish. Imagine going through everything they went through in this match, only for it to end on a cheap heel finish with a handful of tights. If I was a betting man, I would bet money that the plan is for McIntyre to win Money In The Bank next month, cash it in on Lashley, and win the title in front of fans. If I’m right, I will quote this and proclaim that I was right. If I’m wrong, you can quote this and laugh at me. Guess it doesn’t matter either way. Analyzing WWE booking isn’t worth the energy. This probably would’ve cracked notebook territory if it had a clean finish. Now that this crap is over, I can chill out and watch Rick & Morty. You should too. ***3/4 

Jeri: Drew loses, he no longer can challenge Lashley for the title. All or nothing stipulation, I kind of don’t mind that. Means there are consequences for losing/failing to get the job done, raises the stakes. I like it. If both men are just allowed to beat the hell out of each other, I knew this could be a great affair, and sure enough with little wasted time they beat the hell out of each other I loved it. They made good use of chairs, kendo sticks, and steel steps throughout the match. At one point Lashley blocked a shot with the stairs and slammed Drew into the cage “crushing” him between the cage and stairs and I loved it. These two were made to face each other in the cell.

As things continued “ding dong” could be heard and as I answered trademark WWE bullshit entered with the ref getting taken out and leaving Drew unable to pin and beat Drew. A second referee tries to come in and make the count only for MVP to interfere with the count. That’s the thing about WWE bullshit when it comes to visit, you think it’s gone and then it’s all like “I’M BACKKKKK!!!!” It’s a shame this all kicked into gear as I was REALLY into this match beforehand, and honestly I wasn’t fully taken out of it. I appreciated how deliberate they were, how it felt like a fight, like it felt they were legit fighting over something of importance.

Drew’s back is a mess, a testament to the abuse and shots he has taken. All things seemed to be working toward an excellent and victorious climax for Drew, until MVP was able to grab hold of Drew and it caused Bobby to have a chance to roll up Drew. One handful of tights later and we got Bobby as the winner with a cheap wing. Best match of the show, but that said a main event ending with such a lame ending leaves a bad taste in my mouth. They went through hell against each other, and that’s the ending we get. Bogus and a damn shame. Leaves me with a disappointed and waste of time feeling as the show comes to an end. I won’t discount the excellent work of the men, but I’m definitely not going as high as I would have thanks to that ending and the referee shenanigans. So I guess Drew gets no more title shots……. Yeah…. Sure he won’t. This almost hit four stars, but gotta put in those subtractions. ***3/4