This week on Wrestling Omakase we review two of the biggest shows from Japan in quite a while: NJPW Dominion and the CyberFight Festival!

The Wrestling Omakase Patreon is your best source for coverage of Japanese wrestling, from yesterday and today. We’re in the middle of our series covering every Tanahashi vs. Naito match in order, but we’ll be taking a pause this week to bring you exclusive tournament coverage of the 1st Round of the 2021 King of DDT! Plus: our latest Retro Roulette episode, NJPW Dominion Retro Roulette, coming next week exclusively to the Patreon! You get access to all of this plus everything else we’ve ever done- matches requested by patrons, every Tokyo Dome main event through 1995 (with more to come), all the major tournaments of the past year covered, ANIME OMAKASE, and much more! You can get all of this right now for only $5 at

John is joined by returning guest, VOW contributor and ex-Wednesday Wargames co-host Liam (@theGLEATMuta), as they start out by discussing how bad American wrestling is for some reason. Also, John gives Liam some lessons on hockey (this happens at the start AND the end of the show) while cursing the damn Islanders. Once that’s out of the way they get into the first of two major shows, NJPW Dominion, and Shingo Takagi’s huge IWGP World Heavyweight Title victory. The two of them break it down from every possible angle, going quite a while on both Shingo’s win, what it could mean about NJPW’s future booking plans (and what the original plans may have been before Will Ospreay lost his smile or whatever), and of course give a full review of the match. They then break down the rest of the card, including Kota Ibushi vs. Jeff Cobb, the junior title match and more.

Then they turn their attention to the stacked CyberFight Festival, the big interpromotional NOAH/DDT/Tokyo Joshi/Ganbare show from Saitama Super Arena. They review all FIFTEEN (!) matches, obviously some in a little more detail than others, starting at the top with a great triple main event and heading into some awesome NOAH vs. DDT matches, a not-quite-as-awesome undercard, some thoughts on the English commentary, and a whole lot more. Finally, they give a brief preview of the upcoming King of DDT 1st Round & Tokyo Joshi’s next Korakuen, plus a couple notes on upcoming NOAH events.

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