Whilst WWE in 2021 is doing a decent job at keeping us all entertained, we can’t help feeling that there’s something massive missing. In fact, the massive thing that’s missing stands at 6’3, weighs just under 300 lbs and takes extreme delight in throwing his opponents around the ring like rag-dolls. We’re talking of course, about the one and only powerhouse that is Brock Lesnar. Sure, great stars such as Sasha Banks and Roman Reigns have done wonders to help carry the company through a difficult couple of years, helped in no part by no crowds being allowed in stadiums. Yet, the gigantic Lesnar-sized hole at the top of the wrestling tree is getting harder for fans to ignore. Of course, it’s not hard to see why, Lesnar is up there as one of the greatest wrestlers of all-time. As announcer Jim Ross recently revealed, when Vince McMahon first saw the height and size of Lesnar, he was taken aback and knew that the mound of muscle stood before him would spearhead the company for years. That’s exactly what Lesnar went on to do, having unarguably one of the greatest wrestling careers ever.

Lesnar though, has not been seen in the WWE since April last year, where he dropped the WWE Championship to Drew McIntyre at WrestleMania 36. It was a special match where both wrestlers seemed to take turns doing their finishers until McIntyre managed to do what many before him couldn’t, and pinned Brock for the win. Since then, Lesnar’s contract with the company has lapsed, leaving him a free agent. It’s hard to think of the man nicknamed ‘The Conquerer’ putting his feet up and enjoying the simple life with his friends and family, but that’s apparently exactly what Lesnar is doing now with his free time, kicking back and relishing watching the world go by. It would be easy then to think that that’s the end of Lesnar being in the WWE, and he’s just going to relax and enjoy a well-deserved retirement.  After all, he’s done more than enough down the years to warrant one, as a retrospective look-back will tell you, like in our own Brockumentary. Thankfully though, there are fresh rumblings in the wrestling world that the man-mountain is looking to make a return.

According to his long-standing manager, Paul Heyman, Lesnar and the WWE have just been biding their time until a suitable challenger arises. Step forward then, one Bobby Lashley. 

Lashley has been taking the WWE by storm since his return to the company in 2018, and is finally living up to his potential by becoming the current holder of the WWE Championship. He managed to defeat The Miz in a spellbinding match on the March 1st episode of RAW to claim the most coveted of all the belts. The towering U.S. Army veteran has looked unstoppable since he was crowned champion. In fact, Lashley’s complete domination of opponents has made fans compare him to Lesnar directly. When you look at both men, it’s easy to see why. Both of them seem to be genetic miracles that are made of pure muscle and both of them stand 6ft3in tall. However, sharing the same height and being all-conquering wrestlers is not the only things they have in common. 

The two men have also both competed professionally at MMA. Mixed Martial Arts, or MMA for short, is another of the world’s most popular combat sports. It has many links with wrestling including its uses of striking, grappling, and choke-holds. No wonder then that these two monsters were able to stake their weight at both. MMA is also one of the world’s most popular sports when it comes to betting and it’s no surprise with the intense action unfolding every month. If you did want to have a flutter on MMA or any other sport, it’s always helpful to have a look at the best betting sites. SBO.net have scoured the web to bring you all the betting information you need, gifting you the best chance at making an informed decision. They’ve also managed to group together the best sign-up deals and online bonuses. So when the fight ends, hopefully, you’ll be a winner. 

It’s no surprise then that as Lesnar and Lashley look like the perfect opponents for each other, that the fans have taken to the web to demand Vince McMahon make it happen. Could this be the suitable challenge that Heyman was talking about and the WWE are keeping this clash up their sleeve? We sure hope so.