Beyond Wrestling & Women’s Wrestling Revolution
Let’s Talk About Wrestling
May 16, 2021
White Eagle
Worcester, Massachusetts

Watch: IWTV

Let’s Talk About Wrestling was a cooperative show between Beyond Wrestling and Women’s Wrestling Revolution, making it the fifth time the two promotions have copromoted a show. This is also the first WWR event since June 30, 2019. They billed this as a reboot of WWR, hence the WWR+ modification to the name.

This event also gave some exposure to less well-known talents. The Cagematch and pages for this event have three wrestlers without profile pages.

Davienne def. Delmi Exo

The opening match was given the most time on the card and it produced a strong match. Delmi Exo worked over Davienne’s arm and also had a nice cannonball off the apron to a standing Davienne on the floor. Davienne had some standout moments with some big throws as well. There was a moment where Exo run a playing card between the fingers of Davienne right in front of the referee, making him look like a total dope for doing nothing other than light admonishments. ***1/2

Riley Shepard def. Tina San Antonio

Riley Shepard against Tina San Antonio was a slower match, with San Antonio doing a prolonged heat period where she got over taunting the fans. A spot or two looked a little rough, but nothing that dragged it down, and it was a decent performance. **

Erica Leigh def. Becca

This was a match with some issues. Both workers have colorful gimmicks that are references to the 90s, which comes off as total comedy, but 90% of the match was worked as a completely straight indy match despite a lot of jokes on commentary. They also fought over scrunchies at the beginning of the match, which was fine, but then they started fighting over them again as part of the finish. This might make sense in a six-minute match, but this was the second-longest match on the card, nearly hitting 18 minutes bell to bell. They also had a couple of spots where they seemed to be out of sync, and a couple more that they weren’t able to pull off smoothly. There was some good work in this match, but it would have worked a lot better in half the time. *1/2

Little Mean Kathleen def. Kaia McKenna

Little Mean Kathleen has a gimmick of just being a ball of energy, which helps her stand out a lot. This is kind of hard to separate from her gimmick, but she came across as a big star in this match. She’s also a decent worker. Kaia McKenna is a pretty good worker, but was just completely outshone in terms of charisma. They put together a decent match. **1/2

The Outfielders (Boomer Hatfield & Molly McCoy) def. The Kings of the District (Eel O’Neal & Jordan Blade)

An intergender tag on a women’s wrestling card is weird to me. Before the match, they had a run-in by a duo called Higher Society to cut a promo about how they’re great. Okay. The work in this was quite good, though – Boomer Hatfield does some really explosive dives and Jordan Blade has a nice combination of strong strikes and impactful throws. This ended up being one of the better matches of the show. ***

Jody Threat def. Kennedi Copeland

There was a lot of walking and brawling in the Jody Threat-Kennedi Copeland match, but it was made interesting with Copeland targeting Threat’s arm and Threat doing an impressive stalling vertical suplex to the wood floor. Threat also had a very nice Blue Thunder Bomb for the finish. One downside complaint I do have about this match is that Threat had her arm worked over the entire match, but didn’t really sell it outside of the spots Copeland did on her arm. I don’t think you have to not use your arm for the rest of the match if it’s being worked over. But Threat really only shook it some after the finish, which minimized the effect of the limb work. **3/4

Megan Bayne def. Ashley D’Amboise

According to IWD, this was Ashley D’Amboise’s fourth match, with her previous three being on AEW Dark and Elevation. She looks like a natural in the ring and is possibly the best athlete on this show. Megan Bayne impressed as well, showing some good snap-on power moves. This was only seven minutes, but it was impressive the entire time. ***

Trish Adora def. Willow Nightingale

Willow Nightingale has astonishing amounts of charisma and just outshone Adora throughout. She had the big highlight moves. Adora showed off some very impressive bridging in a test of strength and in the times she locked in Cattle Mutilation, which were her best-looking spots. There was one spot down the homestretch where Nightingale hit a very impressive DVD on the ring apron, but Adora quickly got up so she could do a knife-edge chop into the ring post after Willow dodged it. A minute later Adora locks in Cattle Mutilation and gets the submission win. If you’re not building a hurt hand into the storyline or finish of the match, don’t chop the ring post, and don’t no sell a massive bump to do it. The ending dragged down the rest of the match for me. **1/2

Final Thoughts

This was a solid show with a lot of promising talent on it. There were several female wrestlers on this show that I would expect to get chances at higher levels, if not now, then in the near future. And the way WWE and AEW are signing people, it’ll be sooner than later for several of these people. I could have done without the mixed tag on this kind of show, but it was actually a good match and probably landed as the third-best bout on the show. All in all, this was an above-average indie show, a solid six out of ten.