This week on Wrestling Omakase we review a big show from NOAH in Nagoya and talk about the hot topic of New Japan Pro Wrestling malaise (while also discussing some of their recent bigger matches).

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John is joined by returning guest Jeri (@TheJerriest_Jer) as they start out by discussing some of their recent antics (birthday parties and second vaccine shots, mostly). They then get into a full and detailed review of NOAH’s big 4/29 show from Nagoya, NOAH the GLORY. John & Jeri discuss the English commentary, a main event they disagreed on quite a bit, a semi-main event they did not, and what if anything might be worth watching on the undercard. Plus, we get late breaking developments in the world’s #1 soap opera, the NOAH junior division!

Then they turn their attention to New Japan, first on the fashionable topic of NJPW western fan malaise (and how annoying some of the takes are for a very specific reason) and some of the factors that are resulting in a similar lack of interest for both of the hosts. Once that’s out of the way they break down the major matches from NJPW’s recent shows- Naito vs. O-Khan and SANADA vs. Henare from 4/26 in Hiroshima, and the top matches from the 4/28 & 4/29 Satsuma no Kuni shows in Kagoshima. Which match was maybe THE WORST MATCH IN NEW JAPAN HISTORY?? You’ll have to listen to find out, although frankly if you look at the cards you can probably guess! Finally, they wrap things up with a quick preview of the upcoming Wrestling Dontaku shows from Fukuoka.

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